10 Mercury in Aquarius Man Traits (Good and Bad!)

10 Mercury in Aquarius Man Traits

A Mercury in Aquarius man tends to be very friendly, a good conversationalist, non-judgmental, and logical. However, sometimes he can be a little too outspoken for his own good!

Here’s how we know:

  • Mercury can affect your communication style, sense of humor, and the way you perceive the world.
  • Aquarius is a water sign known for being curious, eccentric, and playful. They often behave differently from their peers, and many describe them as far ahead of their time.
  • When Mercury is in Aquarius, it may mean that your communication style is a little influenced by Aquarius traits rather than your sun sign’s traits. So you might be a Scorpio sun, but when it comes to communication style, thinking style, and humor, you could even come across as an Aquarius to some people!

Note that the placement of Mercury in a man’s natal chart is a small factor overall. Your personality can be influenced by a range of other placements on your natal chart which may overwhelm the following points. Furthermore, astrology acknowledges the role of free will and your environment in influencing who you are over and above the innate tendencies ascribed by a natal chart.

Mercury in Aquarius Man Traits

Mercury and Aquarius are both intelligent, yet eccentric, which is the perfect recipe for some unorthodox behavior.

Here are ten traits of a Mercury in Aquarius man.

1. Good Conversationalist

Both Mercury and Aquarius are known for their intelligence and sharp wit. Add to that Mercury’s communication skills, and it should not be surprising to learn that an man with Mercury in Aquarius is bound to be a talented conversationalist.

He can hold his own in any crowd and competently participate in any topic. However, he is most interested in discussing world affairs and humanitarian efforts.

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2. Friendly

Due to his easygoing presence, this man easily attracts people to his side. He is especially drawn to people who share the same interest in philanthropy and just doing good in general.

However, there are times when he can give off the wrong impression and make people hesitate to approach him. Fortunately, the fun-loving character of Mercury steps in, and he is usually able to adjust his aura just in time.

3. Non-Judgmental

He is generous and willing to socialize with anyone regardless of race, gender, or social status. And with the intelligence and perception drawn from Mercury, he knows not to judge people based on superficial factors.

4. Outspoken

Already a radical thinker from the onset, when this man gets injected with a boost of linguistic skills from Mercury, expect to see a person who is not afraid to make his thoughts heard.

He tends to be candid and openly shares his beliefs, even prepared to defend them in a debate if needed. And with the cunningness that he got from Mercury, he can take the upper hand more often than not.

5. Rebellious

These men like pushing boundaries and challenging traditions because they believe nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. They don’t just settle with the status quo, even if everyone tells them to accept the reality.

With Mercury’s sharp intelligence and profound perception, they can easily spot loopholes in the system and immediately look for solutions.

6. Flighty And Erratic

Due to Mercury’s strong influence, this man tends to get bored quickly. They especially get irritated with people who talk in circles as they prefer to get to the heart of the matter so they can immediately get to work and solve the problem.

When it comes to work, they need to find something that can hold their interest; otherwise, they could likely pack up and leave.

7. Argumentative

Sometimes, the Mercury in Aquarius man would enter into a debate just for the sake of arguing. Just like the trickster god Mercury, he would pull people into a conversation and play the devil’s advocate just for fun.

8. Futuristic and Extremist

With the combined intelligence of Aquarius and Mercury, this man’s mind is often beyond the understanding of other people, especially those outside their circle.

Sometimes, their vision takes them too far off reality that it is difficult for people to understand what they want to do. They have idealistic yet progressive views of the world that are often taken to extremes.

9. Logical

This may come as a surprise, but the Mercury in Aquariusman’s power is actually a logical thinker. It’s just that the logic may make sense only to him and other like-minded people within his circle.

10. Unconventional and Impulsive

On the one hand is the devious nature of Mercury, and on the other is the quirky and eccentric Mercury.

Add some futuristic ideas to the mix, and you get a man who walks a thin line between genius and crazy.

He often gets out-of-the-box ideas that pop out unexpectedly, and he is not afraid to test them out when necessary.

How to Figure out how Mercury in Aquarius Affects You

Other than sun signs, which are based on the position of the sun when you were born, it is also worth knowing your planet sign if you want to understand your personality as a whole.

Your sun sign, also known as the Zodiac, can give you a general sense of your preferences, choices, and decisions in life, but this is not a complete picture.

Your planet sign, which is based on the position of the planets at the time of your birth, impacts a specific aspect of your personality. While each planet rules over a particular Zodiac, it still affects the other signs. However, it will have the most substantial influence on that sign that it rules over and only has limited power over the others.

Mercury, for example, presides over Gemini and Virgo. But as the acknowledged ruler of the mind, it can affect how you express yourself and how you make sense of the world, regardless of your Zodiac sign. It can also determine what fascinates you and what fills your imagination.

Mercury Meaning in Astrology

Mercury is the planet that stays closest to the sun. In fact, it never veers farther than 28 degrees from it. This is why it is one of the most influential celestial bodies after the sun and the moon in astrology. It is characterized by its intelligence, sharp wit, and sense of humor.

Like the Roman god Mercury whom it was named after, the planet Mercury is also known for its cunning, trickery, and indecisive character. Perhaps because of its brilliant mind, it can be challenging to find something that can hold its attention for a long time. Thus, Mercury-dominated people get bored quickly and tend to hop from one project to another within a short period. 

Aquarius Meaning in Astrology

The Zodiac sign Aquarius, for its part, is known for its generous and selfless nature. These humanitarians are innovative and forward-thinking always standing for what is right and good while looking for ways to improve their community.

Under the double rule of planets Uranus and Saturn, Aquarians continue to challenge norms. They refuse to accept the status quo as they believe that a better future is never impossible. People born under this sign are radical, friendly, eccentric, intelligent, just, quirky, curious, and creative. They are trendsetters but can also appear aloof and distant at times due to their tendency to get absorbed too much in their thoughts.


When two unconventional characters get together, expect some craziness to occur. Fortunately, all these quirks are tempered by a sharp intellect, which can quickly analyze information and provide solutions when needed. The Aquarius man does not disappoint with his tendency for radical opinions and progressive ideas. But while he is often difficult to understand, his friendly and accepting nature enables people to look beyond his quirks and embrace his uniqueness.