5 Ways Scorpios are Smart (The Quiet Achievers!)

5 Ways Scorpios are Smart

One of Scorpios’ greatest intelligences is knowing how to read people! They analyze everything about people: the way they talk, the way they act and treat others, and so on. Scorpios record this information and use it to their advantage later on.

They have a magnetism that is unique to them. They look deep into your eyes and can see your soul! They are super investigative people, nothing is hidden from a Scorpio.

They are extremely intense in everything they intend to do. When they relate to someone, be it a friend or in love, they dedicate themselves fully and deeply. It’s almost like a fusion of souls because with Scorpio there is nothing superficial.

When they like someone, they can be possessive and jealous but you will have by your side a person you can count on for the rest of your life.

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1.They Iterate Until They Succeed

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which among other things talks about regeneration, so this is a subject that Scorpios are very comfortable with. All the difficulties that Scorpio faces, instead of destroying them it makes them stronger.

That’s why they’re not afraid to act or fail, because they know that if something bad happens they can rise from the ashes. Actually, they have few fears in life and that’s why they live so intensely and deeply.

They have a peculiar habit of always wanting to test their own resistance, almost as if it gives pleasure for them.

They are always testing themselves, they like the unknown and the hidden, so this moves them to always go further. They increase the doses, increase the frequency, increase the intensity of everything.

These excesses can often harm their health and physical body, but luckily they recover well. They often like to poke wounds and expose what was hidden and hurting because they know that’s the only way we can heal. Covering the wound and pretending it doesn’t exist will not make it go away.

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2. They Achieve Everything they Set out to Do

Scorpios are very strategic and observant. They feel that their days are like secret missions they need to solve. They are always observing everything and are extremely focused on what they want. As they know how to read people, it is easier for them to persuade people.

They have a magnetism that naturally attracts others, so by the time you realize it, you’ll be telling everything Scorpio wants to know. They like to control all situations and people around them as this is associated with power, something Scorpio values ​​a lot!

They achieve everything they want or set out to do. As it is the opposite sign of Taurus, they also have a bit of Taurus stubbornness, and if you combine that with Scorpio intensity, you already know what the result is.

They have a good ability to plan ahead and they always know what they want. With them there is no middle ground, there is no better thinking. They know what they want and plan it down to the smallest detail, executing it with precision.

3. They are Detectives

With Scorpio there is no superficiality. They like the depth of things and digging to the bottom that no one sees or imagines exists.

They are not afraid of finding something they don’t like or finding horrible things. If that is the case they won’t hide from the pain and they will face everything head on, feeling everything very intensely.

Nothing goes unnoticed from a Scorpio. Like the other water signs, they are very intuitive, but in an almost esoteric and premonitory way.

Their psyche is very strong and it’s something natural in their lives, almost a sixth sense. It is not uncommon to have dreams or foreshadowing visions that warn them of future events.

That’s why it’s practically impossible to hide something from Scorpios. If they feel like you’re not being 100% truthful, they’ll start digging into your whole life. From childhood to adulthood, they will discover your dirt.

Their mind works by linking facts, like real detectives. if he needs to, he even investigates your family members, as he has enormous power to persuade others

They like things that are difficult, obscure and require continuous effort and determination. They can be great investigators, for they won’t stop until they find what they want.

4. They Embrace Their Dark Side

Scorpio likes the depths. As a water sign, it represents the deepest and darkest waters of the ocean, those where light does not reach. Those muddy waters that everyone passes far away and gets sickened. But not Scorpio. They are interested in everything dark and hidden.

They are attracted to human behavior and everything that is unconventional and ignored by common sense.

They have a kind of empathy for the flaws of human nature. They understand perfectly that no one is perfect. They understand that everybody has darkness inside and a dark side.

Because they understand this, the shadows and flaws of others do not affect them, just as they are not shaken by their own flaws. You can show them your darkest side and yet it is not going to drive them away.

They are not used to pointing out or judging the faults of others. They can be excellent psychoanalysts precisely because they understand this dark side of people. The most horrible things don’t keep Scorpios away

They understand that in order to be a better person, you have to face your shadows head on. Imagining yourself as a good person will not make you a good person. You have to learn to see shadows, talk to them, and not hide and pretend they don’t exist.

We can only change what we know, so if we don’t know our darkness, how are we going to change it? It takes courage to face our own shadows, and Scorpio has plenty of that.

5.They Know the Value of Loyalty

Scorpios are the best to have by your side. They will never go behind your back or let you down, as they are very transparent and you will always know their flaws. They will face any difficulty by your side.

If you’re at rock bottom, you can be sure they’ll come down there to find you and help you get out of there stronger. They’re the kind of friend who’d take a bullet for you if they had to.

They never forget what people do for them or their loved ones, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. They also have an enormous difficulty in forgiving people. If someone does something bad to them, they just ignore you and pretend the person doesn’t exist, ice cold. And they will wait a long time to get you back, but get you back they will.


Scorpios are smart because they know how to deal with the worst in people. They can read and decipher someone without that person speaking a word.

They face their shadows head-on and fearlessly. They know that to evolve it is necessary to deal with their own dark side. They are not hypocrites and therefore do not judge the mistakes and defects of others, after all we all have a dark side.

Possessiveness and control are very strong traits in Scorpios. They need to understand that nothing and no one is 100% in their control, no matter how difficult that is for them.

They are very strong and recover easily from any situation, but that doesn’t mean they always have to test their limits. They must pay attention to excesses so as not to harm their health. Scorpio is the sign that symbolizes the process of creation, degeneration, death and rebirth… It knows and accepts that everything is finite: things arise and endure, until they end and are transformed.