Red Candle Meaning & Spiritual Uses: 6 Times to Burn Them

Red candles are usually utilized in spiritual activities with the intent to evoke lust, promote sexuality, induce passion, and generate power. Candles of this color can also symbolize courage, beauty, or danger and are effective at attracting wealth and prosperity.

Because of their vibrant colors, red candles are popularly used when a person needs to lift his mood or brighten up the surroundings. The element of fire has a strong connection with red candles.

Thus they are also related to energy, strength, sexuality, power, fertility, wealth, and competitiveness. When needed, these candles can be used to trigger or influence feelings of anger, desire, or passion.

Red Candle Meaning

What Do Red Candles Symbolize?

Red candles have several meanings, but vitality and passion are more popular. Red candles exude a dynamism that easily releases powerful energy when used in spells and other spiritual activities.

This powerful effect is also present in the emotions that these candles represent, such as rage, lust, aggression, bravery, and determination.

The volatile and vibrant fire element provides red candles with their vitality. Tap into this energy when you light up a red candle and use it properly. The root chakra is also red in color, which means that candles of the same shade are most helpful in unblocking this chakra. Thus, red candles enable your life force energy to flow freely throughout the body.

Spiritual Uses of Red Candles

There are many uses of red candles, both positive and negative, depending on your intentions. Check out this list to get you started:

1. To Attract Power and Vitality

The shade of red is a compelling and dynamic color. Red candles carry a magnetic and dynamic power that can fire up your blood, making you feel stronger and braver than you usually would. When you are experiencing weakness or lethargy, light up a red candle right away and let the crackling vitality wash over your body.

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2. To Fire Up Your Intimacy

Give your love life a shot of a fiery spark through the use of red candles. They act as aphrodisiacs that can trigger lust and desire, especially between lovers. Burning red candles will also increase your life force and promote fertility.

3. To Inspire Wealth or Promotion

If you are looking for financial aid, hoping for success on your project, or have been eagerly waiting to climb up the corporate ladder, red candles can help you get a favorable result.

Whether in the form of better employment options or additional sources of income, more opportunities will easily come your way after you light red candles. Sometimes, they can even bring in unexpected bonuses such as cash incentives or prizes.

4. For Self-Protection

As much as red candles can incite ruthlessness or provoke anger, they could also serve as your defense against psychic attacks. The energy released by red candles will give you the strength to fight against those who mean you harm.

Aside from this, red candles help to improve emotional and physical health. If you feel threatened or are facing some kind of danger, burn a red candle to set up your defenses and ward off the bad vibes.

5. To Usher in Positive Energy

You can turn to red candles if you want to ward off harmful spirits. They are quite effective in purification spells, mainly to clear up a room’s dark or depressing atmosphere. For days when you are feeling particularly down or discouraged, quickly burn a red candle to lift your mood and brighten the surroundings.

6. To Boost a Spell

While red candles have their own independent merits, they can also be helpful in boosting the effectiveness of other candle colors. Candles with red shades can augment the results of a spell, thus increasing their efficiency. To use a red candle as a booster, manifest your intentions by reading a simple mantra that explicitly declares your goals.

Red Candles in Astrology and Magical Practices

Red colors go together in astrology; hence the red planet Mars is associated with similar colored candles. Likewise, the Zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio also have a strong connection with them.

This is why red candles are said to have a powerful, masculine energy and must be used cautiously. Using dark spells can cause an accident, result in bloodshed, or trigger dangerous situations.

Because red candles are closely linked to the planet Mars, they are most effective when used on Tuesdays, the day dedicated to the red planet. Burning red candles is said to be able to attract a combative and dynamic power which can bring about either a positive or negative result, depending on your intentions.

The energy emitted by red candles is so strong that they can effectively support spells without using enhancement or any additional elements. Candles of this shade are used by some to increase physical strength and improve defense against evil intentions.

Red candles are also used for revenge against enemies when casting black magic. Thus, they are sometimes used with spells that invoke power, deal with opponents, or incite anger. Burning red candles together with more advanced spells can even trigger accidents like fires and injuries.

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Meaning of Red Candles in Dreams

The appearance of a red candle in your dream could be a subconscious reminder to reconnect with yourself. This means that on a deeper level, you must already be aware that you have started to lose sight of your values and belief system, perhaps due to several distractions that have changed your original path. The red candle thus hints at a need to go on a journey of self-discovery.

The red shade is often linked to success, wealth, passion, and intimacy. Thus, seeing red candles in a dream could represent your hidden desire to pursue riches or to do something more significant. This desire may not be immediately apparent in your conscious state because you are repressing feelings of inadequacy or dissatisfaction.

Another possible interpretation is your latent fear of losing yourself. You may be facing an identity crisis or suddenly forced to make a major, life-changing decision. When this happens, you need to take some time off to slow down and evaluate your life choices. It is best to discuss your options with someone you fully trust who can help you regain some clarity as you sort out your thoughts and feelings.


Red candles are believed to have a strong relationship with fire along with the planet Mars. They are most effective when burned on a Tuesday, while their related Zodiac signs are Aries and Scorpio. Like most items with spiritual connections, it is possible to make the red candles work for either good or evil, depending on the user’s intentions. They can help induce passion, good health, wealth, prosperity, and vitality, but on the other hand, can also be used for revenge by invoking power or inciting anger.