Cancer Moon Compatibility (Check with All Other Signs!)

Cancer Moon Compatibility

Cancer moon is most compatible with moons which are placed in the signs of Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus.When they feel emotionally out of control, these natives use earth signs to assist them regain their balance. On the other hand, water signs are highly sentimental and resonate with a Cancer moon sign.

A Cancer moon is least compatible with fire signs, which are Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries.

Gemini and Aquarius people are also often avoided by Cancer moons. The Cancer moon person seeks emotional intimacy for which these two air signs are usually unavailable. On the other hand, Aquarius and Gemini people will consider the Cancer moon person as being too much.

Note that the below are stereotypes only – people often don’t fit the perfect stereotype of their moon sign, so talk to an astrologer for a more accurate reading of your chart compatibility. Furthermore, everyone is a unique individual who could match with anyone with enough love and commitment.

Cancer Moon Personality Traits

People having their moon in the sign of Cancer seek emotional security, predictability, and a safe space to express their inner world. They know exactly what they are looking for in a partner to connect with because deep down they can be very difficult to handle sometimes.

They are looking for someone to connect with at a soul level and who is willing to build a family together. They need a nest and will not settle until they find the person with whom they can start grounding a resting place.They are nurturing and loving people, who are very protective about their loved ones.

At times, they can become resentful if their emotional needs are not met. However, if their partner is willing to actively listen to the Cancer moon person, without judgement and with compassion, they will discover that what Cancer asks for is very natural in a loving relationship.

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Most Compatible

Cancer moon natives are most compatible with moons which are placed in the signs of Pisces, Scorpio,Capricorn, and Taurus. Water signs are deeply emotional and vibe on the same length with the Cancer moon person.

The relationship between moon water signs shall be very sensitive and even feel otherworldly at a certain level. Earth signs help these natives ground themselves when they become overwhelmed by emotions.

Capricorn acts like a secure promising husband for Cancer, whereas Taurus satisfies this native’s need for warmth, predictability, sensitivity, and attention for high quality care. Cancer helps Capricorns open and brings a touch of artistic sensuality in the life of the Taurus person.

Least Compatible

Cancer moon people are least compatible with fire signs, which are Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries, but also with Gemini and Aquarius people. In relation to fire signs, Cancer is highly sensitive and does not often get along well with their egotistical attitude. For Sagittarius, Aries and Leo, the Cancer person shall seem boring, possessive, and draining.

When it comes to the relationships with Geminis and Aquarius, these two air signs are typically incompatible with the emotional intimacy that the Cancer moon person craves. On the other hand, Aquarius and Gemini individuals will find the Cancer moon person to be too much to handle when the emotional turmoil pops up.

Cancer Moon Compatibility Reading (With Every Moon Sign)

Note that these astrology compatibility readings aren’t perfectly accurate – even if your moon and sun signs don’t match, other elements on your chart may counterbalance this. Similarly, not everyone perfectly matches their zodiac traits, so relationships of all kinds can work out with hard work and commitment!

  • Aries Moon:The Aries moon person is very active, assertive, and self-centred. The Cancer moon person might perceive the Aries moon person as being aggressive, selfish, and too impulsive. Aries might consider the Cancer person as being too sensitive and boring. For this reason, the prospects of this relationship will not be the best.
  • Taurus Moon:Both moon signs are security oriented and need predictability in a relationship. The Taurus person helps their partner to ground when they feel insecure, whereas Cancer knows how to help the Taurus person open emotionally. This is a relationship which promises to be healthy for both partners.
  • Gemini Moon:The Gemini moon needs diversity, intellectual stimulation, and a partner able to discuss rational about their emotional. The Cancer moon person often becomes an emotional turmoil which is overwhelming and annoying for the Gemini moon. For the Cancer moon person, the Gemini moon might seem insensitive. This relationship is not the best combination.
  • Cancer Moon:Because these people share the same moon sign, they have a pretty good understanding of the other’s emotional needs. Both need and are willing to provide an emotional safe space. Both are sensitive and family oriented. For this reason, this combination represents a good astrological match.
  • Leo Moon:The Leo moon fills the room and, even if these people are very loving creatures, they have the tendency to become egotistical. The Cancer moon person is looking for someone who is affectionate andwho pays attention to their emotions. If they can communicate their needs, the relationship might work, as long as the Leo moon person learns how to validate other people’s needs as well.
  • Virgo Moon: The Virgo moon person is frequently viewed by the Cancer moon person as being excessively judgmental and lacking in emotional intelligence. On the other hand, Cancer appreciates the Virgo moon’s willingness to lend a hand when necessary. Also, a Cancer moon native can come out as a little whiny and sensitive to a Virgo moon person, whereas Virgo might often seem cold to the sensitive Cancer moon. This relationship can work out if both invest effort in clearly communicating their needs.
  • Libra Moon:Libra moon people enjoy finding themselves in harmonious relationships and usually pay attention to their partner’s needs. Cancer moon is very protective and caregiving towards their partner. Even if the Libra moon person is more logical than the Cancer moon sign, these two can be very compatible.
  • Scorpio Moon:The Cancer moon person knows how to emotionally secure the Scorpio moon energy, which usually has difficulties in trusting other people. Scorpio can understand very deeply the emotional turmoil of the Cancer moon person and to help them heal when they feel imbalanced. This relationship can be very harmonious.
  • Sagittarius Moon: This combination marks a red flag for each moon sign. The Cancer moon person needs someone who pays attention to their inner emotional world and who can provide a feeling of security. Sagittarius is unpredictable and adventurous and gets bored easy if things get too emotional. These moon signs have fundamentally different emotional needs and, therefore, this relationship will not work out well.
  • Capricorn Moon:Sometimes the Cancer moon person can think the Capricorn moon person is excessively sensitive and temperamental, while the Capricorn moon person might come off as cold and aloof to the sensitive Cancer moon person. The Capricorn moon is in the opposite astrological sign as the Cancer moon.Despite this, both moon signs value family, and this common ground can be very fruitful for their relationship.
  • Aquarius Moon:The Aquarius person may find the Cancer moon person to be excessively emotional, uninteresting, or even restrictive in their lives. The Cancer moon person requires a stable environment and a sense of emotional security. Further, Cancer will view the Aquarius moon person as being overly unreliable and unsympathetic. It is not advised to be in this relationship.
  • Pisces Moon:Both these moons are water signs are highly emotional. Pisces is empathetic, sensitive, artistic, and creative and all these traits catches the interest of the emotional Cancer. Cancer is protective, maternal,and caring, which is what Pisces is looking for. Their moons forma wonderful trine which promises a very loving relationship.

Compatibility with Sun Signs

Cancer moons are most compatible with Suns positioned in the signs of Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus. Water signs, on the other hand, have a strong sense of sentiment and connect well with a Cancer moon sign.Cancer moons turn to earthy Sun signs when their emotions are out of control to help them restore their structure and balance.

Cancer moons are least compatible with Sun signs placed in fire signs, such as Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries. Additionally, they should steer clear of Gemini and Aquarius people. These two air signs are typically incompatible with the emotional intimacy that the Cancer moon person craves.


People who have their moon in the sign of Cancer look for emotional stability, dependability, and a secure place to express their innermost thoughts and feelings. Since they can be quite difficult to deal with at times, they are very aware of what they are seeking in a partner. They can build great relationships with people who are reliable, emotionally secure and family oriented. Even if there are recommendations they should avoid relating with certain placements, if their partner pays attention to their needs and is willing to compromise, they are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of building a family.