Orange Candle Meaning: 5 Spiritual Uses

Orange candles are said to pull energy from the sun, which is why they are associated with power, strength, and success. The color orange is also related to creativity, ambition, vitality, warmth, and good health.

Thus, orange candles are great at boosting energy, triggering the imagination, and promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Lighting an orange candle is said to help improve your mood and make you feel good about yourself. This is why orange candles are often used when one is feeling down, defeated, or discouraged.

It may also help you release negative emotions like anger and frustration, replacing them with more positive vibes.

Orange Candle Meaning

What Do Orange Candles Symbolize?

Orange candles are associated with creativity, energy, vitality, success, ambition, hope, and optimism. It brings to mind the power and essence of the sun, which brings warmth to the world. Thus, lighting an orange candle can help bring the healing and energizing effect of the sun into a room.

The shade of orange is a color that can neutralize the effects of strong emotions like anger and frustration. It stands for positive thoughts and emotions, which is why an orange candle can be used to calm yourself or other people during an emotionally-charged situation. It is also effective in social activities because it can help you build new friendships or repair broken ones.

Candles in orange colors represent that first ray as the sun rises in the east, bringing color to a world that has been immersed in darkness. Thus, they can represent hope, new beginnings, courage, and vitality. It also symbolizes fertility, especially for men.

The sacral chakra, which can be found below the navel, is related to the orange candle. This chakra is believed to govern a person’s creative expression and emotional state. It also has the ability to improve sexual intimacy and intuition.

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Spiritual Uses of Orange Candles

The color orange is a blend of red and yellow, both warm colors that hint at energy, warmth, positivity, and energy, but at the same time could also indicate danger or caution.

Thus, orange candles must be used in the proper mindset to achieve the true manifestation intended by the user.

Here are some of the intentions that are effective when used with an orange candle:

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1. To Increase Stamina

When you feel tired, unwell, or lethargic, an orange candle might be what you need to perk you up.

This is because the orange shade is made up of a mixture of yellow and red, both colors that increase energy and vitality.

Orange itself is associated with the sun, which is a great source of energy. Thus, candles of this color are said to improve one’s stamina.

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2. To Improve Confidence And Increase Courage

If you have been experiencing a loss of confidence or feel like your insecurities are preventing you from going for the things you want to do, try to light up an orange candle in your room.

The warm and positive energy that it emits can help improve your confidence. It can also increase your courage and ambition, enabling you to take risks and pursue the things that can make you happy.

3. To Attract Positive Vibes

Orange is a happy color, so candles in this shade effectively bring a positive atmosphere to any room.

Dispel the sad, depressing, or angry thoughts while ushering in a happier and more upbeat vibe by lighting up an orange candle. You can also use it to increase one’s attractiveness or to help facilitate friendships in a social setting.

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4. To Bring in Good Fortune

Aside from attracting positive energy into your household, orange candles can also help pull in good fortune for your business and career.

An orange candle would be helpful if you are going through a rough patch or want to improve your financial situation.

You can also use it when you want to increase your chances of success, such as when you have been tasked to handle a big project or when you have just applied for a job you have always wanted.

5. To Boost Focus And Creativity

The warm color of orange is also great at opening up your imagination while strengthening your mind and improving your ability to concentrate on a task.

It is a motivating color that creates an atmosphere conducive to learning or working.

Thus, orange candles are ideal to be used when you are having a hard time focusing on your work, when you are running out of ideas, or when you are looking for a solution to a problem.

Orange Candles In Astrology And Magic

When used for spells, orange candles are most effective at attracting vitality, joy, and optimism. They can dispel unhealthy thoughts and feelings, leaving behind warmer and more positive energy for the user.

Candles in orange colors can help you manifest your wishes and desires, especially regarding career success, mental and social skills, self-confidence, and self-control.

These candles can also help you increase your courage when tackling new tasks or push your ambition further when striving for a particular goal. 

Sunday is the ideal day for lighting an orange candle because it is the day dedicated to the sun, which is the main celestial body closely associated with the orange color. Because of this relationship, it can be considered that the orange candle is also related to the Zodiac sign Leo because it is also under the rule of the sun.

Meaning of Orange Candles in Dreams

One reason people dream about orange candles is that they are going through a moral or ethical challenge. You may be feeling conflicted and guilty about a situation you got involved in but are helpless to do something about, such as having to cover up a lie for someone else.

Another possibility is that you are about to reach a long-time goal and already feel the joy and gratification that comes with success. You are already foreseeing the bright future ahead of you, and this excitement is manifesting in your dreams.

It could also indicate a happy event in the near future, such as a reunion with friends that you have not seen in a while.

Lastly, the appearance of orange candles in your dreams could hint at a deep-seated fear. You may feel afraid that you will fail at something major in your life, or it could be a fear of rejection from others.

You have been trying to hide some insecurities from yourself, but your subconscious is now trying to push them to the forefront and force you to face them head-on.


Orange candles bring to mind the warm and energizing rays of the sun, particularly that first ray at the break of dawn. It symbolizes the start of a new day and brings hope of a better and brighter future regardless of how dark the night had been. The color orange is a positive and emotional color, which is why orange candles effectively dispel a gloomy atmosphere in any room. They can also neutralize strong negative emotions like anger, depression, or fear. Thus, whenever you feel down, discouraged, sad, furious, lethargic, or simply out of sorts, light an orange candle and let it push away those pessimistic emotions.