Capricorn Moon Compatibility (Check with All Other Signs!)

Capricorn Moon Compatibility

Capricorn moon is most compatible with Virgo and Taurus. This native matches well with the watery opposite sign of Cancer. Capricorn seeks reliability and practicality, which are inherent characteristics of earth signs. With Cancer, the detached nature of the Capricorn moon is balanced by the emotional nature of the crab.

It is least compatible with Gemini, but also with Leo and Aries. Around Gemini, Capricorn moons feel old, disappointed by their superficial nature, and sometimes even insulted by their jokes.

With fire signs, the relationship is difficult because of their impulsivity which is something the Capricorn moon deeply dislikes.Aries and Leo lose their patience fast around the still personality of the goat.

Note that the below are stereotypes only – people often don’t fit the perfect stereotype of their moon sign, so talk to an astrologer for a more accurate reading of your chart compatibility.

Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

One of the most important qualities of Capricorn moons is stability. They are very trustworthy and reliable people who always keep their word. Because they are so capable and well-organized, people with a Capricorn moon are excellent leaders.

Capricorn moons don’t often feel satisfied with themselves, but when a Capricorn moon appears to be content, it’s because they truly are.

They are success-oriented people who usually become overachievers in their professional fields. They dedicate most of their time towards their professional goals which usually are very ambitious. For this reason, they are often prone to exhaustion and even burnouts.

From an emotional point of view, there are not usually open or affectionate. If a Capricorn sees emotional difficulties or outbursts in other people, they become emotionally detached. They usually have difficulties in trusting other people. However, if there is perfect trust, a Capricorn does open out to those who are closest to them.

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Most Compatible

Capricorn moons match best with earth moons, meaning Virgo and Taurus. They also make great pairs with the water sign of Cancer. Earth signs are grounded and practical, and they complement the Capricorn moon’s practical and stable nature quite well.

Because Pisces moons are emotionally receptive and passionate, Capricorn moons get along particularly well with the watery components of this sign. Pisces manages to bring some sweetness into the serious lives of the Capricorn moons. With Cancer, Capricorn suits best because both crave stability and are family oriented. They can create e very secure home environment together and both know they can count on each other when things get difficult.

Least Compatible

Capricorn moons have very difficult relationships with air signs, but mostly with Gemini. They also don’t match well with Leo and Aries.

Gemini people are mischievous, in love with change, spontaneous and witty. On the other hand, for a Capricorn moon, Gemini moons seems scattered, unreliable, and superficial. For a Gemini, Capricorn seems too serious and crabby.

With Leo and Aries, things often become too much for a Capricornian moon. Fire signs are impulsive, in contrast to the stoicism which characterizes the Capricorn moon natives.

For Leo and Aries, Capricorn moon people seem cold, boring, and too predictable.Even though Aries is a competitive sign, it lacks the patience of the Capricorn and might give up on projects which are important for the workaholic Capricorn moon.

Capricorn Moon Compatibility Reading (With Every Moon Sign)

Note that these astrology compatibility readings aren’t perfectly accurate – even if your moon and sun signs don’t match, other elements on your chart may counterbalance this. Similarly, not everyone perfectly matches their zodiac traits, so relationships of all kinds can work out with hard work and commitment!

  • Aries Moon:The Aries moon person expresses its emotions and desires in a direct and spontaneous manner, whereas the Capricorn moon is cautious, controlled, and frequently rather restrained. Aries tends to be somewhat egotistical, whereas Capricorn frequently feels detached of their wishes. Both are competitive and hardworking, but an Aries moon, unlike a Capricorn moon, loses their patience easily.This relationship is a rather difficult one without other supporting astrological aspects.
  • Taurus Moon:This is a harmonious relationship. Taurus is seeking the security and reliability of the Capricorn moon, whereas the later appreciated the steady nature of the Taurus moon person. Both are pragmatic, sensual and have a keen eye for quality and predictability. This can be a great relationship.
  • Gemini Moon:This combination does not go well. For the structured personality of a Capricorn moon, thechildish attitude of a Gemini moon can become annoying of even disrespectful. The Gemini moon shall find the Capricorn moon person too serious and even boring. Without other harmonious aspects, this relationship is not recommended.
  • Cancer Moon:The Cancer moon is in the opposite sign of the Capricorn moon. Sometimes the Capricorn moon person might consider the Cancer moon as being too moody and sensitive, whereas the Capricorn moon might appear cold and distant to the emotional Cancer moon. Even so, both moon signs are family oriented and, if there might be friction between them, couples with these moon signs can build a wonderful family together.
  • Leo Moon:This combination can be very difficult to sustain. The Leo moon person seems childish for the old soul Capricorn moon person. Leo moon needs a lot of attention which, usually, the Capricorn moon person is willing to provide towards professional long-term goals.
  • Virgo Moon:This is a great combination for a long-term relationship. Both moon signs are practical, hard-working, and oriented towards professional success. They are usually very mature people which appreciate the grounded earthy nature of the other. These two moon signs have a lot of chances to have a successful relationship.
  • Libra Moon:Libra needs other people, especially a very close, committed friend with whom to share life. Capricorn tends to be emotionally reserved and isn’t quite sensitive to the requirements of a Libra moon. Capricorn is more emotionally independent than Libra.Usually, things are not smooth sailing in this partnership.
  • Scorpio Moon:Both moon signs are loyal and seek a long-lasting relationship, based on loyalty. Even if they both have these needs in common, the Capricorn moon is more grounded and aloof than a Scorpion moon person, which might make the later feel undesired. However, with good communication, because both are feminine signs, this relationship might work well.
  • Sagittarius Moon:The strong amounts of energy that characterize the Sagittarius moon person may feel unsettling to the Capricorn moon’s seriousness. Although Capricorns are very responsible and diligent, they tend to take life too seriously and put work or obligation before enjoyment. Sagittarius, though, is primarily an optimist with an innate faith in life. The relationship between these two is usually difficult.
  • Capricorn Moon:This relationship has a high level of maturity and promises to be long lasting. They are both emotionally detached but, at the same time, very reliable and both pay attention to the other’s needs. Their relationship is based on mutual respect, reliability, and a success-oriented attitude.
  • Aquarius Moon:Both moon signs are emotionally detached, as they are both governed by the planet Saturn. However, the Aquarius moon person seeks freedom and often challenges authority, whereas the Capricorn moon respects and seeks to become an authority.Capricorn and Aquarius can have an easy relationship if they keep themselves emotionally distant from each other.
  • Pisces Moon:Pisces Moon and Capricorn Moon work well together. Capricorn Moon is eager to lead the relationship and Pisces Moon is willing to release control. Capricorn will help Pisces learn to be more responsible, while Pisces will help Capricorn open.

Compatibility with Sun Signs

Capricorn moons are most compatible with earth signs Suns, meaningVirgo and Taurus, but also the sensitives Pisces and Cancer Suns.

The feminine energy of Pisces softness the vitality of the masculine energy of the Sun. The closed-off Capricorn moon feels at home around the emotional security provided by a water sun. With Cancer, the Capricorn moon feels safe to open and learns the emotional benefits of being vulnerable around your dear ones.

A Capricornian moon frequently finds things to be too much when Leo and Aries are involved. In contrast to the stoicism exhibited by Capricorn moon natives, fire signs are impetuous. Capricorn moon people appear chilly, monotonous, and overly predictable to Leo and Aries.

Capricorn moons are least compatible with Gemini, Aries, and Leo Suns. Capricorn strikes a Gemini Sun as being too grumpy and workaholic. Gemini moons seem disorganized, and superficial for a Capricorn moon.The fierce temperaments of Aries and Leo Sun signs do not match either with the phlegmatic Capricorn moon.


Capricorn moon people always maintain their promise and are incredibly trustworthy and reliable. People with a Capricorn moon are wonderful leaders since they are so intelligent, well-organized, and hard-working. They seek similar personalities because they crave a predictable and stable environment. For this reason, they get along best with other earth signs, which they can count on most, especially when it comes to professional endeavours. They are typically not affectionate in an emotional sense. However, when they match with Cancer or Pisces, they become more available in sharing their feelings. They avoid personalities which are flamboyant or childish, which are usually found under the signs of Leo, Aries, and Gemini.