American Flag with a Green Stripe Meaning

An American flag with a green stripe is used to honor law enforcement agents and military personnel sworn to protect and serve this country and its citizens. The green stripe is also a means of honoring officers who have lost their lives while in the line of duty.

The American flag has several variants that are usually black and white with a single colored stripe through the middle. These flags are meant to honor those in the various service professions who put their lives on the line daily to protect the country and keep us safe.

One of these is the thin green stripe on the flag. Many may not be familiar with the flag that has a green line running down the middle. Others may have seen it but don’t know what it refers to.

American Flag with a Green Stripe Meaning

What Does an American Flag with a Green Stripe Mean?

The US flag boasts only three basic colors: white, red, and blue. The symbolism of these colors is:

  • The red signifies courage and resilience.
  • The white symbolizes virtue and innocence.
  • The blue represents vigilance, justice, and determination.

On top of this, there are several American flags with alternative color themes.

These variants are designed to honor the men and women in the service profession.

It’s also meant to be a sign of respect for the sacrifices made by those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The green striped variant is specifically for law enforcement agents who tirelessly work day and night to keep the streets safe. They’ve spent countless hours training and learning how to put the safety of others before their own.

Yet, it’s also something inherent in them that makes them want to help others out. They put their lives on the line to protect us from criminals, both foreign and domestic, which is no easy task.

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What Is the Position of the Green Stripe on the Flag?

The green stripe is usually set as a single horizontal stripe throughthe middle of the flag.

The rest of the flag still has the rest of the stars and stripes. Yet, they’re all gray and white, with a single green line running through the middle.

This design represents the struggle between good and bad or chaos and order. Then, the green stripe is placed in the middle to set the two apart, thus helping bring in things like law, order, and justice,

If the flag has another color representing another branch of service professionals and first responders, then the green stripe could be set either above or below that mid-center stripe.

Also, some flags have the middle stripe split into two colors to signify and honor two different services.

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Which Law Enforcement Agents Are Behind the Green Stripe?

Different colored stripes are added to the American flag to symbolize different jobs in the service profession. These colors include gray, white, blue, yellow, red, and green.

The green stripe is meant specifically for law enforcement agents who go out each day to reinforce the law.

This color was chosen primarily because many of these officers wear uniforms in various shades of green.

Their efforts keep the unruly and disruptive in check, so they don’t cause any damage or harm to property or fellow citizens.

They dedicate their lives each day to going out and doing everything in their power to apprehend or detain anyone who breaks the law to provide us with the security and safety we need to live.

Without their selflessness and dedication, the world would be unlivable.

Here are a few common examples of law enforcement agents that the flag commemorates:

  • Men and women in the military
  • Conservation personnel
  • Park rangers
  • Border patrol agents
  • Animal control officers
  • Fish and wildlife officers

What Other American Flags Have Green Stripes?

There are other American flags with green stripes, including the following.

1. The NYPD Flag

Not only does the NYPD flag have five green stripes, but the Union is also different from the regular flag.

The five green and white stripes represent the five boroughs, or districts, that initially made up the City of New York.

The color green is used to represent the New York police force instead of the regular blue.

This color scheme dates back to the 17th century when city officials recruited the first paid police officers.

These officers used to patrol the streets at night. So, to help them light the way, they carried lanterns made of green glass.

It was also their unique way of letting anyone up to no good know that law enforcement watchmen were coming their way.

Thus, the green stripes on the NYPD flag are in honor of the city’s first law enforcement officers who carried the green lanterns.

Now, for the Union. On the standard US flag, the Union, sometimes referred to as the ‘canton,’ is the area that has the 50 stars sewn on it.

However, the flag designed for the NYPD has only 24 stars. Each star stands for each of the distinct villages, towns, and cities that first made up the City of New York when it was first created back in 1898.

2. Environmentalists

A flag that has all white and green stripes represents a conservation and ecological campaigner. The Union, however, can sometimes remain blue, or it’s also set to green to match the 13 green stripes on the flag.

Anyone flying one of these flags on their lawn is showing their support for the environmental efforts being carried out by individuals, organizations, and the nation.


An American flag with a green stripe is used to honor law enforcement agents sworn to protect and serve this country and its citizens.The green stripe is also a means of honoring officers who have lost their lives while in the line of duty.