Red Sky Meaning & Symbolism (Sunset vs Sunrise)

The color red has one of the most diverse sets of symbolic meanings across the visible spectrum. The red sky can symbolize vitality, new beginnings, power, creation, passion, freedom, anger, warning, and more.

Most people who walk a spiritual path eventually realize that the universe communicates with us in a language that is quite different than what we are used to. Therefore, it’s important to understand the hidden meanings behind everyday things and what they symbolize.

Take the red sky, for instance. You might have seen a red sky during sunrise or sunset. Truly, it is a sight to behold that fills you with many thoughts and emotions.

But the red sky has special spiritual significance. In spirituality, it is well known that the color red, and a red sky in particular, can have numerous important symbolic meanings. Below, we take a look at some of these.

Red Sky Meaning & Symbolism


What Does Red Sky Symbolize?

A red sky can symbolize any of the following things:

1) Overnight Tragedy (Sunrise)

For generations, people have looked to a red sunrise as a sign that something bad happened overnight.

This is even in the bible, in the book of Matthew, where Jesus says a red sunrise is a sign of trouble.

Soldiers, for example, would wake to a red sunrise after a big battle, where they saw the red sunrise as a message from god that the night was full of bloodshed and terrors.

Many of us also interpret the red sunrise as a foreboding sign that trouble will be coming in the day. It may be a sign that today you will have a very difficult day and you need to be prepared for it.

2) Intense Feelings of Passion (Sunset)

Red can also represent intense passion. It could be a passion for your work, your partner, children, a hobby, an ideology, or anything else.

It’s no wonder that love has forever been linked to love, lust, and desires.

There is a reason why sunsets and sunrises are often considered romantic. It’s the red sky that initiates this feeling and makes a person feel warm and fuzzy.

3) Infinite Vitality

The color red is a source of vitality, strength, and drive. In the sky, it highlights the infinite nature of these characteristics inside of you.

Similarly, the basic chakra in the human body is associated with the color red. And as you may know, this chakra governs our survival instincts.

Therefore, it’s only natural that a red sky would represent infinite vitality. It is infinite because the sky has no literal end.

So, when you’re experiencing a beautiful red sky, you might want to be thankful for all the strength, power, and drive that you have been blessed with.

4) A Higher Power Feeling Angry

Since ancient times, human beings have looked at the sky for guidance. Even today, when you feel like you need help from the divine, you tend to look upwards.

In a way, the sky has become synonymous with god or a higher power. This is why the colors that the sky showcases have often been associated with the mood of the divine.

Historically, in many cultures of the world, a red sky usually meant that the higher power is feeling angry.

As a result, people felt fearful and anxious. Of course, this is because the color red symbolizes intense emotions and feelings. And anger happens to be quite an intense emotion.

5) A Divine Warning

The color red is also often associated with danger.

This is why a lot of warning signs on the road and other places are red in color. Even the traffic lights make use of red as a signal for the vehicles to stop.

So, throughout the ages, people have interpreted a red sky as a divine warning. This warning could be on an individual level or for an entire group (like a village or town).

Again, the close relation to blood means that red is also often connected with injury or accidents. It is also closely linked to fire (as it has red hues), which can signal the destruction of life and property.

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The Meaning of a Red Sky in Christianity

There is a popular proverb in the Bible about the red sky. In fact, in the book of Matthew, Jesus tells a group of fishermen,

“When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red’ and in the morning, ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.”

This proverb has been used for centuries as a means of weather forecasting, especially by sailors. Although it doesn’t predict the weather 100%, there is actually some science to back it up. So, it’s interesting to learn that symbolism is commonly derived from reality.

Red Sunset Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of a red sunset comes from the above quote from the bible.

The idea is that a red sunset will lead to a calm night. Both sailors and shepherds have seen this as a sign throughout history that they can rest easy knowing nothing will happen to them, their boats, or their sheep.

This has also given rise to the saying: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”

Red Sunrise Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of a red sunrise also comes from the bible. The symbolism of a red sunrise is usually that there is or has been trouble brewing.

Thus, we have the saying: “red sky in morning, sailors take warning.”

Soldiers would sometimes wake to a red sunrise after a tough battle. They believed it to be a sign that it was a terrible night with a lot of bloodshed.

Many people who look at a red sunrise today will also forecast that they will have a hard day ahead. It may be that the weather will be bad, or, if they dreamed of the red sunrise, that they have a personal struggle coming up in their lives.

Red Sky Dream Meanings

A red sky has many symbolic meanings even if you see it in your dreams. In fact, it can be said that its appearance in your dreams makes it more meaningful.

After all, the universe or your guardian angels often send encoded messages in the form of a dream.

Therefore, the symbolic meaning will depend on the context of your life, and what message you need to see in your present moment.

Dreaming of a Red SunsetA red sunset dream can mean that love and passion are about to enter your life. The red signifies this passion, while the sky shows that this may be an endorsement from the divine who exists above us.
Dreaming of a Red SunriseA red sunrise dream is often a sign that something tragic happened overnight. The red dawn is often known to be a sign of overnight death or tragedy.

This meaning is very subjective. It’s always a good idea to reflect on a range of potential meanings. I like to journal about them and keep an open mind to those meanings or even the idea that the red sky was not a sign of anything at all.

Red Sky Symbolism – Table Summary

#Red Sky SymbolismMeaning
1.Overnight TragedySomething terrible has happened overnight.
2.Intense PassionEspecially at sunset, the red sky is a sign of passionate romantic love.
3.Infinite VitalityThe color red is a source of vitality, strength, and drive. In the sky, it highlights the infinite nature of these characteristics inside of you.
4.God is AngryGod is expressing his frustration and anger at the world.
5.Divine WarningAs red it the color of danger, the red sky may be a warning from God that some thing bad is happening.



Different colors have different symbolic meanings associated with them. They naturally invoke certain feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Also, the sky has always had a spiritual significance for us, humans. So, it’s logical that the color of the sky has been linked to human life and its various aspects.

When it comes to the red sky, there can be a whole host of symbolic meanings. After all, it finds its relevance in many different areas of life. A red sky often represents intense feelings, divine warning, freedom, vitality, divine anger, new beginnings, destruction, fertility, femininity, and much more.