5 Ways an Aquarius is Smart (Most Intelligent Zodiac?)

5 Ways an Aquarius is Smart

Aquarius has forward-looking intelligence. They are analytical, good in groups, and focused on the greater good. In many ways, Aquarius is the smartest zodiac of all.

Their mind is very rational and scientific and that’s why they are innovative people who make the world move! They believe and support the most radical changes, but they don’t like fights.

They are always in search of the truth and are very curious about human nature. They love to challenge everything that is pre-established, such as the opinion of most people.

Here are the 5 ways Aquarius are smart.

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1 They’re Okay with being Different

Most of us want to feel excluded or different from others. But with an Aquarius sun sign, you might find yourself with the great advantage of embracing difference.

In fact, you may find yourself striving to be different from everyone else. If most people like blue, an Aquarius will surely find it boring and will never want to wear blue. They take pleasure in being different from others!

They are ruled by Uranus and Saturn, so being different and revolutionary is in their soul.They just don’t understand why anyone would want to be just one of the crowd.

Why not dare to stand out?

This is a smart mindset to have. It means you won’t follow the crowd, you’ll forge your own path, and you won’t be just another sheep among the masses.

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2. They’re Extremely Logical

Their thinking is very scientific and logical. They live analyzing everything in a deep and very rational way.

They don’t get carried away by emotion or the idealization of things. Aquarius simply sees things coldly and logically. In addition, they can learn easily about any subject.

As they are not bound by social conventions of any kind, their thinking is free! Yes, they can be considered rebels but that is what makes them progressive and innovative.

This is why they’re excellent philosophers, futurists, and engineers. You’ll find Aquarius zodiacs among the ranks of some of the smartest professions out there.

3 They’re not afraid to defy the rules

One of the things that drive Aquarius is the desire to revolutionize and break any pre-established rules.

We have already said that they are rational, and that is precisely why they cannot understand why there are so many rules! Who created them? And why does everyone have to follow the same rules, if everyone is different from each other?

They love doing things the way they think it should be done. They are not afraid to challenge authorities or forge a new path for themselves and others.

Uranus, for all its unpredictability, gives Aquarius the same trait. When you least expect it, there will be an Aquarius with his genius ideas doing everything different from what he’s told.

And that’s a good thing! No one can transform reality and the world by always doing the same things. It takes courage to dare to innovate.

If nowadays we talk more and more about diversity and representation, it’s because of people with the same idea as Aquarians. They dared to break taboos, question and contradict the impositions that dominated society.

4. They are Humanitarian and concerned with the collective

Aquarians care vry much about what happens in society and the world. They have a deep sense of liberty, justice and equality.

And this is not just in his social circle, because even though he doesn’t go through difficult situations, he is very realistic and knows that these things exist. A lot of people prefer to ignore it, but not Aquarians.

They will be the first to take action to change situations of injustice and inequality. And as they are not afraid to face anything or anyone, they will do so.

If this is not enough, they will try to convince most people that this is the right thing to do, and it can often become imposing.

“But don’t they respect different opinions?” you may wonder.

Sure, but a challenging aspect of their personality is their willingness to convince others that their idea is the best. They will respect you if you think differently, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to convince you that they have THE idea!

They fight for different causes. From education, through social, racial, environmental and animal life issues, to climate issues and the struggle for minorities. They transform the lives of several people and they don’t want to show off for it. They are the true revolutionaries!

5. They are friends with everyone

Friendship is very important to Aquarians. They get along well with anyone as they like to get to know who is different from them. This makes them smart because they can keep people under their thumb – no one wants to betray them.

However, they are not those kind of friends who show feelings, so some people may find them cold, but it’s just their way. They also don’t like people who suffocate them and stay with them 100% of the time.

It is not uncommon for them to lead groups of friends, to create different groups and to have friends of all kinds. A sign without prejudice, Aquarius belongs in every social group.


Their ability to see ahead, their concern for the collective, their independence and their complete detachment from the opinions of others make Aquarius very smart people. They live life the way they think it should be and don’t need anyone’s approval for anything. They support people non-judgmentally and love differences. On the other hand, they can be stubborn, detached and loner.

 Aquarians make their own mind up and then stick to it and there’s nothing you can do to change that. Under no circumstances do emotional blackmail, it doesn’t work with them. If you want to try, appeal to logic, facts and evidence, but that doesn’t guarantee you anything.

They may have emotional detachment and find this normal, as they are people more attracted to ideas and not feelings. Despite enjoying being in groups, Aquarius ultimately stands alone. They will not compromise their ideals, morals or need for freedom and independence.