Brown Evil Eye Meaning: Chaos, Nature and Convention

People wear the brown evil eye for protection from the elements and to bring you a morepowerfulconnection with nature. It is also said to bring order and convention to an otherwise unstable and chaotic life.

Evil eyes are worn to protect people from the evil eye curse. The brown evil eye curse does three things:

  • It brings disorder and chaos into your life.
  • It exposes you to the elements of nature.
  • It breaks conventions.

By wearing the brown evil eye,it is said you can protect yourself from these three aspects of the curse.

Brown Evil Eye Meaning

What does the Brown Evil Eye Mean?

The brown evil eye does several things for the wearer. The first and most important is the protection from the elements.

It also allows you to connect with nature. While you may not be able to control the elements, you will be connected with those elements. You can better understand the underlying subtleties of nature. 

Thirdly, it returns organization to your life. If you are the victim of a curse, one of the aspects of the curse may take the form of chaos in your life. The brown eye protects you from that level of chaos, restoring order and balance in your life. 

What does it Mean if the Brown Evil Eye Breaks?

If the brown evil eye breaks, that generally means that it protected you from a curse. The curse was intense enough, in terms of power, that it broke the brown evil eye protective mechanism.

It’s usually a good idea to get out there and get yourself another one as soon as you can. 

While the protective capacity of the brown evil eye protected you, that doesn’t mean that the curses are done coming. It’s a good idea to find a replacement for it as soon as possible. Some say that it means you will have bad luck soon, depending on if you broke it on accident by being careless. 

It also said that when it is an old bracelet, you should expect something pretty drastic to show up in your life very soon, so you should find a replacement as soon as possible.

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What is an Evil Eye Curse?

The evil eye curse is said to come from a glare from the evil and malevolent mystic forces in the universe.

It could be cast if there is someone who has a level of hate and rage aimed your way, focused through a single glare, and targeting you as the source of that rage and hatred. 

The belief in the evil eye curse goes all the way back to ancient Greece, where this semi-physical and semi-spiritual act of hatred first springs up. It was probably something considered in more ancient cultures as well. 

However, Plutarch wrote his feelings on the matter down and older writings on such a curse don’t currently exist. Rome took on some of the aspects of this belief system as well, further spreading it throughout the empire. 

Rome also took on some of the aspects of Greek religion, taking their gods and converting them into Roman gods, going so far as to use the same planetary celestial attributions as Greece, only under different names. 

Alexander the Great also had a role in expanding the belief of the evil eye curse, conquering most of the known world in his short life. 

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Why do People Wear Evil Eyes?

People wear evil eyes   because they carry protective attributes that withstand the evil eye glare and the curse that comes with it.

All of the different colors of eyes convey specific attributes of both protection and power. 

However, that’s not where it ends.

Not only do evil eyes confer protective power on the individual who wears them, but they also create a cumulative effect in the power they also bestow. 

For instance, the brown evil eye protects the wearer from the elements but also combines that attribute of protection with the power to connect with nature, along with bringing order and convention back to your life. 

It’s one thing to protect. It’s quite another to bestow power that runs in congress with that protection! 

How to Correctly wear a Brown Evil Eye

It’s often said that the emotional side of your body is on the left side and that your heart is the most vulnerable part of your spiritual body as it is your physical body. If you are wearing the brown evil eye on a bracelet, you should transfer it to your left hand (if it isn’t there already).

As a necklace, you should ensure that it’s long enough so that the brown eye is as close to your heart as possible. If worn correctly, the brown evil eye charm should direct any hatred or viciousness back to the sender, inflicting them with the very thing they wished on you. 

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The brown evil eye conveys protection against the elements, along with the added connection with nature. It also brings a sense of balance and calmness amidst the chaos of your life.

The brown evil eye comes in various charms, such as necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, anklets, and even rings. Wear it, take care of it, and replace it as soon as you can, if the charm is ever broken.