Moon in Scorpio Man (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Moon in Scorpio Man

Perhaps you have attempted to figure out and uncover the Moon in Scorpio man to no avail.

He is like a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and his secretive nature makes it worse. 

He might be your close friend or even your partner, and the fact that he doesn’t expose much about himself makes you want to understand him more. Let us then unveil the mysterious man born under the Moon in Scorpio. 

Moon in Scorpio Man Personality

The Moon in Scorpio Man has a striking personality that cannot go unnoticed. Below are his strengths and weaknesses.

Moon in Scorpio Man Strengths

1. He’s Highly intuitive

The Moon in Scorpio Man has a strong intuition that makes him special in a certain manner.

It highly facilitates his decision-making. As a result, he is a good decision maker. If he is about to be involved in a dirty deal, his instincts will warn him, and he will have a strong sense of turning away from it even when he does not understand the reason behind it.

Most times, this has saved him from walking on the wrong path and making the wrong choices.

As a Moon in Scorpio Man, you need to come to terms that your high intuition is a unique gift to you thus you should make use of it appropriately.

Most times you tend to ignore that shrill voice in your mind that sends you a warning only for you to regret it later. If you can utilize your intuition, you will make better decisions and avoid walking into the covered traps. Embrace your intuition because the universe awaits!

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2. He’s Trustworthy

Even if he is chastised with scorpions, the man born under the Moon in Scorpio will protect your secrets.

If you open up to him in private and he assures you confidentiality, then have no worries because he will surely stick to his words. He is very loyal and once he chooses you, just know that he will not betray you.

If you were involved in a bad deal and he is caught, he is the type of person to face the consequences alone. 

With his trustworthy nature, he certainly attracts many friends in his life.

However, as a Moon in Scorpio Man, you should understand that not everyone close to you is your friend.

Most are there for the benefits they derive from being associated with you. A large percentage will take advantage of your kind soul just to make you hurt and trigger you to lose your trust in humanity.

Listen to your intuition, and you will begin to sense the type of energy carried by the people around you. 

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Moon in Scorpio Man Weaknesses

1. He’s Dishonest 

The dishonesty in the Moon in Scorpio Man is not ordinary but goes far deep into hiding his emotions.

He will show you a smile when you ask him how he is doing, even though he is in pain. He strives to hide his feelings because he is convinced that vulnerability is not his cup of tea.

If you hurt him, he will pretend to be okay while deep down he is tearing apart. 

As a man born under the Scorpio Moon, you should learn to be honest with yourself and others. 

You are aware of the numerous times things were not working out your way but you convinced yourself that all would be well even when you knew it would take a miracle.

Most times, you give others hope, yet you know that you are on the verge of breaking and cannot tolerate whatever you are going through anymore.

It is okay to admit that you have reached your breaking point vulnerability is strength. As a result, you do not need to be dishonest by hiding your pain.

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2. He’s Very Emotional

The Man born under the Scorpio Moon tends to feel plenty of emotions which can be overwhelming to him if he is unable to manage them appropriately.

He is a lightworker on this planet. Therefore, he tends to absorb the different energies emitted by the universe.

He can shift from extreme happiness to extreme sorrow without a warning. This weakness makes the people around him tread carefully because they are not sure what to expect from him. 

As a Man in Scorpio Moon, you should learn to control your emotions and manage them as they come.

Do not feel guilty when you are overwhelmed because the universe has gifted you with the ability to absorb the energies around you.

Take time to learn and explore your inner energy through meditation and soul-searching, and you can be sure you will overcome. 

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Moon in Scorpio Man Ideal Career: Healer

The man born under the Scorpio Moon is likely to succeed in his career as a healer because of his special connection with the universe.

He has the gift of empathy which makes him absorb the energy around him like a sponge.

His presence easily rids off negative energy and converts it to positive.

As a healer, he can take away the pain of those who are suffering and convert it into joy thus bringing them immense happiness. In terms of healing, he can heal physically and spiritually thus a career in medicine, nursing, psychology, and even theology best suites him. 

However, the downside of this career is that he may invest too much in it that he leaves no energy for himself because to him it is more of his purpose than a source of livelihood.

As a Moon in Scorpio Man, you need to protect your energy and make sure your cup is full before emptying it to others. 

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Moon in Scorpio Man Compatibility with Other Signs

The Moon in Scorpio Man is most compatible to the Pisces Moon woman and least compatible with the Aries Moon Woman as depicted below;

Most Compatible: Pisces Moon Woman

The Scorpio Moon being a water sign is very compatible with the Pisces Moon which is also a water sign, and they tend to understand each other and vibe without any struggle.

Both of them tend to be very psychic with their emotions running in them thus their relationship will flow easily because they can understand what each one of them is going through even without uttering a word.

The Woman born under the Pisces Moon looks attractive to the Scorpio Moon Man due to her calm nature and her empathetic soul. The man is in a position to see a male version of himself in her thus he craves to be with her.

The challenge they are likely to face in their relationship is the tendency to hide their feelings while thinking that they are doing so to protect their partners.

They are deeply emotional, and they dislike dishonesty since it makes them feel betrayed. If they communicate their insecurities, their relationship is nothing less than perfect. 

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Least Compatible: Aries Moon Woman

Born under the Moon in Aries, this woman is indeed a force to reckon with, and the fire in her is excess for the water Scorpio Moon Man.

These two are different in terms of their behaviors and personalities. While the woman finds joy in adventure and having fun without caring about the outcomes, the Scorpio  Moon Man is very calm and worries about others more than himself.

The two might plan for a date, and the man fails to show up because he came across someone who was stuck and decided to help them out. On the other hand, the Aries Moon Woman will not understand because she loves to be the center of attention and top priority. 

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The man born under the Scorpio Moon is very reserved and always hiding in his shell. Nevertheless, he just needs the right person to lure him out and make him see the brighter side of life.