Air & Water Sign Compatibility: Love and Relationships

When put together, there can be wonderful harmony in the Air-Water relationship. However, because of their differences, they will also initially compete with each other.

Water needs security in a relationship and Air finds it difficult to provide that.

This doesn’t mean that these two don’t work well together though. It’s just not always easy for them because it requires compromise from both sides in order for either Air or Water to change their ways of thinking.

Air & Water Sign Compatibility

Air Signs Traits in Love

Polarity: Masculine, positive

Beauty, peace, and freedom are the qualities that air signs bring to relationships.

Trying to pin down an Air sign is like trying to wrangle a cloud into a shape: it just doesn’t work. They are always moving, floating around in many places at once, and always seeking out something new.

This can make them very hard to keep up with in a relationship — they might float off on you, disappear for months at a time, or simply just ghost you entirely. They need a partner who can keep up with their ideas, communicate openly, and have an affinity for adventure.

Air signs in relationships are original, spontaneous, and mentally expansive. Their approach to love is well-thought-out and rational, focusing on mental connections and humor.

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Water Signs Traits in Love

Polarity: Feminine, negative

Water signs in relationships have a tendency to attract needy people, who can soak up every ounce of energy from them until the water sign is completely drained and needs downtime to replenish.

Signs belonging to this triplicity are great at bringing others up from their low points but need to learn how to set boundaries when others try to manipulate them or take advantage of their kindhearted nature.

Water signs are compassionate people who avoid confrontation and seek to protect their loved ones from danger. They don’t like to speak up because they fear hurting someone else’s feelings or possibly overstepping their roles.

Some water signs have a tendency to bottle up their feelings and hold a grudge when angered, particularly Scorpio and Cancer.

Water is very emotional, and that can make them prone to mood swings. With a partner, they may become sensitive whenever their feelings come into question.

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Are Air and Water Signs Compatible as Lovers?

What happens when you mix the most emotionally unavailable sign with the most sensitive one?

Air and Water are intrigued by one another because they are so different.

The Air sign looks for someone with whom they can exchange playful banter and communicate ideas. They are light-hearted and prefer relationships that are fun and adventurous.

Water is willing to listen and tends to its partner’s needs. So Water doesn’t mind Air’s chatty and curious nature. Unlike Air, however, Water’s strength is in its depth.

Many astrologers do not recommend this pairing, mainly due to their innate differences. Air and water signs operate from essentially, completely different places. Air signs are all about analysis, facts, and logic. Water signs focus on feelings, intuition, spirituality, and instinct.

This makes it difficult for these two to come together harmoniously.

Ironically, Air can be as stubborn as Earth, Water’s opposite element, itself. They make decisions based on facts and may not understand why Water’s emotional needs have to be accommodated.

For instance, when making decisions, Air prefers to base them on logic while Water relies on their excellent intuition to guide them through things. Unlike Earth, however, Air is much less patient in the emotional aspect and prefers to live life on the fly.

Air signs are witty and able to strike up a conversation with anyone at any time, which water could inevitably interpret as flirting. Air may find water too dramatic for their liking, while Water could find that Air is far too detached.

Air loves to go out and explore, while Water is more comfortable in the familiarity of home. The Air lover could similarly feel as if their free spirit is dampened by Water’s cold temperature.

Water and Air signs need patience, understanding, and compromise when dealing with each other. The good news is that Air is attracted to the mystery of Water, so this can be a good match as long as they both understand that it takes work to keep things going strong.

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Famous Air-Water couples include:

  • John Krasinski (Libra) & Emily Blunt (Pisces)
  • Michael J. Fox (Gemini) & Tracy Pollan (Cancer)
  • Wallis Simpson (Gemini) & Edward VIII (Cancer)
  • Ol Parker (Gemini) & Thandie Newton (Scorpio).

Are Air and Water Signs Compatible as Friends?

When we think about water, its fluidity, and the emotions that it allows itself to have seemed like an odd match for the more energetic and lively properties of the Air.

In a group, Air gravitates towards the bright stars: usually the bold Fire signs or the ambitious Earth signs. Water signs are normally reserved and prefer to stay in the background.

At their worst, Air and Water can create a storm and disturb the ocean, indiscriminately ruining whatever is in its path.

The trick to the Air-Water friendship is finding a common interest or value. They are more similar than you think. Both are compassionate: Aquarius for society’s struggles and Pisces for the pains of the world.

Air and Water are both gentle: Cancer is the nurturer in a group while Libra strives for social harmony. Both seek to know: Gemini gathers data and information while Scorpio researches and analyzes. Libra and Pisces are two of the most art-loving signs.

At best, Air and Water learn plenty from one another. Air is struck by Water’s compassion and slowly learns to love and develop their emotions. Water learns from Air the beauty of verbal communication.

Air and Water combined create rain—an all-encompassing force of nature that sustains all living things.

When they are able to work on their differences, the Air-Water pairing could become one that is both fun and profound. The Air could help Water discover different hobbies and explore new activities. Water could make Air more comfortable developing their emotional capacity and focusing on specific passions attuned to their talents.

This friendship can work well, so long as the Air sign is open to the depth that comes with their friend and the Water learns when to tone it down for Air.

Famous Air-Water friendships include:

  • Kerry Washington (Aquarius) & Eva Longoria (Pisces)
  • Kate Winslet (Libra) & Leonardo DiCaprio (Scorpio).


The Air-Water duo, to put it bluntly, can be a challenge. There are just enough differences and similarities for them to not be drawn to one another, often preferring other triplicities.

Air is all about communication and ideas, while Water is all about listening and nurturing. Their priorities are simply mismatched, which creates friction in the partnership.

Water continues to read between the lines and Air does not understand why the facts are never enough for their partner. Air thinks Water has no grasp of reality and typically does not have an interest in comforting their lover.

Despite all this, Air and Water are both attentive to the feelings of the people around them, which could give them enough time to find a shared interest or principle. The key to this relationship is to strike the balance between logic and intuition. When it comes to compatibility, one should study the entire birth chart. Your sun sign or dominant elements alone cannot determine your overall dynamic with another person. It is best to run your synastry and composite chart with your partner or friend to have a specific idea of the pros and cons of your relationship.