Dark Blue Evil Eye Meaning

The dark blue evil eye signifies protection against fate and karma. The Dark blue evil eye is also said to provide the wearer with a deep sense of calmness radiating from within their being.

Dark Blue Evil Eye Meaning

What Does The Dark Blue Evil Eye Mean?

Dark blue is one of the many shades of evil blue eyes. This specific color signifies protection against karma and fate.

If you feel like you’ve made a mistake in your life and are trying to avoid the consequences, this color can help you protect yourself against the karma coming your way. 

The Dark blue evil eye is also said to provide one with a deep sense of calmness radiating from within their being.

This allows you to flow smoothly with others and enjoy uninterrupted communication. It will bring about a sense of ease in your daily environment. 

It’s also a way in which to counter the chaos of agitation. Thus, if you tend to get into trouble due to your uneasy attitude from time to time, then the dark blue evil eye can help guide you in a way that keeps you away from harm.

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What Does It Mean If The Dark Blue Evil Eye Breaks?

If you’re wearing a dark blue evil eye in a bracelet form and it breaks, it’s often a sign that the bracelet or other piece of jewelry has broken as it has exceeded its limit of negative energies from the envy of others.

If this happens, it’s also seen as a sign that the dark blue evil eye has served its purpose for you and has kept you safe during a period of uncertainty. If a curse is placed upon you, then by the time the bracelet has broken, the curse also breaks. 

Most people would generally agree that if your dark blue evil eye suddenly breaks, it’s a good sign. It’s said that if the talisman breaks, the bad luck holding you back has been released. This same belief is applied even if you lose your bracelet or it falls off your wrist and breaks. 

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What Is An Evil Eye Curse?

An evil eye curse is a look or glare believed to inflict harm on someone or something. The harm may come in the form of misfortune on a minor or major scale, with some curses being powerful enough to bring disease and misfortune.

The evil eye is a specific kind of magical curse with its roots in the esoteric world. If a curse was to be put upon someone with good health and fortune, symptoms of this might include loss of appetite, hiccups, vomiting, and fear. 

If the object cursed by a spell made from an evil eye, a cow’s milk may dry up and it may become slim and die. If it is put upon a group of fruit trees, they may produce rotten fruit before withering and dying out. 

The evil eye curse is well known throughout history and is mentioned in many ancient scripts in the Greek and Roman worlds, such as the Bible. A quote from this Christian scripture reads as follows: 

“Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats.”

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Why Do People Wear Evil Eyes?

You may be under the impression that evil eyes can cause devastating curses; why would anyone wear them at all? Well, anyone who fears ill intent or bad luck coming their way may wear the evil eye for protection. 

It’s believed that the evil eye can ward off people’s unwanted curses or malicious intentions. It’s also believed that if you wear an evil eye, you will be protected against multiple curses, including intentional, unintentional, and unforeseen. 

Many people believed so strongly in the evil eyes’ power that they would wear it on themselves and place it in other locations such as their homes, baby cribs, barns, and even around their most valuable possessions. 

How To Wear The Dark Blue Evil Eye 

You can utilize the dark blue evil eye in many ways, whether you wear it as jewelry or opt for a tattoo. A few of these are listed below:

1. Bracelet

You can use the dark blue evil eye as a bracelet made of amulets or charms that will protect you against the evil eye.

The bracelet is one of the most popular kinds of evil eye jewelry due to its convenient nature. 

This specific bracelet will be made with dark blue beads representing the protection associated with this eye. 

2. Tattoo

The following way you can utilize the power of dark blue evil eye protection is through a tattoo. If you feel like you’re someone who will need lifelong protection from back luck, then a tattoo is a great option. 

This tattoo is usually small in size and often placed on the wrist area. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants to protect themselves from karma or fate without worrying about losing a physical item such as an evil eye bracelet. 

3. Decorations

If you feel like you need a little extra protection around your home or at your desk at work, then dark blue evil eye decorations, such as a painting or drawing, are a great way to help keep yourself safe from unwanted curses and bad luck. 


So, now you know exactly what the dark blue evil symbolizes; if you feel like you need protection from fate or karma, or you feel like some bad luck is coming your way, maybe it’s time to invest in a dark blue evil eye amulet or decoration.