5 Ways Sagittarius are Smart (Or Are They?)

5 Ways Sagittarius are Smart

Sagittarius has the intelligence of optimism! A lot of people may think that this has nothing to do with intelligence, but in fact it makes a huge difference in life.

They have the habit of looking for the good in everything and even in the most difficult situations they can get something good out of it.

That’s why they love getting to know different cultures, traveling and seeing other points of view. This makes their knowledge expand and so they can see things from different angles.

Their minds are very open to new things, and they will always listen to others’ beliefs.

Are Sagittarius Smart? (5 Arguments For Them)

1. They have an ability to see the good in everything

Sagittarians are the kind of people who live lightly. They prefer to focus on positive things, even when they are in the midst of chaos.

They lead life in a very simple and good-humored way, and it is difficult to let bad situations bring them down.

It’s not that they deny problems, they just prefer to focus on solving the problem than complaining about it.

Just like the other fire signs, they don’t have much patience to be angry or sad for a long time.

That would be a water sign thing, naturally. In addition, Sagittarius are natural explorers, so they are always exploring new possibilities for life’s problems, new philosophies of life, or different ways of looking at life.

They are optimistic by nature and have an unshakable faith in life. It’s not a faith necessarily linked to any religion, because they are open to all kinds of beliefs and it’s hard for them to hold on to something like that.

But they know that for everything in life there is a way out, whether they like it or not.

It is very difficult for someone to change their minds about having faith. People can even tell them about a very sad and difficult situation in someone’s life; even so, Sagittarius will be able to show you that it is possible to change that reality, helping you to look for a way out and lifting your spirits!

They are those people who even going through difficulties manage to make others laugh.

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2.They Have In-Depth Knowledge

In astrology, the axis of knowledge is represented by Gemini and Sagittarius. Gemini represents the most superficial and quick knowledge. Sagittarius represents in-depth knowledge.

Gemini is more related to instant curiosity: you’ve thought of something and you’ll want to find out right away! Sagittarius thinks of something and will want to delve into it. Both are important and neither is better than the other.

Sagittarius is a very philosophical sign. It is not satisfied with the first information on a certain topic. It is something vital in their life to seek and delve into the subject.

For example, if they want to know more about Christmas, some questions they will look for are:

  • the origin of this festivity;
  • how and why Christmas became so present in Western culture;
  • the social impact of Christmas;
  • why there are cultures that don’t celebrate Christmas;
  • the symbols used at Christmas (and where they came from);
  • why the colors of Christmas are Red and Green;
  • how can we relate Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas;
  • why people exchange gifts at Christmas;

and so on…

These are just a few questions a Sagittarius would look for an answer to. It’s almost a thesis just to understand something that most people consider simple.

Curiosity is innate in humans, but Sagittarius takes it to another level. They have that level of questioning with basically everything in life. They can spend years studying a certain subject without getting tired; they just love overthinking!

Besides, they are very tolerant of different opinions from their own. What really matters to them is knowledge!

3. They don’t hold grudges

Of course, we always have to look at the full birth chart, but traditionally Sagittarius don’t  hold grudges. The fire element, like its corresponding signs, is very dynamic.

This thing of being angry for a long time, mulling over feelings or keeping things inside doesn’t work with fire signs. All they want is to enjoy life, have fun and discover new things, and for that there is no time to waste on the small details of life.

They are extremely sincere, and can sometimes even be inconvenient. They don’t realize how direct they are and they don’t realize the weight of their words. But even so, their energy is so real that it is difficult for anyone to be angry with them for long. It’s the innocent-looking goofy friends who easily win over others.

They often need to realize that they are being inconvenient, and that is enough for them to apologize and change their behavior. (remember they just want to live a light life with good energies, peace, love and fun!)

4. They are Socially Intelligent

As they don’t take anything too seriously (except knowledge), they love to party, have fun with friends, and go on adventures of all kinds. And they are usually responsible for bringing friends together to do all these fun activities. This buys them a lot of social credit.

With them there is no bad day or time, the important thing is to enjoy life. They are the soul of the parties, the person who is always dancing and having fun. And that happens anywhere: from a quieter cafe with friends, or a date at karaoke, or even a wedding party, there they will be cheering everyone up and having the best time.

In the pub they will probably talk to everyone at the table or make a game to entertain people; at karaoke they will be one of those people who don’t let go of the microphone and makes everyone sing together, and at the wedding they will be the ones dancing the night away and be the star of the show!

They’re great people to have around, they’ll never let anyone down and you won’t be able to resist his charm and soon you’ll be dancing with him all night long!

5.They’re Bold

Sagittarius represents freedom, but is different from Aquarius who wants to free others. Sagittarius wants to live his freedom at any cost, not caring if others have it too.

They are warm with the ones they love but they will hardly buy a dream that isn’t theirs. That doesn’t mean they don’t support their friends or family. They will always encourage others, but holding onto other people’s dreams is not their thing.

If they feel that something might take away their freedom they will quickly walk away. They are very detached from the expectations of others. They do what they want and that’s it.

They are very intense when they love, but they will hardly give up their freedom for something they don’t know if it’s going to last forever.

Their boldness comes from the fact that they understand that everything depends on them and their efforts. Therefore, if they really want something they will not think about the consequences and will act towards what they want. They are the type that do it first and then think about the consequences.


Sagittarius will always want to see others well. They will always be positive under any circumstances. Their intelligence is to understand that everything is possible in life. For them nothing is impossible and everything has a positive side. There is an optimism that the future will always be better!

With them, we learn not to take everything too seriously, not even ourselves and even less life itself. They teach us that everything must be questioned, after all there are countless points of view on a given subject, and knowledge is freedom. Freedom to be whoever you want because you want to be and not because someone said it’s right.