5 Ways Pisces are Smart (Their Unique Intelligence)

5 Ways Pisces are Smart

Pisces has the intelligence of empathy! They have the ability to feel everything others feel. They feel the pain of the other and know how to put themselves in the other’s place. They listen with an open heart and without judgments.

They do good for others without expecting anything in return. They do all these good things just because that’s who they are. And these are the people who help make the world a better place.

They are extremely sensitive to other people’s pain, to the point where the other’s pain hurts them too. They have the ability to feel all the energies around them, like a sponge. Perhaps this is why they often prefer to hide in their dream world.

They are very resilient, spiritual, and believe that everything has a reason to happen. They blindly believe in their dreams and in others too. If you want someone to encourage you, count on a Pisces!

Are Pisces Smart (5 Arguments For Them)

1. Adaptability

Like their water element, Pisces have the ability to bypass obstacles.

Imagine yourself walking on a road that leads you to your biggest dream. And it’s this road that takes you where you want to go. It’s the safest and best way you could ask for. It’s fast and you know people who went there and got everything right.

But in the middle of this road right in front of you is a giant obstacle blocking the road. On the side of this rock is a tiny narrow passage, which you don’t know where is going to lead you to.

This passage takes longer, you don’t know it well and you’ve only heard that it arrives at the same destination you want. You don’t know when you will arrive or what you will find along the way.

If we have an obstacle blocking our way, it won’t do any good to just sit and complain about it. The smartest thing to do is to turn away and take the unknown passage. Just like Pisces do. As much as they know that the first road is the best, sometimes we just need to have the courage to keep moving forward. Even if we don’t know where the road is going to lead us, life happens when we are on the move.

Many people would spend hours thinking about the best strategy to get the obstacle off of there, or try to find someone to blame for that. Pisces simply takes the other path and moves on! Why waste time and energy on closed paths, if you have other alternatives? They know how to adapt perfectly to obstacles and only stop when they finally reach the desired result.

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2. They dare to dream big

Pisceans are driven by dreams! If you think they don’t have enough guts for anything, try seeing them in front of a big dream of theirs. There is no other zodiac sign that has as much will and faith to make a dream come true as Pisces!

As they are not very connected in the real world, only dreams matter. They don’t care much about money or social status, but if you talk about transforming reality and making the world a better place, then yes, you can count on Pisces!

Most of the time, no one believes that the Pisces dream is possible. It always seems to be those bizarre and pointless ideas.

But we can see from history how their big dreams can change the world:

  • Albert Einstein was a Pisces dreamer who completely changed the way we understand the world.
  • Steve Jobs was also a Pisces and innovated the way we communicate and use technology to this day.

A lot of people called them crazy and said that their ideas were useless. What they had in common was their ability to distance themselves from the real world and dare to see things in ways everyone thought was impossible.

With them we learn to dare to dream and to always be in touch with our imagination. The real world has barriers, but our imagination does not. It is through it that we gain the ability to go beyond reality and create different things.

Dreaming small or dreaming big takes the same work. Never give up on something you truly believe in just because people say it’s impossible.

3. They’re Spiritual Maters

Pisces spirituality is related to one of its ruling planets, Neptune which is the planet of spirituality. The spirituality of Pisces is something difficult to describe, as Pisces represents merging with the whole.

Everything exists for Pisces: vibrations, energies, god, gods, witches, fairies, elves, angels, Buddha, Jesus, tarot, Krishna, anything you can imagine they believe in. It may not be their faith, but they believe with all their souls that it all exists.

Pisces has a very strong intuition that most of the time gets it right. Because they are not connected to the material world, they can feel all kinds of energies from people and places. They can easily pick up everything that is subtle and spiritual.

Material and spiritual life are not separate for Pisceans. They know very well how to interpret any signal they receive from the other world. It’s not uncommon for them to use their psychic gifts to help others. Their strength is in their ability to feel deeply and be tuned in to others in a way that nobody else can touch. 

4. They’re Empathetic

They are considered the zodiac psychologists. If you have any Pisceans friends, you know what it’s like. They are always willing to listen to others, to let people speak without interruption or judgment. It’s almost as if they can feel what others feel, such is their sensitivity.

They mix the other’s pain with theirs, and when you realize it, there’s your Piscean friend crying along with you (or more than you) about your problem.

They will do anything for anyone who is struggling, from family members to strangers on the street. They are the kind of people who take the clothes off of their body to give to those who need it more than they do. They often sacrifice so much for others that they don’t realize when they are being made fools of.

5.They’re Emotionally Strong

Pisces are dreamers, but that you already know. What some people don’t know is that they also use dreams to escape reality. It’s just that reality is so harsh and difficult for them to deal with, that the only way they can keep moving forward is to flee to their make-believe world.

And precisely because of this they are able to withstand extreme situations.

Their unshakable faith makes them believe that nothing lasts foreverand that’s why they are so strong and resilient.

They believe that everything has a reason and that some superior force loves them in such a way that they would not suffer in vain. And so they just keep going, no matter what happens to them. They will always trust that some higher power is always helping them!


A lot of people think Pisceans are silly and weak. They live helping others without getting anything in return. But Pisces knows that’s not true. Thinking about others is a very smart thing, since no one lives alone. We all need each other, and if you turn your back on someone, that too will happen to you one day.

 It’s a law of physics that every action has a reaction, and Pisces understands that well. What’s more, they know they can make someone’s day better, and they do. They are excellent listeners and friends for any time. One helps the other and so the world becomes a better place. Another point is to understand that the escape from reality can be a disaster. We can seek the balance between the real and the imaginary in a healthy way. What we cannot deny is reality as it is. Denying the pain, fear or anger doesn’t make things different. Life will always have ups and downs and no one can escape it. Life is a succession of things that happen to us, and our reaction to them.