Scorpio Moon Compatibility (Check with All Other Signs!)

Scorpio Moon Compatibility

Scorpio moon is most compatible with Pisces, Aries, and Cancer moons. Because Scorpio is a water sign, the connection of a Scorpio moon with Pisces and Cancer placements is very good.

Loyal Pisces is at ease with the enigmatic and deep Scorpio moon. Cancer feels at home around the loyalty and intimacy provided by the Scorpio moon.Further, because they are both ruled by the planet Mars, Scorpio moon is very compatible with Aries placements, as well. Their relationship is defined by ambition, passion, and intensity. 

It is least compatible withGemini and Aquarius. The coolness and easy breezy attitude of the Gemini people does not inspire trust to the suspicious Scorpio moon. Aquarius is also too erratic for the controlling Scorpio.

Note that the below are stereotypes only – people often don’t fit the perfect stereotype of their moon sign, so talk to an astrologer for a more accurate reading of your chart compatibility. Furthermore, everyone is a unique individual who could match with anyone with enough love and commitment.

Scorpio Moon Compatibility Reading (With Every Moon Sign)

Note that these astrology compatibility readings aren’t perfectly accurate – even if your moon and sun signs don’t match, other elements on your chart may counterbalance this. Similarly, not everyone perfectly matches their zodiac traits, so relationships of all kinds can work out with hard work and commitment!

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  • Aries Moon: Both signs are ruled by the planet Mars, so intensity and passion is what governs this relationship. If they are a couple, their sexual life is full of flame. However, when they get mad at each other, they can become both very aggressive.
  • Taurus Moon: These are opposite placements which usually bring out the best in each other. Taurus helps Scorpio feel grounded, whereas Scorpio teaches Taurus about change. This relationship may be challenging sometimes but may work well mostly.
  • Gemini Moon:This partnership will not be successful since the emotional demands of these moon signs are fundamentally different from one another. When dealing with issues that for Scorpio are very real, serious, and emotionally charged, Gemini can be as very upbeat and cold. At times, this might give the impression to Scorpio that Gemini doesn’t care, doesn’t feel, or doesn’t sympathize at all.
  • Cancer Moon:This bond has the potential to be quite long lasting. Scorpio has a profound understanding of the emotional upheaval that the Cancer moon person experiences and may support their healing when they experience imbalance. The Scorpio moon energy, which typically has trouble trusting others, can be emotionally safe with the help of the Cancer moon person.
  • Leo Moon:Without additional favourable factors, this relationship is not advised because it requires a lot of work. The Leo moon person will be perceived by the Scorpio moon person as being overly narcissistic, immature, and incapable of going too deep emotionally. The sunny Leo moon person will frequently perceive Scorpio moon as being too dark.
  • Virgo Moon: Both moon signs have a keen eye for detail and frequently keep going until they get to the heart of a problem. This makes it clear that both are eager to discuss any issues that might arise in their relationship. However, the Scorpio moon might consider Virgo as being too cold, whereas a Virgo moon can find a Scorpio moon person as being extreme because a Scorpio moon person requires a lot of intensity. This relationship involves a lot of effort to work out. 
  • Libra Moon:The Libra moon person is relationship-oriented and is wiling to make many compromises to make a partnership work. The Scorpio moon person is searching for someone who is loyal and dedicated towards building intimacy. This relationship can be promising, but only if the rational Libra is willing to invest deep emotions and the passionate Scorpio decides to learn how to compromise.
  • Scorpio Moon: Similar moon signs are usually a great combination because both can understand on their own skin the other’s emotional needs. However, both these signs have trust issues, next to their deep desire for intensity. If they can both manage their shadows, this relationship can be deeply loving and satisfying.
  • Sagittarius Moon: Scorpio Moon seeks closeness and complete knowledge, but only to a degree. The Moon in Sagittarius values independence. This relationship shall encounter difficulties because of their different approach of loyalty.
  • Capricorn Moon: Scorpio moons and Capricorn moons get along well since both signs are aware that success in life requires effort. They are always quite reliable partners. Both parties work hard to build a solid and enduring relationship.
  • Aquarius Moon: While the Scorpio moon craves emotional depth, the Aquarius moon person approaches their emotions in a detached, logical manner. Scorpio is not as social as Aquarius and, also, they usually have different interests. Due to the incompatibility of these signs, there will likely be a lot of conflict in the partnership.
  • Pisces Moon:There is a lot of potential for fulfilment in this relationship for both parties. Loyal Pisces is at ease with the enigmatic and deep Scorpio moon. The sympathetic Pisces moon makes Scorpio feel confident, understood, and safe. One of the three water signs is Pisces; therefore, this connection is very strong.

Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

Those who have the moon in Scorpio aren’t frightened to face unpleasant realities. They feel compelled to expose those truths, on the other hand.

Scorpio moons frequently exhibit suspicion. They respect truthfulness in others and in themselves, and they are most afraid of betrayal. Many Scorpio moons face trust issues and tend to project on others their fears. However, if they feel safe in a relationship, they are very loyal partners who can offer of lot, including great levels of intimacy.

Being a water moon, Scorpio moon makes the native extremely perceptive to the feelings of those around them and can catch both positive and negative energy. Scorpio Moons are particularly sensitive to dark, oppressive, and spiritually damaged environments.For this reason, they must periodically purge their negative emotions.

Because their intuition goes off the roof, they learned to trust it when it comes to people and contexts. Even though they have paranoid tendencies, most of the time their gut feelings do not disappoint them.

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Most Compatible

Moons in Scorpio are incredibly observant, and transformational. They get along well with Pisces, Aries, and Cancer moons. Because both Scorpio Moons and Aries moons are impatient and eager, they can communicate in a very genuine way.

People with moons in the sign of Pisces and Cancer always tend to cross paths with Scorpio moons because they are all lunar water signs. They can easily lose themselves in one other’s thoughts and aspirations, which is exactly what they want from friendship and romantic relationships.

Least Compatible

Scorpio is least compatible with air signs, but especially with Gemini and Aquarius. Their emotional nature and needs are radically different.

These signs usually have a lot of conflict for this reason. Scorpio Moon desires to merge with their partner.

The moon in Aquarius and Gemini yearns to be a part of everything. They must at least have other close connections if they find monogamy appealing. The Scorpio Moon wants the romantic relationship to be everything. Both moons are prone to leave the relationship behind if they can’t obtain satisfaction from the other. Usually, this is the outcome of these relationships. 

Compatibility with Sun Signs

Scorpio moons are most compatible with Pisces and Cancer Suns. Scorpion moons are very perceptive and transformative and can get along nicely with water sun signs.

Scorpio Moons connect well with Aries Suns, as well. They can connect in a very sincere manner because they are both authentic,and passionate.

Scorpio moons are least compatible with Gemini and Aquarius Sun signs.The sceptical Scorpio moon is not won over by the cool and carefree demeanour of the Gemini people. Additionally, Aquarius is too unpredictable for the commanding Scorpio moon. For an Aquarius sun, the moodiness of the Scorpio moon is too much to handle.


People with the moon in Scorpio aren’t afraid to confront difficult truths. They value honesty in both them and others, and they are most terrified of betrayal. They are very devoted partners who can offer a lot if they feel secure in a relationship. Given that it is a water moon, the Scorpio native is very sensitive to the emotions of those around them. They need sensitive partners who are open to discover the depths of their inner world. For this reason, they usually avoid air signs, which are too flaky and cold for the deep watery Scorpio moon people.