Red Evil Eye Meaning: Courage and Energy

The red evil eye offers the wearer courage in the face of adversity. It improves energy levels and enthusiasm for the tasks before you. It also alleviates fear and anxieties of life around you. 

According to most, the red eye also protects against bad omens in general.

Red Evil Eye Meaning

What Does the Red Evil Eye Mean?

The red evil eye means you have protection from certain aspects of a curse. The curse, in this case, is predominately fear or something sudden and problematic in your life.

While the red evil eye doesn’t serve as a protective mechanism, it does provide you with the courage to overcome these fears. 

With more enthusiasm and energy, you are better equipped to deal with the fallout of such a curse. You also have protection from the fear and anxieties you would normally have when faced with so many problems at once. 

In a lot of ways, red evil eyes seem preordained to coexist with another evil eye.

For instance, wearing the red evil eye and a faded blue evil eye would give you the courage and enthusiasm needed to tackle the task at hand, with the general protections that light blue evil eyes have to offer. 

Since the red evil eye offers no protection, it makes sense to combine it with something else that does. 

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What does it Mean if the Red Evil Eye Breaks?

If the red evil eye breaks, that usually means that something attacking from the outside simply overwhelmed it and the red eye was doing its job to the point of breaking.

It can also mean other things if you were the one to break it through your own neglect. 

If you took it off your arm and tossed it across the room for instance, and it broke against the wall. That would indicate that some bad luck is coming your way very soon. You should prepare yourself for that eventuality if it’s your fault the red evil eye was broken. 

If it’s no fault of your own, the odds are good that the evil eye bracelet simply did its job and now it’s time for you to obtain another one. 

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What is an Evil Eye Curse?

An evil eye curse is something that is directed at you and no one else. It’s the result of someone giving you an evil-eyed glare. According to the ancient Greeks, such a stare was in itself a curse. 

The level of malevolence, hatred, and rage implicit in such a glare is the same as a transfer of that hatred towards you. According to Plutarch, an evil eye glare is enough to curse another human being and the red evil eye serves as a protective mechanism against such hatred. 

The curse of the evil eye is said to have originated from the oldest parts of Greek religions, however, it probably went beyond even that. It’s not as if the Greeks were the first to ever experience an evil-eyed stare before. The spiritual aspect of the evil-eyed curse extended well beyond the Greek empire, thanks to Alexander the Great. 

It also extended well into the time of the Romans and beyond even that. It always maintained a spiritual aspect and it still does today. 

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Why do People Wear Evil Eyes?

People wear evil eyes because they extend a layer of protection and power to the wearer. They are the defense mechanisms for the individuals who either believe they are the target of a malevolent, evil glare, or could be. 

Not only that, but evil eyes also grant the wearer certain powers. In the case of the red evil eye, it improves the confidence of the wearer and alleviates their fears and anxieties about the world or the tasks in front of them. 

Imagine the stresses of marriage and perhaps something going on at work that would normally cause you to seriously stress out. The red evil eye is supposed to convey a sense of confidence and heightened morale. 

It’s like a boost of enthusiasm and energy matched with an equal lowering of anxieties and fears. 

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How to Properly Wear a Red Evil Eye

It’s often stated that you emotions stem from your body’s left side. That’s the side to focus on when you put your red evil eye on.

That way it’s more in tune with the spiritual aspect of that side. It’s also said that our hearts are the most vulnerable, both physically and spiritually. 

It’s always a good idea to wear a long enough necklace that the red evil eye is as close to your heart as possible, to improve its power in congruence with your own. 

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The red evil eye provides you with courage in the face of adversity. It also alleviates your fears and anxieties, helping to lift you up from your own, inner turmoil. The red evil eye also lends more enthusiasm and energy when facing your daily tasks.