Light Blue Evil Eye Meaning: Peace and Perspective

The light blue evil eye symbolizes broadened perspective on the world, solitude from trials and tribulations, and peace. 

While the light blue evil eye has several meanings, it also offers general protection from people who wish you harm. People wear them as tattoos, jewelry, and household decorations to protect themselves from harm.

Light Blue Evil Eye Meaning

What Does the Light Blue Evil Eye Mean?

The light blue evil eye symbolizes:

  • A broadened perspective on the world: Many travelers or inquisitive people choose light blue for their evil eye protection.
  • Solitude from trials and tribulations: It is said to help protect you from challenges that might be coming your way.
  • Peace: It is an emblem that fends off curses that cause conflict in your life.

Where most people may see a crosswalk and a number of cars passing by, the wearer of a light blue eye may see the danger coming from around the corner. It also protects, in a sense, from the stresses of daily life.

We all face trials and tribulations, each and every day of our lives. The light blue eye provides the wearer with a sense of peace and the understanding to handle one thing at a time without losing their cool. 

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What Does it Mean if the Light Blue Evil Eye Breaks?

This typically means that whatever outside force is assaulting you has exceeded what your evil eye protection can handle at one time.

If it breaks, it is no longer protecting you from that outside force but has exhausted itself in doing so. 

Your consolation is that it did its job but it also means you are vulnerable now to future assaults on your well-being. 

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What is an Evil Eye Curse?

An evil eye curse owes its origins to Greek culture. In those days, a hateful glare was considered both malicious and spiritualin its connotations.

The most modern and well-understood word we have for it is “curse.” The evil eye curse conveys bad luck to the recipient of the glare. One of the originators of the idea behind the evil eye curse was Plutarch, a writer in ancient Greece and a philosopher.

Of course, the concept wasn’t restrained just to Greek culture but was spread out across the world, as most spiritual beliefs are, especially from a conquering nation. But it also spread in a variety of other ways, becoming integral in many societies today.

Greece was one such nation, especially when Alexander the Great stepped onto the scene, conquering most of the known world and spreading Greek philosophy and beliefs along the way. 

Since there is a balance in everything, from the ancient world to the modern, the evil eye curse also leads to the belief that there must be a cure or a protective mechanism of some form or another. 

Why do People Wear Evil Eyes?

The light blue evil eye is predominately worn as jewelry.People wear it to protect themselves from the curse of the evil eye glare.

There are many colors in which evil eye charms or jewelry is sold. Each color has a different meaning. 

Each color also has different levels of protection.

General protection would be equal to general harm from a curse but not a curse that has extraordinary effects. For protection like that, you would need to wear a different color eye, other than light blue. 

In some ways, the light blue eyes, along with all of the other colors, provide the wearer with powers as well, rather than just defensive abilities against certain things. 

The Correct Way to Wear a Light Blue Evil Eye

With all jewelry and decorations that contain the light blue evil eye, you should consider wearing it on the left side of your body.

You can’t really do that with a necklace but you can with earrings and bracelets. 

It is said that the left side of the body is the emotional side of the body, which is why you should wear the evil eye on that side, for better protection. If you wear it on your chest, the necklace should be long enough that the evil eye is as close to your heart as possible. 

Your heart is just as important as the left side of your body, in terms of your emotional side. According to most, your left side is the side that is most vulnerable to the curse of the evil eye. Wearing it on the left bolsters your protection. 


The light blue evil eye provides the wearer with general protection against outside forces, along with an enhanced perspective on the world and a sense of peace and solitude from the daily struggles of life and the struggles that may have been created by a curse. 

Keep it with you, wear it on your left side (if possible), and replace it as soon as possible if it ever breaks.