12th House Aquarius: Freedom and Altruism

12th House Aquarius

The 12 houses of the zodiac each harbor different aspects of our lives. House 2 is about our finances, and House 7 is about our relationships, but House 12 is all about our personal unconsciousness.

Generally, astrologers believe that the sign that falls in a house will govern how we manifest that part of ourselves. For example, if Aquarius falls in the 12th house, then the traits of Aquarius will govern how we express and deal with our personal unconsciousness.

Briefly, it works like this:

  • Aquarius represents freedom, individuality, and altruism.
  • The 12th House represents our personal unconsciousness.
  • Aquarius in the 12th House will mean that we relate to our personal unconsciousness with expressions of freedom, individuality, and altruism.

In practice, this may mean (as an example) that a person who is unconsciously feeling anxious about being poor may deal with that anxiety by giving money to the poor; or a person who is subconsciously desiring a new relationship may manifest this subconscious feeling through outward expressions of altruism to strangers they are attracted to.

About the Aquarius Personality

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. It is the lighter side of Saturn. Aquarius represents a person who is altruistic, individualistic, and a lover of freedom.

Aquarians are known to be idealists who love freedom and independence. They tend to be unconventional thinkers who enjoy challenging conventional wisdom.

Most of them believe in equality and justice, and they value innovation, creativity, and originality. This group is usually optimistic and eager to learn new things.

The case with an Aquarius person is that they are sparking ideas.

So, when a person is an Aquarius, they will like to behave on their own terms and will act in revolutionary ways because they know their bottom line is that they need to bring some originality into this world and make the world the place that it is supposed to be.

For example, an Aquarius person would not care at all about if the world should be all be Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative or Modern; for them, their model of the world should be where nobody needs to beg anybody for money, where nobody needs to be looted, where anybody can have whatever they want!

That’s what Aquarius is! It is a zodiac sign that works on a completely different level than the rest of the world.

An Aquarius person always looks at the world through their highly intellect mind. They want to make things easier for people and they have this tranquility like personality, this thought process that is very hard to understand.

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About the Twelfth House

The twelfth house and its natural ruling planet, Neptune, are the “keepers of the seal” surrounding this transformational evolutionary process.

The twelfth house represents the house of isolation because you’re away from the physical world. So, anything that is isolated is represented by the twelfth house; often, this is the hidden and subconscious feelings and desires that we don’t want to outwardly express to others.

In soul-centered, esoteric astrology, we also associate Pluto as ruler of Pisces and hence of the twelfth as the processes of death and transformation are intimately evolved with the gradual evolution of consciousness and the consequent soul/personality alignment.

The 12th house represents the synthesis of what has been stored from previous turns of the astrological wheel, that is, other life cycles. Thus, the twelfth is the storehouse of our secret treasures as well as the strength we have gained from accumulating such experience.

As the last house of the horoscope, it contains our oceanic reserves of power and potency from all the good we have done and all the positive services we have performed. In effect, the twelfth is the repository of our “good” karma.

The 12th house is also the house of foreign places. It anything that is away from your comfort zone.

The twelfth is the house of convents and monasteries, esoteric schools and secret lodges, but it is also the domicile of insane asylums and torture chambers. In sum, it represents the hidden and dark feelings we have inside.

The 12th house tells us what we have to overcome in this life and this alone is quite the task in itself. It may also reveal some of our greatest tools (our hidden treasures for example) with which we may accomplish such a task.

As we leave the realm of the twelfth, we come once again to the Ascendant (the 1st house). If we have managed to purify our nature and therefore externalize much more of our latent consciousness, love and light, we may then find ourselves ready to state in this lifetime, “To be One with the Universe”

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Aquarius in the 12th House: What it Means

When Aquarius is in the 12th House, we’ll often see a person dealing with their repressed and hidden feelings through altruism. You may also be seeking freedom from your struggles and anxieties, and that desire for freedom from your suppressed feelings may be carried with you throughout your life.

For example, a person who is born with Aquarius in the 12th house may have a strong pull toward donating to a cause that has personally affected them.

If they grew up in poverty and are still scarred by its effects, they may be highly altruistic toward the poor and homeless.

At the same time, this Aquarius person may be highly driven by a desire for freedom from their deepest, hidden, and even unconscious fears. They may desire to be as far from their deepest fears as possible, and allow that to drive their careers and relationships.

As the Aquarius personality isn’t afraid to cast out on their own and tackle things individualistically, don’t be surprised if you deal with your hidden aspects (fears, phobias, and weaknesses) in ways that don’t follow the norm. You may shirk therapy and rather decide that a hike in the woods is the best therapy you can get – you’re not afraid to try a different way to deal with your internal problems.

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Aquarius in the 12th House generally means that you’ll deal with your personal subconsciousness in ways that are individualistic, altruistic, or that maximize your personal freedom. When you come across phobias, weaknesses, and internal fears, you may address them by being exceptionally altruistic to others in your same situation, address your hidden fears in ways that are against the prevailing orthodoxy, or seek freedom from them in any way you can.

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