Sky Symbolism (11 Top Meanings)

The sky symbolizes:

  • Freedom – Taking flight can be your escape.
  • Emotions – A cloudy sky reflects your mood.
  • Endlessness – The sky seems endless.
  • Godlike Power – We often call god the ‘man in the sky’.
  • Immortality – When we die, our souls escape this world through the sky.

In this article, I’ll explain each symbol and where it comes from. Each could be used to interpret dreams, insert symbolism into writing, or even critique a movie’s messages!

Sky Symbolism

> This article is from our series on weather symbolism

Sky Symbolism

What are the main things the sky represents?

1. Freedom

To roam the sky and explore it means freedom. It’s an endless journey that allows you to go anywhere and find your freedom. And because it’s this endless entity, it can give you what you need when you want more freedom in your life.

It symbolizes your desire to explore the world and find freedom in your life. There are no barriers there to stop you, only an open sky full of mysteries, just waiting to be explored.

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2. Emotions

It’s often said that the sky can reflect our emotions. This sky symbolism can be found commonly in literature, where the sky is seen as a synonym for the poet’s emotions. Normally, the blue and clear sky represent joy and happiness, while a cloudy sky represents depression and sadness.

But there might be even more to this phenomenon than just symbolism. It’s been scientifically proven that the sky can control our emotions, our working ability, and our concentration.

A clear sky is also often connected with relaxation, especially if it’s lit with stars. This symbolism is quite common in literature. For example, in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, where he describes how lovely it is to “live on a raft. We had the sky up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, and discuss about whether they was made or only just happened.”

3. Endlessness (Universe)

Who knows how far the sky extends? This mystery has been bugging humans from the very start of our evolution. And up to this day, we still haven’t found out the full scope of the universe.

We tie the sky closely together with the symbolism of the universe, which means that one of the main meanings of the sky is also endlessness or rather, infinity. Have you ever found yourself wondering where the sky ends and how far it extends?

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4. Godlike Power

There’s something divine about the sky as if it’s controlled by gods. Often, the sky was seen as a means of how the gods communicated with the people on Earth. That was especially common in some cultures and early religions where people believed that the sky was a sign of how God was feeling.

The discovery and evolution of weather changed that perspective slightly, although many still believe that the sky is there to tell us something – something that the Gods is feeling. For example, when there’s thunder and rain, it might mean that the Gods are angry and are doing this on purpose.

The sky is an uncontrollable force of nature which is why we see it as a symbol of God.

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5. Immortality

There’s an interesting belief among many people that as we die, our souls leave us and elevate into the sky, or rather, into the heavens. So our souls survive and move on, while our bodies remain on Earth.

This means that there’s an immortal element to sky symbolism, too. And that’s also partly because we believe that God rests above the skies, and we also believe that God is immortal so we connect the sky to immortality.

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Dreams About the Sky (6 Meanings)

Have you recently dreamt about the sky and you’re wondering what it meant? It may have some significant meanings that you might not be aware of!

  1. Dreaming about the clear, blue sky can be a sign of peace and prosperity in your life. It’s indicating to you that you’re happy and that you’re maybe about to hit a lucky period in your life.
  2. Dreaming about a cloudy and dark sky, on the other hand, may mean that you’re about to enter a tough period in your life.
  3. Dreaming about a sky full of shining stars may represent your inner strength and your confidence to achieve the things you want to achieve. It may also represent that you’re about to have some luck in your life.
  4. To fly in the sky represents your powerful personality and an independent character that cannot be stopped. You seek more freedom in your current situation and you will not be stopped in order to get it. It might be related to your personal surroundings, your love life, or your business life.
  5. Looking at the sky through your window in your dreams means that you have some dreams that you want to fulfill, but you’re feeling stopped by a barrier that’s between you and those dreams.
  6. Seeing birds in the sky means that you want to be free as a bird.

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Sky Symbolism in Different Cultures

In Hinduism, the sky is closely connected to space. The sky is something that’s beyond our reach, and it cannot be grasped by us. Instead, it has a prominent effect on our minds and it controls the way we live and behave on Earth. In many ways, it’s very close to Brahman. The sky is also closely tied to the meanings of creation and infinity in the Vedas.

For the Sumerians, the sky is synonymous with God. They believed that the sky was always a sign from God and it was telling them how to live, how to behave, and how the Gods perceived their actions, which inspired their way of living. They were also one of the first cultures to recognize the symbolism in the sky.

In fact, that meaning is similar to almost all of the Ancient cultures. It was the same with Egyptians, who were the first culture to have a written word for the sky (). This particular symbol is often translated as Heaven.

Romans and Greeks connected the sky to their Gods of Sky (Jupiter and Uranus respectively). They also had their own symbols for the sky: the Greek symbol for the sky was also the symbol for Uranus The Romans had their own symbol for Jupiter, too.

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Final Thoughts

Sky symbolism is powerful and ancient. It’s been around for thousands of years, and people always connected it to divinity and the meaning of infinity. For most cultures, it acted as a bridge between God and the people, where the sky told them how the Gods felt about their actions.

The sky is full of powerful meanings that command our lives. It can set the tone for how we feel during our day, and how we feel about ourselves. It may represent your inner desires and deep wishes for what you want from your life, so it can act as your spiritual guide.

One of the main meanings of the sky is freedom. The sky is an endless entity waiting to be explored, so it can inspire your imagination of what might lie in it. It’s also closely tied to your emotions.

When the sky is clear, you might be feeling positive and inspired. But when it’s raining, you might feel blue.

Dreaming about the sky can also have some significant meaning to you and your life, so we’ll explore that later on. We’ll also go deeper into the sky symbolism in different cultures, especially Hindu and some ancient ones.

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