5 ways Libras are Smart (Most Intelligent Zodiac?)

5 ways Libras are Smart

Libra has the intelligence of diplomacy! They are people who are always looking for balance in everything they do.

They are open to hearing each other’s point of view and their side of the story. They are genuinely interested in what others have to say, ask questions in an interested way and know how to treat everyone well without making any distinctions.

Yes they can be considered indecisive but that’s because they like to see all sides of everything. They will always stop to think and reflect before making any decision (even the simplest possible ones).

They are people who know how to listen, so they are always surrounded by people around them. They get along with anyone, wherever they are and they love to connect with people.

Let’s get to know a little more about Libra and the 5 ways Libras are smart.

Are Libras Smart (5 Arguments for Them!)

1 They’re the Diplomats of the Zodiac

Libra likes everything well balanced. They hate fights or misunderstandings. They are great at resolving conflicts as they let people talk and like to hear both sides of a story.

They love healthy discussions and will always want to bring out the pros and cons accurately and fairly.

They are great for negotiating anything because they can understand what others want and thus know how to reach an agreement. They know how to benefit themselves too, they are not silly, but they will never do anything to harm others because they are very honest.

They are so empathetic with others. Libra know how to listen and take into account what people say that they often forget about themselves. It is not difficult to see a Libra lose his opinions and desires because of what others think and say.

They can mix what they think with the opinion of others and with that they may not even really know their own mind.

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 2.They Value Fairness

Libra is represented by a scale, precisely because they live life in search of balance and have a strong sense of justice.

Unlike what many think, they are not balanced, but seek balance.

People often confuse seeking balance with being balanced. When we want to balance something on a scale, we have to make millimetric adjustments.

With Librans it’s like that too, they oscillate a lot between point A and point B to find balance. This characteristic of them can make a lot of people annoyed because they don’t like to displease anyone and so they can be known as indecisive and false. This is not true at all.

All they want is to make sure everyone gets heard, and are passionate about making sure that things are balanced, especially when it comes to group events. They are those super fair friends who listen to everyone equally without preference.

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3. They Are Socially Smart

Libra is perhaps the most sociable sign out there. They just love being with people, whether they are knownor new people. Meeting new people is something that Libras are very excited about. They love parties, pubs, dates and any event as long as there are people to talk to.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. They are passionate by the idea of ​​love and being in a relationship. They are generally very beautiful and attractive people. They are always well-groomed and have an impeccable aesthetic sense.

They are naturally seductive people and know how to use words in their favour. When they speak, they manage to convey harmony, calmness and security to others. This is capable of conquering anyone, from friendships to romances.

Human relationships in general are the most important thing to them. They are always open to learning new things and surround themselves with people who can bring it to them.

4.They Know the Value of Balance

Everything for Libra has to be balanced. They love harmony and will always look for it in all areas of their lives. They can’t stand exaggerations, outbursts of anger or immediacy. Libras do not like anything that is extreme

They are not in the least bit hasty. They hate impatient people and they hate to be rushed when they have to make decisions. It’s not easy to be balanced, it takes time to think, analyze, try to see all sides of the situation and only then decide.

Some people may not like all this “slowness”, but deep down they know Libra are right not to get carried away by immediacy. They are indecisive but when they choose something no one changes their minds!

But they can become procrastinators. As they need time to think about everything that involves a situation, they can end up leaving everything to the last minute. If this happens, they feel very guilty because as we say, they don’t like extremes.

Libra are those who one day are partying all night, and the next just want to stay at home and rest. Balance is everything!

5. They are good strategists

We cannot forget that Libra is the complementary opposite sign of Aries, which represents struggle, war, combat and is ruled by Mars.

Every complementary sign brings with it characteristics of the other sign, so Libra has this ability to think of strategies to use in combat, whether in wars or even in disagreements between friends.

It is an air sign so unlike Aries, it is more in the mind than in action. They are excellent strategists and seek to win life’s battles and challenges by the power of the mind, not the use of force.

If they were going to participate in a war, Libra would be the best possible strategist. They know how to listen and talk to others, so it is easy to gather information and think about how they will act based on those information.

They are also excellent negotiators with both friends and enemies. Only they are to be able to get peace treaties between parties that are practically killing each other.

In addition, they manage to do something that is difficult for most people: to be cold in the face of a tense situation. While everyone acts in despair, Libra manages to stay calm and think coldly to look for a way out and thus help others.


The search for the middle ground and equality is a very smart characteristic of Libras. Extremes are never good. Everything is dual and things don’t have to have only one side. We can analyze two sides and then have an opinion about it. Libra likes to bring together different but complementary opinions.

The Libra zodiac sign is mainly focused on their relationships. While Libra’s opposite sign, Aries, represents “I”, Libra symbolizes “we”. Relationships are paramount for Libras, who find balance in companionship.

Despite this, we cannot live for the sake of others. Libra can greatly benefit from learning to enjoy their own company. Learning to not depend on the opinions of others and do what is good for them, regardless of whether someone will approve or not. It’s impossible to please everyone, not to mention exhausting trying to be someone you’re not.

A more challenging point for them is the escape from conflict. They put themselves last most of the time to avoid upsetting others. Their selfless nature can be great for their loved ones, but it often makes them feel drained and unappreciated. This toxic positivity can damage self-confidence.

In their darkest side, instead of using the abilities of the sign to promote growth and harmony, they start to use them only to serve personal and selfish interests. Strategic and manipulative thinking can come to the fore in order to analyze how people can be useful to them, coldly articulating the paths that should be followed in relationships. Regarding choices, it is necessary to understand that even if we do not choose, it is still a choice. The best thing to do is to take control of our own life, do what is best for us and accept only people who will add to our lives.

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