Purple Candle Meaning: 6 Times to Burn Them

Purple candles are associated with royalty, wealth, ambition, divinity, wisdom, healing, intuition, and psychic ability. They are ideal for use when you want to connect to a higher power or spiritual entities or when you want to tap into your third eye.

Purple is full of mysticism, which makes purple candles perfect for any activity that has something to do with the paranormal.

When you want to meditate or ask for divination, light up a purple candle in your room before you start. This will help open up your spiritual abilities and make it easier for you to achieve your purpose. People who intend to make astral projections are also advised to use purple candles to aid them in their activity.

Purple Candle Meaning

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What Do Purple Candles Symbolize?

Spirituality, psychic energy, royalty, fame, and authority are the strongest meanings behind purple candles.

They are believed to have the ability to activate the third eye or enhance its ability, making it easier for a spiritualist to exercise his psychic powers. Purple is also often used to represent royalty, which is why purple candles are associated with authority, wisdom, and higher powers.

Candles in purple shades stand for growth and expansion in any aspect of your life, whether it is in business and career or your personal and social environment. They represent the vastness of the spiritual world and the existence of ancient wisdom and the paranormal.

Purple candles are related to the seventh chakra, the strongest and most potent of all the chakras. This chakra is located at the crown of the head and is sometimes referred to as the third eye because of its control over one’s spirituality.

In Christianity, purple candles are also used in liturgical services during the Advent Season. The first, second, and fourth candles of the Advent wreath are in the shade of purple, which stands for hope, peace, and love, respectively.

Spiritual Uses of Purple Candles

Purple candles are mostly used for mystical intentions due to the color’s close association with the paranormal realm. However, they can also work on other intentions when used properly. Here is a list of the spiritual uses for purple candles:

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1. To Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

Purple candles have the power to enhance your spiritual abilities and enhance your mystical skills as they open up your third eye.

They can also help you tap into ancient wisdom, which can aid your spiritual awakening and enlightenment or strengthen your intuition. Aside from this, purple candles can also assist in establishing communication with spirits or paranormal entities.

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2. To Promote Healing

The color purple is conducive to healing, but more on spiritual and emotional wounds and purple candles also have this effect. If you or someone you know is recovering from this type of injury, light up a purple candle in the room for a few days to help them speed up the healing process.

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3. To Block Off Evil Intentions

Aside from enhancing a person’s spiritual abilities, purple candles are also effective at warding off evil spirits and blocking evil intentions like curses. When you feel threatened, uneasy, or simply want to feel another layer of protection, burn a purple candle in your room and let its warmth soothe your fears and anxiety.

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4. To Attract Wealth and Success

Purple is the color of royalty; thus, it is associated with wealth, power, authority, and victory. Whether in a social, personal, or business setting, purple candles can help you achieve the success that you have always wanted, such as when you are gunning for a promotion or want to expand your leadership and sphere of influence.

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5. To Aid in Meditation

Aside from enhancing spiritual abilities, purple candles can also aid in strengthening your mind. For this reason, they are perfect for use when meditating, as they can help you focus your energy on a particular thought or intention.

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6. To Enhance Psychic Abilities

Because of their strong connection with the spiritual and mystical realm, purple candles are also very effective when used for psychic exercises such as divination or tarot reading. Light a purple candle and meditate in front of the flame for a few seconds before you proceed with your reading and keep the candle burning until you are done.

Purple Candles in Astrology and Magic

Jupiter and Neptune are the planets with the closest relationship with purple candles, while Sagittarius is the Zodiac sign most associated with them. This is why purple candles are most effective on Thursdays, the day ruled by Jupiter.

Because purple candles are strongly connected with the mystical realm, they can be used on practically any magical spell or spiritual activity. However, they are best used for intentions aimed at attracting wealth, protection, power, authority, or influence.

These candles can also help spread your spiritual consciousness or enhance your mystical abilities. This is because purple is the color of growth and expansion and the shade most associated with ancient wisdom and higher powers.

Purple candles can help dispel nightmares and invoke psychic protection when used in spells. They can also be used for spells that call for spiritual healing, repel bad karma, drive away evil spirits, or recover from a negative past.

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Meaning of Purple Candles in Dreams

If you see a purple candle in your dreams, it could hint at your ambitious nature. This means that you are not satisfied with your current circumstances and want to strive for something more.

On the downside, it could also mean that you are feeling guilty for keeping a secret or taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune, such as when a friend or colleague has been having a bad time at work.

Purple is the color of wealth and ambition. Thus, the appearance of a purple candle in your dreams could manifest your desire for wealth and success. Your subconscious wants you to be more aggressive and proactive when striving for bigger and better goals for yourself.

Another possibility is that you have been keeping a big secret from your loved ones, and the guilt is starting to bother you, which is why you have been seeing a purple candle in your dreams. It could also be a form of silent revenge as you feel happy to see someone else’s suffering, perhaps a person who has offended you before or someone who has been blocking your path to success.


Purple as a color, represents authority, power, royalty, wealth, and expansion, which is why purple candles are effective at supporting intentions that aim for success or financial growth. These candles are also strongly associated with the spiritual realm, making them effective at enhancing one’s psychic abilities.   

These candles can aid in spiritual and mental healing while also blocking off evil intentions that may cause fear, anxiety, or discomfort. They provide psychic protection, which is useful for dispelling nightmares and thus can be used to help people who have trouble falling asleep at night.

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