Sagittarius vs Scorpio Fight (How to Handle It)

Sagittarius vs Scorpio Fight

My wife is a Sagittarius, I’m a Scorpio. Typical of our signs, we connect due to our passion, but we get into a typical Scorpio and Sagittarius fight because she’s too blunt for my liking, and I hold onto my grudges.I’m a Scorpio, after all.

Overall, the key to getting over most fights is this:

  • For the (typical) Sagittarius:Let the Scorpio cool off – your Scorpio partner will take a while longer than you to get over the argument. Give them some time.
  • For the (typical) Scorpio:You’re going to have to give a little as well. Don’t take what the Sagittarius says too seriously. They’re often all bark and no bite and can hit below the belt during a conflict. The water element ruling Scorpios makes us sensitive to this, and Sagittarius struggle to understand us sometimes.

As with most issues, communication and a little bit of time can resolve most minor domestic conflicts.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Fight: Personalities

Scorpios are usually mistaken for a fire sign because of their passion and tenacity. Their element is water, by the way, which means they can read your mind. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is a true fire sign: blunt, energetic, and independent.

As two intellectuals, their conversations are never boring! But they also have strong opinions and are not afraid to speak their minds. These two signs differ in their approach to understanding the world. Sagittarius folks want to know how the world works, so they explore. Scorpios know how the world works, so they trust no one.

ElementWater (Sensitive & Intuitive)Fire (Spontaneous & Brash)
TriplicityFixed (Hardworking & Independent)Mutable (Flexible & Adaptable)
Ruling PlanetPluto (Transformation & Taboo) and Mars (Energy & Action)Jupiter (Growth & Fortune)

Sagittarius Personality and Fighting Style

Sagittarius is known for being stubborn, and when they get angry, they refuse to back down from their opinions.

They make decisions quite hastily–and often without warning–that others find it hard to keep up with them.

Furthermore, they don’t always take the time to communicate what they’re thinking, preferring instead to let their actions do all the talking.

It takes a lot for a Sagittarius to get angry, and they also have a short attention span. They just need something new to focus and they’ll be as chill as a cucumber again.

If you can keep your cool and distract them from their outbursts, you may be able to resolve the situation and make things right.

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Scorpio Personality and Fighting Style

Scorpios earned the reputation of being the most intense sign in the zodiac. They tend to hold on to things and people, making them feel that they can control their destiny. Like fiery Sagittarius, they are quite stubborn but try to avoid confrontations as much as possible.

There is also a dark side to being a passionate Scorpio; they’re not afraid to be ruthless when it comes to getting what they want from people. They don’t mind playing mind games or using their powers of persuasion if it means getting what they need!

But if a Scorpio is pushed too far, they may lash out and become vindictive. Don’t get mad, get even is their fighting style. They don’t beat around the bush. Scorpios are an all-or-nothing kind of people. When they argue, you know where you stand with them.

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Scorpio vs Sagittarius Fight: How They Argue

The intense power struggle between Sagittarius and Scorpio causes a clash when these two signs are in a serious relationship or marriage. It is common for Scorpios to be jealous and possessive of their partners. Sagittarians can feel held back by Scorpios and end up resenting them.

Sagittarius is the most outgoing and spontaneous of all zodiac signs. They’re intellectual, tolerant, passionate, and just want to be heard.

What they have in common with Scorpio is that they are fiercely independent creatures who don’t like being told what to do. They can get angry when they feel they’re being manipulated.

With regards to people who are important to them, Scorpios like to have a strong sense of control and often want things done their way. But Sagittarius folks are not fond of rules, especially Scorpio’s rules. Their goal is to make the most out of every moment, and they can’t do that with someone constantly breathing down their necks.

It seems like these two signs always have something to disagree with. Their issues are wide-ranging. To list a few: how much time they should spend with each other when there are so many other things to do out there; when to have kids; and whether one is being too close to that guy at the party.

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How to Handle Sagittarius When They’re Angry

The key to dealing with an angry Sagittarius is not to take what they’re saying personally, no matter how angry they get. It’s also important to use facts instead of assumptions to back up your stance.

Acknowledge the frustration before it escalates. You might want to spend some time figuring out what is causing the rage in the first place. Is there something that can be done to fix it? Sometimes all you need is a hug or an ear that listens attentively.

Most Sagittarians hate pity parties, though. There’s no need to be a hero. Let them fix themselves if they ask for space. They are fearless adventurers. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from them for a few days. As long as they don’t book a one-way ticket to the Greek Islands, they’ll be back (probably).

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How to Handle Scorpio When They’re Angry

Don’t spam their inbox, and don’t pester them with phone calls. There’s a chance you would be on their blocked list for a while. Scorpios often just need a little more time than most people to cool off.

You don’t cross a Scorpio. Period. Holding a grudge is their second job. This sign is known for being unforgiving and vengeful. That’s not 100% true. They can forgive minor slights, but there will always be tension between you.

So how do you make it right? Scorpios would prefer to work and heal alone. They have their way of doing things, which rarely involves other people. It’s not hubris. They just know from experience that they are more creative and, therefore, can accomplish more when left to their own accord.

If someone hurts them, they can be blunt. At least try not to make it worse by saying something nasty in return!

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Sagittarius and Scorpio Love Relationship Compatibility

The relationship between these two is exciting at first. Although it seems like they don’t have much in common, their sense of adventure is in sync. They are also open-minded individuals who like having deep conversations about everything from pop culture to “is there life after death?”

Scorpio and Sagittarius have very different life philosophies, which might make their views about the world seem one-sided. Scorpio is intense, while Sagittarius is playful. This means that they’ll have lots of fun together but also plenty of arguments; it’s all part of the package!

But Scorpio’s possessive nature does not bode well for the freedom-loving archer. There should be plenty of love and respect for this relationship to work. Otherwise, all signs point to a disaster.

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Sagittarius and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

These two pals can form a bond by playing physically or mentally-challenging games. Whether it’s video games or football, they always make sure not to lose sight of having fun along the way!

One problem to address here is Sagittarian’s fondness for pranks and clever put-downs. Scorpio does not tolerate being the butt of someone else’s jokes. What Sagittarius finds amusing can be insulting to Scorpio. Sag’s crazy humor is great at parties, but they must tone it down with their Scorpio pals.

A Sagittarius friend is spontaneous and loves doing things on a whim, whereas a Scorpio is structured and ambitious. But this only makes their friendship more interesting. The fixed water sign will benefit from Sagittarean’s high-energy optimism and enthusiasm. In this partnership, they will accomplish more if Scorpio takes the lead.


An argument with a Scorpio can quickly escalate into a heated one. While Sagittarius can easily forget a silly disagreement, Scorpio has a dolphin’s memory. If you mess with them, you are marked for life and should consider moving to another country.

On a lighter note, these two signs have much to learn from one another. Scorpio could learn how to let loose and have more fun. Sagittarius lacks leadership skills and could learn how to focus on getting what they want out of life. They may be besties or successful business partners. But as a couple, they will face a lot of challenges.

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