Purple Evil Eye Meaning: Creativity and Obstacles

While the most popular color of evil eye is blue, other colors carry certain meanings and protections.

The purple evil eye is worn to boost the wearer’s creativity and remove obstacles from their life. It is also believed to help the wearer achieve balance in their life.

Purple Evil Eye Meaning

What is the Purple Evil Eye?

Originally, evil eye amulets came only in dark blue, with three concentric rings – a black pupil inside a light blue iris surrounded by white.

However, nowadays, these amulets come in a variety of colors to symbolize different meanings. Not only are they used to ward off the evil eye curse, but different colors also add extra specific protections. 

The purple evil eye is meant to boost the wearer’s imagination and creativity while simultaneously helping them achieve balance in their life and to remove obstacles that stand in their path. 

What does it Mean When a Purple Evil Eye Breaks?

If an evil eye amulet breaks, it usually means that it has successfully warded off a significant amount of negative energy from you. This is the same meaning for any color of evil eye, including purple. 

Once it’s broken, you will need to find, buy, or construct another one to renew your protection.

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What is an Evil Eye Curse? 

The Evil Eye Curse originated centuries ago in Greece and is still widely feared by many – especially those in Mediterranean countries like Italy, Turkey, and Greece. 

According to legend, the Evil Eye Curse is a curse that someone who is jealous of you can cast on you by way of a malicious glare to cause your misfortune and bad luck.

Centuries ago, common maladies that we now know as being caused by viruses and bacteria were attributed to sin and curses. In fact, several maladies were specifically attributed to the evil eye curse, such as: 

  • Insomnia
  • Loss of good looks – especially if the cursed was once known for their comeliness
  • Chronic illness
  • Great misfortune– such as the loss of one’s home, resources, or income
  • Fatigue
  • Depression 
  • Diarrhea

The first symptoms of the evil eye curse were believed to be vomiting, diarrhea, hiccups, loss of appetite, excessive yawning, and fever. 

But people weren’t the only ones who could be subject to the evil eye curse – plants, animals, and inanimate objects could be cursed as well.

For example, if a cow or goat was victim to the evil eye curse, it would cease to produce milk. If a fruiting tree were cursed, it would quickly wither and die.

A cursed house may suddenly develop a leaky roof or even burn down in a fire, and a cursed car might break down with no clear cause. 

Since the evil eye curse resulted from envy, many believed that bragging about one’s possessions, looks, or accomplishments would leave the speaker vulnerable to the evil eye curse.

Because of this, it was considered best to remain humble about your good fortune, lest someone overhear you and become jealous. 

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Why do People Wear Evil Eyes?

Due to many fearing the evil eye curse, the evil eye amulet was created to provide protection against it. This is why the evil eye charm is so popular, especially as jewelry.   

Aside from being an exotic and attractive accessory, the evil eye is considered a good luck charm – one that promises protection specifically against the evil eye curse.

Even for those who don’t necessarily believe in the evil eye curse, it is an attractive jewelry item that can reflect the wearer’s Mediterranean culture, respect for history, belief in superstition, or to simply add extra flare to an outfit. 

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How to Use a Purple Evil Eye: Tattoos, Jewelry, and Decorations

Because of its popularity, you’ve likely encountered an evil eye amulet sometime in your life – whether you’ve seen it as jewelry, as a painting, or even as an ornament hanging from a tree. 

However, there are many ways to use the evil eye – not only to ward off negative energy, but also as a style preference and to display your personal taste.

Its impact is greatly affected by where and how you choose to display the evil eye amulet. 

1. Tattoos

The biggest upside of an evil eye tattoo is thatit is said to provide constant protection against negative energy.

The best placement for the evil eye is over the wrist or chest – the straightforward placement reminds you of its presence and protection against negative energy. 

Evil eye tattoos can be small and simple or larger and more complex. Often, evil eye amulets can be incorporated inside other designs. 

2. Jewelry

Evil eye beads and amulets are extremely popular in jewelry. They range from the simple, such as pendants, rings, or in colorful bead bracelets that include evil eye beads in many colors. 

While evil eye pendants were traditionally glass, different materials have grown in popularity in recent years. 

3. Decorations

In Turkey, it isn’t unusual to see multiple evil eye amulets hanging from trees in people’s yards.

Many use evil eye amulets as ornaments in trees to protect those who live in the home. Paintings and posters can be displayed inside the home to expel negative energy. 


With a rich culture and centuries of superstition behind it, the evil eye is both an important symbol of protection and a stylish cultural artifact that is still quite relevant in our modern day.