Water & Earth Sign Compatibility: Love and Relationships

The Water and Earth signs form a highly compatible couple. Earth is able to provide the security Water ultimately desires. Earth feels supported by Water’s presence alone. Their temperaments naturally balance one another and they both prefer to express their affection in non-verbal ways.

These are the signs:

  • Water:Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs of the zodiac. They are known for their emotional, intuitive, and creative personalities.
  • Earth:Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn comprise the Earth element. Hard-working, pragmatic, and constant, they seek security and stability in all that they do. 

Water cultivates the planet Earth, plants, and animals and gives them the ability to produce fruit.

Earth and water work well because of their shared values. Water craves security and devotion, and the patient Earth who works harder than anyone else can provide just that. In return, water nourishes the dedication the Earth showers them with.

Water and Earth are a great match. The Water element is an in-depth thinker and Earth signs are more grounded, so their difference in temperament can create a dynamic relationship.

Growth–like a tree growing above the canopy and expanding its root system deep within the soil bed– is at the center of the Water-Earth partnership. 

Water & Earth Sign Compatibility

Water Signs Traits in Love

Water is an emotional chameleon, switching moods and personalities at the drop of a hat. Water signs are the deep ones that are protective and nurturing of the people they love. They are happiest when they are doing any kind of activity that makes use of their creativity and imagination.

These individuals are willing to go to unusual lengths to help their partners and friends, and they can often be psychic. They are cautious, sensitive, empathetic, and wield a powerful intuition that draws people in. They can be very private people who guard their hearts carefully.

Water signs use their intuition to navigate life, so they need a partner who understands this character. If their partner won’t feel them out on a situation and work with them to overcome challenges, they’re likely to get frustrated.

Water signs also seek depth and meaning, so they may seem overly intense as a result—which can be confusing for other signs who prefer direct ways of communicating.

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Earth Signs Traits in Love

Earth is known for its practical and humble nature. This, coupled with their mutual love of family and home, means Earth signs have a natural affinity for romance (especially Venus-ruled Taurus).

As they tend to be quite reserved, Earth signs don’t settle for anything less than a stable relationship, which is why they usually prefer committed relationships as opposed to casual flings.

Earth signs want to invest themselves in their relationships and be dependable partners. They can often be found working on major projects or renovating their homes.

Earth signs are the Mr. and Mrs. Fix-Its of the zodiac. They live to build things up, making everything work as smoothly as possible and staying level-headed in the face of chaos. These folks are grounded and real-life pragmatists who take action when it’s called for.

Because of their grounded nature, earth signs like things ordered and predictable. The easiest way to make an Earth feel safe is to work within a system they know well, even in personal affairs.

Not only are Earth signs loyal, reliable, and dependable, but they also love to dig into their feelings. As a result, their relationships tend to be established and long-lasting.

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Are Water and Earth Signs Compatible as Lovers?

Being both feminine in duality, Water and Earth signs complement each other well.Water is sentimental while Earth is practical. Water is escapist and Earth a realist. Water enjoys the slow but steady rhythm of its relationship with Earth.

The Water-Earth pair is a homely couple. Earth is able to provide the security Water ultimately desires. Earth feels supported by Water’s presence alone. Their temperaments naturally balance one another and they both prefer to express their affection in non-verbal ways.

Water wants to heal the world, almost to the point of self-sacrifice. But they find that when they invest in the Earth sign, their efforts do not go to waste. The Earth lover is able to turn water’s creativity and intuitive talents into tangible results. Water finds that Earth is worthy of their heart and vice versa.

Water can expect their Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn partner to be consistent, hard-working, and willing to sacrifice for a cause or those they love. ​​

Water needs people around them that can help them feel secure, while Earth signs work hard to provide for a cozy and convenient life. They are both nice, tolerant, respectful, and attentive towards one another, so no one should be surprised why their friends call them the perfect pair.

Ideally, Water and Earth partnerships should bring out the best in one another. This is the committed couple that has been together for years, has pets and shared properties together, and is showing no signs of stopping.

The downside to this pairing is that it is possible to cultivate one another’s negative energies. As they are both yin signs, they are prone to resorting to isolation and holding grudges more than the other elements.

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Famous Earth-Water couples include:

  • Priyanka Chopra (Virgo) & Nick Jonas (Cancer)
  • Blake Lively (Virgo) & Ryan Reynolds (Scorpio)
  • Orlando Bloom (Capricorn) & Katy Perry (Scorpio)
  • Dax Shepard (Capricorn) & Kristen Bell (Cancer)
  • Pierre (Taurus) & Marie Curie (Scorpio)
  • Kate Middleton (Capricorn) & Prince William (Cancer)
  • Penelope Cruz (Taurus) & Javier Bardem (Pisces)
  • Lily Tomlin (Virgo) & Jane Wagner (Pisces)

Are Water and Earth Signs Compatible as Friends?

Earth has enough emotional intelligence and patience to understand Water’s feelings.

Water and Earth friends do not need to speak to one another to know what’s going on. These are the friends who seemingly know exactly what the other is thinking or feeling at any given moment.

If Fire and Air are the perfect dance partners, Water and Earth are the musicians that perfectly harmonize in the background.

Water finds that they are able to help and support their Earth friend without feeling burned out or taken advantage of. Earth shows its appreciation through practical means such as doing something nice for someone (and sometimes giving gifts).

Earth and Water as opposite elements, complement one another the best. Water signs are very romantic, self-aware, and reflective.

They love to help others, give advice and fix their problems. Earth element signs are practical, often focusing on the more material things like creating a comfortable home life.

Water is a calm and peaceful element that brings peace of mind to Earth’s busy thoughts, while Earth protects Water from aggressive forces around them.

These are the friends that stand the test of time. Even if they do not see each other for a long time, the Water-Earth duo has developed a strong emotional bond that allows them to pick up just where they left off.

Famous Earth-Water friendships include:

  • Cameron Diaz (Virgo) & Drew Barrymore (Pisces)
  • Jada Pinkett Smith (Virgo) & Queen Latifah (Pisces)
  • George Clooney (Taurus) & Julia Roberts (Scorpio)
  • Nina Dobrev (Capricorn) & Julianne Hough (Cancer)


Water and Earth are the two feminine, yin, and negatively charged elements in astrology. This means that their signs are low-key, introspective, and introverted. Water and Earth signs also work well with one another, often being trines or opposites in the zodiac wheel.

Water and earth are a balanced match. The beauty of the Water-Earth connection is in their easy mutual concessions.

It is no secret that Water signs are unpredictable, but Earth doesn’t mind their emotional complexities. In fact, both partners find that their patience goes a long way. It can be said that only the diligent Earth is rewarded with the profundity of Water.

The healing powers of Water nourish the Earth and promote growth. The Water and Earth partnership operates on a mutual give-and-take.

Water is caring and selfless, but they would rarely feel resentment with the Earth sign, as the latter is equally devoted in their own manner.

Earth signs in relationships are the ones that create the most grounded bonds, in part because they appreciate the value of stability and emotional security. The water feels safe with Earth and more than with any other element. These two simply feel like they simply ‘get’ each other. When it comes to compatibility, one should study the entire birth chart. Your sun sign or dominant elements alone cannot determine your overall dynamic with another person. It is best to run your synastry and composite chart with your partner or friend to have a specific idea of the pros and cons of your relationship.