Why are Scorpios so Hated? (5 Top Reasons)

Why are Scorpios so Hated

Scorpios have well-developed intuitive and psychic abilities. Sometimes, it’s almost as if they can read your mind and understand all your emotions. But their ability to monitor your moves and grasp the situation makes them master manipulators. 

The main reasons Scorpios are so hated are:

  • Scorpios can be disrespectful
  • Scorpios are manipulative
  • Scorpios are moralistic
  • Scorpios can be cold
  • Scorpios are obsessive

In this article, we will explore what makes Scorpios so hated, who hates Scorpios the most, and which signs Scorpios are most compatible with and much more.

Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpio is a fixed sign representing stagnant water, full of mysteries and hidden secrets.

In the ancient astrological traditions, Mars is the ruler of Scorpio; however, in modern astrology, Pluto is considered the ruler of the Scorpio zodiac.

Mars’s energy makes Scorpios assertive and determined. It helps them research out the secrets and hidden things. Meanwhile, Pluto, which represents the underworld (Pluto is the Roman God of the Underworld), gives Scorpio psychic and intuitive abilities. 

5 Reasons Scorpios are so Hated

1. Scorpios come across as Disrespectful

Perhaps, it’s the uncontrolled energy of Mars which makes them so confident in themselves that they start disrespecting others. 

It’s not that they don’t feel guilty when they hurt others, but their stubbornness and deceitfulness make them shun those emotions.

Scorpios are famously sarcastic and dry with their wit. And this isn’t appreciated by many people!

Because of this reason, Scorpios have become so hated. They apologize for their mistakes, but only when there is no way out except for an apology.

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2. They’re Sneaky Spies

Scorpios are masters at spying and monitoring others. The Plutonian energy guides them in their spying missions, helping them make the right moves at the right time. 

The Scorpio zodiac is represented by scorpions, which are natural predators. They have to closely monitor and track their prey and look for the right opportunity to sting their lethal poison. 

Sometimes you may feel weird about why your Scorpio friend is staring at you or closely watching your activities. It may be because of their overprotective attitude. Even as parents, Scorpios are very protective of their children and family.

People may get freaked out that they are being watched and may become distressed and hateful of their Scorpio friend. No matter how often you tell the Scorpios to stop spying on you, the inner instincts of Scorpios are so strong that they just can’t.

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3. Scorpios are Moralistic Hypocrites

Scorpios are usually lovers of truth and justice who believe in the karmic consequences of their actions. Mars, the planet of war and aggression which governs Scorpios, is good at passing moral judgments.

Similarly, Scorpios are good at delivering sermons of morality and humanity to their friends and families. A very peculiar thing here is that the same morality doesn’t get reflected in the Scorpio’s actions.

Scorpios are always ready with their advice, no matter how morally sound your actions are. 

This becomes very annoying, sometimes to the point of others starting to hate Scorpios. A good lesson for Scorpios can be ‘to practise what they preach.’

4. Scorpios are Emotional

When it comes to emotions, Scorpios can be up and down. Sometimes, Scorpios may seem cold and emotionally unavailable, but the next minute they’re wearing their emotions on their sleeves.

The emotional highs and lows that a Scorpio zodiac experiences make it tough to establish a long-lasting relationship with them. You may find it confusing that your Scorpio friend is sometimes so welcoming and sometimes very harsh.

Things turn to hate when you are in distress and ask the help of your Scorpio friend, and your request gets a cold response. You feel cheated and develop distrust towards the Scorpio zodiacs.

5. Scorpios are Obsessive

Scorpios are very attached to their friends, family, and possessions. Even if you break up with your Scorpio friend, they will never break away from you.

For Scorpios, love is not about emotions but about physical attachment and sensual pleasures. Scorpios are seductive enough to trap you into love, like a Scorpio’s pincers. Once they get hold of you, they will not easily let you go. 

If you are in love with a Scorpio, it may happen that your love may turn into hate. As soon as the passions and the flames subside down, the relationship becomes sour with distrust and suspicion.

To get along with Scorpios, the best advice would be to make them emotionally comfortable and give them challenges to deal with to keep them busy.

Which Zodiac Signs Hate Scorpios? (Incompatibility)

The Scorpio’s Pluto and Mars energies are usually not a good match for Aquarius, Virgo, and Leo zodiacs.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, two planets that do not go well along with Pluto and Mars. The coldness of the Aquarius sign and the fixed water of Scorpio may not be a pleasant experience. Furthermore, Aquarius is about selfless service, so the self-centred views of Scorpios don’t make them a good match.

Mercury and Mars are considered enemies. Scorpios can still make a good pair with Geminis, but with Virgos, the differences are just too much.

Virgo is a graceful feminine sign representing beauty and brains. The stubbornness and manipulations of Scorpio don’t connect with Virgos.

Leo is a royal sign rule by the Sun. As Pluto is farthest from the Sun, the gap between Leo and Scorpio can become too much to handle.

Leo is about radiance, brilliance, and charisma. Scorpios are too secretive and deceptive for Leo zodiacs to build up a happy relationship. 

Which Zodiac Signs Get Along with Scorpios? (Scorpio Compatibility)

Water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) and Earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn) are usually said to be most compatible with Scorpios.

With water signs, Scorpios are emotionally very comfortable and at ease. The flexibility and fluidity of water signs are a good match for Scorpios.

Scorpios with water signs feel more loved and cared for, and their deceptive and secretive nature subsides because of the love and emotional care they get.

Earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn) represent rigidity, determination, and stability. Yes, Scorpios are stubborn, but not so much as the Taureans. Scorpios are determined, but the Capricorns know how to handle them.

With Earth signs, Scorpios get a friend who will not let them play their manipulative mind games. So, with Earth signs, Scorpios may be a little uncomfortable, but the relationship no doubt sustains.


Scorpios can be called emotionally confused. Outwardly they may try to act smart, but their inner emotional core is very fragile. Most of the hatred that Scorpios draw towards themselves is mainly due to the neglect of the emotional side of life and a lack of trust. 

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, the best advice would be to show them your devotion and dedication to the relationship.

Once you win their trust, the negative tendencies in them evaporate and love blossoms. Scorpios do have some negatives, but they will always protect you and try their best to make you happy and comfortable.