Yellow Candle Meaning: 5 Times to Burn Them

Yellow candles are associated with enlightenment, truth, and higher wisdom. They are said to be able to help people open a pathway to communicate with the spirits or receive divine guidance while praying or meditating.

These candles can have a calming effect and work well with spells and other activities aiming at growth, healing, prosperity, intuition, and financial gains.

When a yellow candle is burned, it can help you achieve clarity in your perception and understanding of the things happening around you. This includes your purpose and direction in life as guided by the divine will.

Aside from this, candles in yellow color are meant to help enhance memory, clear confusion, improve focus, and develop intellectual skills.

The shade of yellow reminds people of gold and sunshine, which denote riches, abundance, good health, and hope. Thus, these candles are helpful in improving one’s emotional and physical while also inviting financial wealth.

Yellow Candle Meaning

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Yellow Candles in Spirituality, Astrology, and Magic

Spells that aim to usher in wealth, good fortune, prosperity, or growth are said to have a more substantial effect when cast while a yellow candle is lit up simultaneously.

These candles are used to enhance psychic abilities, plus they are often used to open up communication channels with divine powers or spiritual beings.

The yellow color is strongly associated with the sun; thus, candles in this shade are best used from noon to 1 p.m., because it is the period when the sun is the strongest.

Yellow candles are also most compatible with the day that is ruled by the sun, which is Sunday.

Aside from the sun, other heavenly bodies related to these candles are Mercury and Jupiter, which also links them to the astrological signs of Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo.

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Meaning of Yellow Candles in Dreams

One possible reason why you would see yellow candles in your dreams is a hidden but deep-rooted aspiration to improve your current financial situation.

You may have been working towards this goal for a long time, and now you are about to achieve success. The excitement and anticipation of what’s about to happen are reflected in your dreams.

Another reason could have something to do with your physical or spiritual health. The past few days may have seen you being lethargic and moody or just feeling overall discomfort with no apparent cause.

You could have also felt a disconnect with your beliefs or faith, which has caused you to lose a sense of purpose. Fortunately, this is changing for the better, and this is the reason for the appearance of yellow candles in your dreams.

In another interpretation, dreaming of these candles could indicate a desire for enlightenment. You may be experiencing some dark times and are desperate for guidance.

There may have been some decisions that you would like to retract but are unable to, and this has been causing you anxiety or frustration. You could also be feeling alone, and your craving for love and attention has been left unaddressed for some time.

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Spiritual Uses of Yellow Candles

Yellow candles have different spiritual uses, mostly related to prosperity, health, knowledge, and growth.

Below are some of the occasions when yellow candles should be used:

1. To Gain Wisdom and Enlightenment

Yellow is commonly associated with brightness and clarity, which is why candles of this color are most commonly used for those seeking enlightenment.

If you have been feeling confused, lost, or unsure of yourself, quickly light up a yellow candle and then let it show you the direction in which to go.

For the same reason, these candles are compatible activities that need focus and concentration, such as when meditating.

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2. To Invite Positive Energy

The bright yellow color of these candles means that they are used for driving negative energy away from a room.

Aside from clearing the toxic vibes, these candles also usher in warm, positive energy at the same time.

When you are feeling sad, lethargic, or anxious for no apparent reason, light up a candle of this color and let it burn out until the bottom.

Repeat the exercise for a few consecutive days. Soon, you may feel your mood ease as your worries and anxiety lessens, eventually fading away.

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3. To Tap into Psychic Powers

Yellow candles are said to be able to help enhance the talents and abilities of people with psychic powers.

This is why it is recommended to light a yellow candle before starting an activity where psychic skills will be used, such as when conducting a tarot reading.

Candles in yellow colors will make it easier for you to tap into your psychic energy, reducing the stress on your part during the activity.

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4. To Communicate with the Divine

When you want to have a conversation with spirits or divine entities, it is best to light up a yellow candle before you start.

These candles may help you initiate a communication channel with the divine or spiritual realm, enabling you to talk directly to your spiritual guides, angels, or the souls of the departed.

5. To Attract Happiness

The bright shade of a yellow candle is also helpful for attracting joy and happiness.

At the same time, it will improve your vitality and energy, especially when you feel listless.

You will feel that the warmth emitted by this candle has lifted your mood, pulling you away from dark thoughts and emotions that have been causing you sadness or distress.

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What Do Yellow Candles Symbolize?

The shade of yellow has strong associations with the solar plexus. This is where you can find the third chakra, which is located between your belly button and your chest.

The solar plexus is believed to store emotional memories and is the cause of what most people experience as a gut feeling.

Aside from this, this chakra is also related to self-confidence, emotional intelligence, higher wisdom, and a sense of belonging.

Yellow candles also symbolize these characteristics while also representing hope, clarity, and higher wisdom. They also symbolize the manifestation of thoughts, the ability to turn dreams into reality, and the practice of taking a glimpse into the future.

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Yellow candles attract or invoke enlightenment, knowledge, joy, riches, and vitality. The color yellow itself is linked to the sun’s warm rays, which in turn stands for growth, hope, brightness, clarity, and positive vibes. Candles of this color are also effective at tapping into spiritual energy. They can also help you get in touch with spiritual or divine powers more clearly. Aside from this, these candles can amplify psychic abilities, dispel negative energies, boost self-confidence, and manifest intentions.