Are Aquarius Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Aquarius Liars

People with the Aquarius star sign lie in very intelligent, sneaky, and charming ways. You won’t even know they’re doing it.

Usually, an Aquarius will have good intentions behind their lies. They tend to want the best for everyone, but they’re okay with a little white lie here and there if they think it’s in the best interests of everyone.

About Aquarius Personalities

Aquarius, the icon of revolution and change, is the leader of the mind. Born between January 20 to February 19, people with this fixed air sign are intellectual, socially intelligent, and curious about their surroundings and beyond.

Aquarians dance to their own beat and excel in an open and boundless environment. They are on a mission to learn and explore the endless possibilities that can make the world a better place. They are true humanitarians. They deeply care about their community.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians are focused on finding probable solutions to problems that hinder growth and progress. They are the inventors of the zodiac.

You won’t find them bending to fit in.

Instead, Aquarius believes in originality and forging their own ways to success. And their ways do involve lying and manipulating.

Are Aquarius Liars? 

This air sign tells one intelligent lie after another to throw you off their trail. Before you know it, you will be blindsided by their charm and talking skills.

Aquarians are confident and grandiose. It becomes easier to believe every word they say without going into details. 

At some point or another, everyone has lied. Be it big or small, white or malice, any type of fabrication of facts is a lie.

However, we can sometimes forgive liars depending on their intentions and the circumstances of the situation.

This is the case with Aquarius.

They are known as the protectors of the community. Symbolized by the water bearers, Aquarians are the healers. They aren’t afraid to take a stand against something wrong. Plus, they have a knack to prove their point at a full tilt.

They need to persuade people, and for that, they require power.

One of the easiest routes to power is lying and manipulating. So, to answer your question; Yes! Aquarians are one of the smartest liars. 

Aquarians can see through people’s disguises and catch their strengths and weaknesses. Once they are aware of their audience, they compliment people to gain attention.

Overall, these water bearers are assertive and bear pure intentions. They don’t like getting into dirty business like lying. When they do, Aquarians will try to maintain their calm and posture.

They will not make a big deal about lying and will treat it as a casual chat. Aquarius might be mystic, but they prefer to keep things practical and upfront. 

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Are Aquarius Secretive?

As the last air sign, Aquarius are all about maintaining their social life, but they also require me time to decompress.

Unlike fellow air signs, Gemini and Libra, Aquarius hates small talk and gossip. They are focused on a macro level and do not care about pleasing people. They know how to work a crowd when it’s required. Until then, they tend to keep things to themselves and can seem secretive. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. The only planet that revolves around the sun anticlockwise. Aquarians are secretive because they spite going with the flow. They change their mind in a matter of minutes.

It is their habit to keep people guessing. Their way of thinking is unique.

They don’t want to share everything with others because:

·       Firstly, because everyone cannot understand their way of thinking.

·   Secondly, they don’t want people to steal their million-dollar ideas.

Another thing that adds up to their secretive front is that they don’t want others to see their emotions. They like to act like a tough nut.

They keep their walls up and hardly ever let anyone see their vulnerabilities.

To guard their emotions and to come across as strong, they ignore people, judge irrationally, and speak condescendingly. Their schemes to test people’s loyalty around them are never-ending.

Only the successful few are then able to work along with this independent and individualistic sign. For others, Aquarius are secretive, mysterious, cold, and degrading. 

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Are Aquarius Cheaters?

It takes moving a mountain for an Aquarius to establish trust in a relationship. They will not put all of their hard work in danger for a one-night stand.

Aquarius is a sign of morals, justice, and values. They value their relationships and stay loyal to them till the end of eternity. But… There are no rules that can contain this airy sign.

They act on their impulse and notions in their heads. What might look like cheating to you, will mean a casual chat to them. So, it all depends on their definition of cheating. 

If they are in a relationship, an Aquarius will rarely cheat on their partners. However, if they are not in an official relationship, then things can vary.

If you are not the “one and only” in their eyes, then it is certain then Aquarius will act according to their curious nature. They also get bored quickly. It is also the reason why Aquarius finds it hard to commit to a relationship.

It is easier for Aquarius to either be single for life or be in an open relationship that doesn’t limit their opportunities. 

Aquarius rocks the mysterious image and loves messing with small-minded people. They know a bunch of people from all walks of life. Their charisma, personality, and the way they talk, all serve a purpose in the master plan, but not all can fathom Aquarius’s reality.

People tend to think that Aquarius is messing around, whereas, in reality, there is nothing scandalous in their ways.

What are Aquarius Like in a Relationship?

Every romantic relationship in Aquarius’s life is based on pure friendship. For Aquarians even finding trust and reliability in friendship is an uphill battle.

They struggle to find the right match for an intimate relationship. To catch their attention, the other person has to be something out of the world. They are selective to the tea and take time to open up emotionally.

As a fixed air sign, Aquarians can be a challenge to unravel, but when conquered, they can commit for life. 

Aquarians are looking for a friend to spend their life with. They don’t rely on their emotions to fall for somebody. Instead, they trust the vibe, they get to explore any relationship further. They dive head-first and not heart-first.

Relationships with Aquarius are a world of their own. It’s filled with logic, experiments, independence, social life, rebellions, foresight, with contradictions everywhere.

Their unpredictability, leadership, and intelligence make Aquarius one of the best and worst partners depending on compatibility. 

These folks can keep their emotions to themselves, which makes it difficult for their partners to truly understand Aquarius’s point of view. Their trait to boss around can make their partners feel left behind and unimportant.

Likewise, an Aquarian’s intelligence and their future-focused thought process can make their partners feel as if they are living in a different time zone altogether. 

Everyone has feelings, and Aquarians are no exception. They have just gotten better at controlling their emotions and letting their brains do all the talking.

If you really want a successful relationship with them, then you will have to tone down your emotional quotient and speak a similar language to Aquarius based on logical thinking. 


Aquarius as an air sign, are smart, witty, friendly, open, and direct. They are the change-makers who believe in humanitarian values. It is a sign ahead of time. They are beyond the game and own a unique thinking pattern that surprises a majority. This sign doesn’t care about petty behaviors and small talk. They believe in shining as their true selves and focusing on the bigger picture. Loved by many, winning over an audience is Aquarius’s one of many superpowers. Their personality can be so inspiring that their fat lies sound like utter truths. 

They value relationships in their lives because emotions are one thing, this air sign struggles with. It can be rough for Aquarians to manage the relationship with utmost honesty and openness. They have a secretive and manipulative flair to them. They like keeping their thoughts to themselves for multiple reasons. As a fixed air sign, Aquarians are hell-bent on their view. They don’t like being pushed around. Aquarius genuinely appreciates independence, space, creativity, and someone who can understand their mind waves without questioning their intelligence.