Aries Moon Compatibility (Check with All Other Signs!)

Aries Moon Compatibility

Aries moon is most compatible with fire signs, which are Leo and Sagittarius. This moon sign is compatible with the Mars ruled sign of Scorpio. With Leo, the Aries moon person feels alive, joyful and loves the vitality of their solar partner.

Around Sagittarius, Aries broadens their perspective andenjoys the spontaneity of the relationship.Given that Mars rules both moons, Aries and Scorpio moon relationships are driven by intensity. When they disagree, the tension rises to a dangerous level, but they are mostly united by a great sense of love for life.

It is least compatible with Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo. Pisces and Cancer are too emotional for the impulsive Aries, whereas Virgo can easily get on the nerves of the ram moon sign.

Note that the below are stereotypes only – people often don’t fit the perfect stereotype of their moon sign, so talk to an astrologer for a more accurate reading of your chart compatibility. Furthermore, everyone is a unique individual who could match with anyone with enough love and commitment.

Aries Moon Personality Traits

Idealistic, fiery, and vivacious traits characterize those born with the moon in Aries. This is the energy of emotional independence. These people are eager, and impetuous, easy to fall in love with, short-tempered, and forgiving.

They exude a sense of vigour, commitment, and passion. They demand a lot of stimulation, vitality, and independence from the people in their lives, as well as offering a lot of it. They are quick to respond, forgiving, and have a sensitive ego.

They appreciate having the freedom to be who they are, and if others try to constrain them, they will likely feel confined.In their personal relationships, they are loyal, and passionate and put a lot of emphasis on their sexual life.

Aries moon people hate being perceived as weak and are uncomfortable with sentimental displays. They are natural warriors and can confront reality no matter what life brings up to them. They are competitive, achievement oriented and very ambitious.They are strong people, assertive and very strong willed.

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Most Compatible

Aries moon is most compatible with fire signs, which are Leo and Sagittarius. This moon sign gets along well with Scorpio moon.

Moons in Aries is very competitive and able to motivate the passionate Leo moon into sports activities. The Leo moon feels challenged and enjoys the stimulation and excitement the Aries native brings.

Aries Moons and Sagittarius Moons enjoy socializing. They can be very supportive and uplifting to each other because each of them is able to intuitively sense how the other is feeling.

With Scorpio, Aries moon canbet his life for the sake of the thrill. Both seek an intense relationship, either a romantic one or a friendship based on common interests towards extreme activities.

Least Compatible

Aries moon nativesare least compatible with Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo. The Aries moon person is fast-moving, active, and competitive. Pisces is a profoundly emotional sign and needs tranquillity, rest, and emotional connection for which Aries moons are unavailable.

With Cancer moon,Aries does not go well because they want change, unpredictability, and freshness. On the other hand, the Cancer moon person is emotional and yearns for security, which is monotonous and gooey to the Aries moon person.

The Virgo moon person needs practicality and a sense of predictability. For an Aries moon native, this is a personality devoid of spontaneity. Virgo considers Aries as being unreliable, impulsive, and lacking the necessary attention for the practical aspects of life.

Aries Moon Compatibility Reading (With Every Moon Sign)

Note that these astrology compatibility readings aren’t perfectly accurate – even if your moon and sun signs don’t match, other elements on your chart may counterbalance this. Similarly, not everyone perfectly matches their zodiac traits, so relationships of all kinds can work out with hard work and commitment!

  • Aries Moon:Tension, competition and passion are the key words of this relationship. On one hand, because they are very similar, they get along well, and both respects the other’s independency. On the other hand, this relationship has a tendency towards selfishness, where each partner happens to forget the other’s needs. If communication goes well, because they are both loyal, they can be a good match.
  • Taurus Moon:This relationship is not the easiest. The Taurus moon person craves security, whereas the Aries moon person is impatient and free-spirited. The Taurus person does not get along well with the occasional furry of an Aries moon person. Even if they might have common interests, this relationship is not the best from an astrological point of view.
  • Gemini Moon:The wittiness of the Gemini moon loves the spontaneity of Aries moon person. The courageous Aries moon enjoys the charismatic and mischievous attitude of the Gemini moon. This is a relationship which promises to last, especially if the two natives are friends.
  • Cancer Moon:This is not the best love recipe. The Cancer moon person is emotional and craves security, whereas Aries needs a lot of change, spontaneity, and freshness. The Aries moon person might find the Cancer person boring and mushy. This relationship might possibly work, but only if the two natives have other positive astrological aspects.
  • Leo Moon:There is great compatibility between these two natives.Both desire and are willing to offer attention and affection. Sometimes, they might conceal their urges become bitter if their partner receives more attention than they do, but, even if tension appears, both partners are ready to resolve them. This is a great pair whose needs are based on passion and loyalty.
  • Virgo Moon:The Virgo moon person might find the Aries person as too childish and selfish. The Aries moon person perceives Virgo as to predictive, practical, and lacking spontaneity. Even if both have a lot to learn from each other, these people are not the most compatible ones.
  • Libra Moon:Opposites attract, and this is also the case when it comes to Aries moon and Libra moon. The Aries moon person feels having enough space to be themselves around the airy Libra moon person. The diplomatic Libra moon appreciates the assertiveness of the Aries moon person. Even if friction might come along, this relationship has a lot of chemistry and promises to work out.
  • Scorpio Moon:This relationship might have a good chance to work out. Both these moons are ruled by the planet Mars, so both Aries moon and Scorpio moon are guided by intensity in their relationship. However, when things get conflicting between them, the level of tension goes to the roof, and they can even become aggressive with one another.
  • Sagittarius Moon:This relationship sparks fire and in a good way. Both Aries moon and Sagittarius moon are spontaneous and adventurous. When arguing, things might get pretty tense between them, but there is a lot of love and attraction between these two moon signs,and they can feel bonded for a long period of time.
  • Capricorn Moon:This partnership is challenging. Aries tends to be a little egocentric, whereas Capricorn often feels cut off from their desires. Both are competitive and diligent, but an Aries moon is less patient than a Capricorn moon. While the Capricorn moon is careful, controlled, and frequently constrained, the Aries moon person communicates its feelings and desires in a frank and spontaneous manner.
  • Aquarius Moon:The inventiveness of Aquarius appeals to Aries. The Aries moon’s pioneering spirit is adored by Aquarius. They are both very passionate about innovation. Both share a common vision and are committed to making a difference in the world.  
  • Pisces Moon:This relationship is not recommended. Pisces is highly empathetic and emotional, whereas the Aries moon person is well known for its self-centeredness. The Aries person might find the Pisces person whinny and boring, whereas the Pisces person might feel the Aries moon person too selfish.

Compatibility with Sun Signs

Aries moons are most compatible with Suns in the signs of Leo and Sagittarius. This placement alsogets along nicely with the Scorpio Sun.Fire signs are enthusiastic, spontaneous, alive, and get involved passionately in whatever they put their minds on. This is exactly the attitude an Aries moon seeks in their personal relationships.

Their spark for life is lit up by the Mars ruled Scorpio Sun, as well. This pair can rule the world if they put their mind on it. The power of will is their individual signature and together they are even more powerful.

Aries moons are least compatible with Cancer and Pisces Sun, but also with Virgo Suns. This happens because Aries moon people seek vitality and high levels of energy which usually Pisces and Cancer lack. With Virgo, Aries feels annoyed, entangled, and pressured.


Those with the moon in Aries radiate vigour, dedication, and passion. These people are enthusiastic, short-tempered, forgiving, and simple to fall in love with. They value the freedom to be who they are, and if someone tries to limit that, they could become angry. Because their levels of energy are high, they match best with other fire signs, but also with another Mars ruled sign, which happens to be Scorpio. For these people, life is too short to nag about small stuff such as Virgo does or, on the contrary, start crying when things go rough. They are innate leaders and are able to confront whatever life brings them up.