Symbolism of Luna Moths (10 Spirit Animal & Dream Meanings)

This article discusses Luna Moth Symbolism, including the following symbols:

  • Mystery
  • Transformation
  • Beauty
  • Determination
  • Rebirth

With their green wings and mystical eyespots on their wings, luna moths create a mystic aura around them.

They still belong in the moth family of animals, even though they are nothing like the moths we see in our homes every day. They’re much larger, so they belong to the giant silk moth group.

They’re an interesting species to observe as they go through a special type of transformation. This transformation can be highly symbolic of your own metamorphosis, too. They spend almost their entire lives changing, just as we do as human beings.

Luna moths are also said to bring luck because they’re so special and a rare sight. If you see one, you can consider yourself lucky, because they’re a relatively rare spot nowadays. And their eyes on the wings create an aura of mysticism as they make us feel like they’re watching us.

As spiritual animals, the main luna moth symbolism is connected to determination. Just like other moths, luna moths are also determined to reach the light when they find themselves in your home.

Symbolism of Luna Moths

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The Meanings of Luna Moths

Here are the most common things luna moths symbolize.

1. Mystery

Luna moths are mysterious animals. They only appear once in a while, and it’s a rarity to see them. With their mysterious eyes on their wings, they create this aura of mystery as it feels as if they’re watching us wherever they might fly.

And because we don’t see them that often, they’re even more mysterious.

2. Transformation

Moths, in general, are symbols of transformation, but this is even more apparent with luna moths. They undergo a special kind of transformation that starts quite early, but it never really stops throughout their whole lives.

And just like luna moths, we also transform and change during our lives as well. While moths normally only change in their appearance, we tend to change more in terms of our personality when we get older.

3. Beauty

There’s no denying that luna moths are incredibly beautiful. To some people, moths are creatures that don’t necessarily scream attraction when they first think about them.

However, luna moths are slightly different from the usual moths we have in our homes. With their pale green large wings and with eyes depicted on their wings, they’re a sight to behold, that’s for certain.

4. Determination

Just like all other types of moths, luna moths are highly determined creatures. They want to reach the light they’re flying towards no matter what gets in their way. And that’s not always good for them, because they normally don’t end up well if we choose to kill them.

This is the main feature of moths as spirit animals – which we’ll discuss later on. This behavior to always seek light is a good way to live life and be positive about our path towards the light, too.

5. Rebirth

Moths are born, they transform, they die, and then they are reborn again. Their lives are short, which is a good reminder to all of us to make the most out of our lives before we go away.

6. Luck

It’s thought that if you come across a luna moth, you’re in for some good luck in the near future. Perhaps that’s true, but it’s also partly the reason why luna moths are considered to be symbols of luck.

And maybe it is true. Perhaps it’s the rarity that makes them an omen of good luck. You might think that luna moths are rare, but they’re actually not. It’s because they’re good hiders that they seem to be endangered. Just like luck hides from us, sometimes.

7. Secrecy

Luna moths are secret animals. We don’t see them unless we wander outside at night, but they are very rare in our homes. That’s why they’re considered to be secret animals.

Another factor that contributes to this symbolism is the fact that they can’t speak or make sounds like some other animals do.

Luna Moths as Spirit Animals

Luna moths make for good spirit animals. Here’s what they can represent as spirit animals.

8. Determination

One of the more common meanings of luna moths as spirit animals is that of determination. They’re determined creatures, looking to overcome anything that gets in their way in order to reach the light. They’re prepared to get vulnerable in order to achieve their goal, even though they are somewhat frail and susceptible to get caught by predators along the way.

They teach us to do the same as spirit animals. This determination to reach whatever we want in life is mostly good, but it can be harmful if we do it with too much naivety. Having this determination in our lives can help us reach our goals in life, no matter how hard it gets or what obstacles we have to overcome along the way.

9. Transformation

Luna moths go through a transformation throughout their whole lives. From the first moment they find themselves on Earth, they’ll start developing and after a few months, they’ll reach their full size. But this transformation never stops, and their lives are pretty short, too.

We as human beings also go through transformations for most of our lives. When we’re young, we strive to become grown-ups. But when we get older, we start to appreciate life as it is and respect that transformation and change is constant.

Luna moths teach us to never be afraid to change and do exactly what we want to do. Everyone changes, no matter where they live or how they live. It’s all about making the most out of that transformation.

10. Vulnerability

When we want to achieve something in our life, we need to be prepared to get vulnerable along the way. This is closely connected to determination because if we’re determined to achieve something, we’re prepared to go all the way and be vulnerable (see also: symbolism of innocence and youth symbolism).

It’s the same with luna moths. They want to reach the light no matter what comes along the way. And even if they’re vulnerable as they travel, they still want to reach their goal. This type of behavior can serve you well in life, provided that you’re prepared to take risks and become vulnerable along the way.

What Do Luna Moths Represent in Dreams?

If you’ve encountered a luna moth in your dreams, here’s what it could mean to you.

  • Seeing or coming across a luna moth in your dreams might mean that you’re about to have some good luck in your life. They’re rare and they are meant to bring luck to us, so you can expect something good to happen in the next few weeks or days.
  • Releasing a luna moth means getting rid of your past and starting anew. It indicates you’re ready to let go of past traumas and your history and start over again with a more positive mindset. After all, luna moths are symbols of determination, so it takes some determination to get started again.
  • If a luna moth lands on your or near you, it’s warning you about the potential future dangers. This is good to know because it’s telling you something you don’t know yet. Be careful when you do certain things in your life and observe how this could bring some meaning to your current life situation.

Final Thoughts – Symbolism of Luna Moths

Luna moths are beautiful but also mysterious creatures. They represent determination and transformation that they undergo in their lifetime. They change constantly, and so do we as we go through our lives. Another common luna moth symbolism is luck.

It’s because of these qualities that luna moths are quite common spirit animals. They force us to overcome challenges and do hard things in life that seem challenging.

To find out more about moths and what they represent, see our full piece on moth symbolism.