Blue Candle Meaning: Burn Them for Creativity

Blue candles generally symbolize peace, creativity, communication, knowledge, and serenity.

Taking after the color of the sky and the ocean, blue candles are suitable for spiritual activities that aim to connect with nature. These candles are also ideal for communication and creativity.

Blue has a soothing effect which is replicated with the burning of blue candles, which is why these candles are beneficial when meditating.

They can open up your mind and help you tap into your spirituality. When you are running out of ideas or are lacking inspiration, light up a blue candle and feel that spark of creativity flow through your body.

Blue Candle Meaning

What Do Blue Candles Symbolize?

Blue candles are strongly associated with communication. Other than this, candles in different shades of blue symbolize self-expression, tranquility, creativity, hope, harmony, and recovery.

The fifth chakra, located at the throat, is often illustrated in blue colors and situated near the larynx, where the vocal cords can also be found. Thus, candles in blue colors effectively improve communication and encourage freedom of expression.

Those with a lighter shade of blue are more closely related to serenity and harmony. In contrast, blue candles with darker shades are often used to signify hope, specifically the belief in the victory of good over evil. Royal blue candles, or those with shades that strike a perfect balance between light and dark, symbolize truth, honesty, and discernment.

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Spiritual Uses of Blue Candles

To get the maximum effect for your spells, it is essential to choose the correct shade of blue for your candles. The same goes for other spiritual purposes.

Here is a list of their uses and the right shade for each intention:

1. Light Blue to Open Your Mind

When people are having trouble coming to terms with a difficult choice or situation, they sometimes burn a candle in a light blue color.

This is said to open your mind and enable you to be more receptive to new ideas and possibilities that you have never thought of or couldn’t face before. They are also said to be helpful in inspiring creativity whenever you feel uninspired or unproductive.

2. Light Blue to Seek Out The Truth

Blue candles with a lighter shade are said to uncover the truth in matters or areas where you have felt confusion or doubt.

Some people use them when it feels like people are hiding something from them or lying to their face. They are also said to be helpful at getting to the heart of the matter when facts are being distorted.

3. Mid-Blue to Tap Into Your Intuition

The color blue, in general, symbolizes openness, communication, and knowledge, but the darker shades are especially useful at tapping into people’s intuition.

Whenever you’re feeling bothered about a gut feeling that you can’t seem to point your finger on, burn an indigo candle to clear your thoughts and tap into your intuition. Who knows – it might help!

4. Light Blue to Gain Peace of Mind

A light blue candle is said to help you achieve serenity and calmness whenever you feel anxious, bothered, or unsettled.

This shade of blue brings to mind a vision of peaceful and quiet skies, which is why these candles are said to be very effective at soothing frazzled nerves.

On the nights when you have trouble sleeping, burning a blue candle might help you relax and ease into a state that is more conducive to sleep.

5. Royal Blue to Aid in Meditation

With its calming and soothing effect, candles in a royal blue shade are said to be best for meditating. They are said to wash away disturbing thoughts and feelings that could disrupt your practice.

To ensure a good meditation session, light the candle a few minutes before starting, and let the gentle energy take over your mind and body.

6. To Help You Heal

Blue is closely linked with healing and recovery, which makes candles of this shade effective at enabling people to recover from trauma, mainly psychological and emotional scars.

Other than this, candles with blue colors are helpful in getting your body to relax and recuperate after a stressful day at work.

Blue Candles in Spirituality, Astrology, and Magic

Jupiter and Sagittarius, two astrology characters strongly linked to intuition and growth, have a close association with the blue shade.

Thus, blue candles are believed to be effective when used in spells that tap into one’s instincts or those that influence personal and spiritual growth.

Thursday, which is also Jupiter’s day, is the best day to light a blue candle to maximize its effectiveness in spells.

Aside from this, spells that are focused on increasing energy and improving stamina work best with these candles.

Other compatible spells are those that invoke harmony, calm, healing, and peace.

This is why candles of this color are said to induce better sleep quality for those who have insomnia.

Meaning of Blue Candles in Dreams

When you see a blue candle in your dream, it could mean that you are longing for security or balance in your life.

In this interpretation, you may be feeling unstable, and this is causing you anxiety which is then manifesting in your dreams. Perhaps you are in a new relationship or in the middle of an unfamiliar situation. Maybe you are feeling trapped or pressured and are subconsciously looking for a way out.

Blue often reminds people of open skies or vast bodies of water. Generally, this is a relaxing scene, but it can also have an overwhelming effect as it forces you to admit your insignificance in this vast world.

Thus, the appearance of this candle in your dreams could also signify your insecurity or confusion.

Conversely, the candle might also be reminding you to take better care of your relationships.

Blue inspires communication, so the appearance of a blue candle hint at a need to be more open to people so they can learn to trust you more. Often, problems can be solved faster when people learn to be more honest with each other.


Blue is a soothing, calming shade that reminds people of open spaces such as the horizon on a clear day. Likewise, a blue candle will give you a serene and relaxing atmosphere which helps in calming and opening the mind. It inspires creativity and drives you to be more receptive to new ideas. Blue candles are perfect for healing, tapping into your intuition, and seeking the truth when used together with spells.