Are Aries Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Aries Liars

An Aries will lie if it means furthering their own personal interests. They’re rarely interested in lying to hurt anyone else. Their lies are simply opportunistic, a little too headstrong, and often easy to uncover.

As such, you’re much more likely to catch an Aries out lying than you would, say, a cunning Scorpio (who lies a lot but in a more subtle way!).

If you catch an Aries lying, remember that it’s usually about defending their own position and not so often intended to hurt you or others. They’re more focused on themselves than you!

Aries Personality Traits

Aries is a strong, passionate, gritty, and proud sign. Aries takes the reins in the zodiac wheel. They are lively with some extra spice and a hot temper.

Their inborn characteristics make them among the type-A personalities that excel at leading and competitiveness. Born between March 21 and April 20, Aries are naturally curious and assertive. 

They have an illuminating presence that takes over the room like a wildfire. This sign doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion.

They are the happiest in their skin, expressing how they feel in the rawest form. They don’t prefer sugarcoating facts and believe in being straightforward even if the truth stings a bit.

But no human is 100% honest.

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Are Aries Liars? 

Ram as their celestial spirit animal, Aries are ambitious and audacious. They aren’t afraid to dive headfirst into the most challenging situations. Aries natives are the movers and shakers.

Their cardinal element allows them to invent and foresight opportunities. They are too focused on action and making things happen with strong standpoints.

As such, Aries are actually one of the worst liars.

Aries find it hard to keep up the storyline that follows the lie. On a normal day, Aries is occupied by a million thoughts. They are always seeking bigger prospects to shine brighter.

Lies are just a tedious add-on to their already 3-page long to-do list. 

 P.S. Aries can hardly complete the first 3 tasks. You can imagine the fortune of the rest!

Aries moves at a fast pace, and whatever helps them to get ahead is fair to them.

Sometimes, they hide their pushiness with a white, sweet lie to hurry things along.

In other cases, Aries lies to keep their social position intact. They talk a big game, and therefore they always try to keep up with it, even if it requires fabrications.

Their motto is to keep everything under a nonchalant façade.

Furthermore, they tend to miss the details that don’t matter to them while communicating with others.

What they believe is true, is what they will express. And if you know a thing or two about Aries, they are rock solid when it comes to their opinions. 

In short, lying doesn’t serve a valuable purpose to Aries. They have much better things to worry about than getting scooped in the drama if they’re caught in a lie.

Aries know how to make people follow their word with a mix of leadership and manipulation.

Still, they take precautions and avoid lying with malice. Plus, Aries get uncomfortable while lying, and they goof up when you try to question them. You can pick on the telltale signs and catch an Aries red-handed. 

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Are Aries Secretive? 

Aries are outgoing, independent, and adventurous. Their life is out in the open, and they aren’t afraid to enjoy their life to the fullest. Nevertheless, they may become secretive if they make a mistake and need to hide it!

These folks are smart and optimistic. They can read their audience at a glance. They know what to share and what to preserve.

With that being said, Arians are also impulsive, which throws a lot of their positive traits out the window. Aries jumps into situations without analyzing their consequences.

This also leads them to unwary experiences and failures. Accordingly, yes! Aries can be secretive to guard their stance or image. 

Ruled by the red planet, Mars, Aries are aggressively competitive. Their burning desire to be the number one barrels them through the thick and thins of life. While Aries will be happy to share the goods, they can be very secretive when it comes to the ugly.

They maintain the persona of “what you see is what you get”, but there are several layers to an Aries. To maintain their spotless image, Aries hides the reckless failure that can cause them to slow down on their path to success. 

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Are Aries Cheaters?

Note: you’ll need to look at an Aries’s whole natal chart, and particularly what signs and planets land in the 6th house, to really understand whether they will cheat. Below is a broad brush and not a deterministic explanation of any one Aries individual, who may be very loyal!

A sign that is fueled by adrenaline, a.k.a. Aries, is most likely to cheat. Arians are impulsive, impatient, aggressive, get bored quickly, and commitment-phobic.

Aries’s life depends on their gut feeling. They will act on what feels right at the moment. Their interests change in a jiffy. The minute they feel bored, they will jump off the wagon to explore other opportunities.

Plus, this ram is always on the hunt for greener grass. Aries are never the ones to settle on one thing, rather, they are constantly on the lookout for something even shinier. 

Even when in a relationship, their impulsive and greedy nature gets the best of them. They fall victim to their reckless behavior and act to experience the rush of “how it feels”.

They want everything, and they don’t like waiting for it. Given their personality traits, we can establish that it is more likely for Aries to fall for a one-night stand or casual dating than a committed relationship. Because Aries aren’t the relationship types.

They don’t like dealing with heavy emotions or putting all their eggs in one basket. 

In the case where Aries is in a relationship, there are chances that they will flirt or cheat the minute someone highly charismatic crosses their path. Because they don’t view it as infidelity at first. For Aries, it’s a challenge they should ace.

Later, when they come to their senses after having the taste of success, an Aries may try to hide their wrongdoings. They will have to bite their tongue to do so, but when confronted, they will come clean about it. 

What are Aries Like in a Relationship?

Aries loves the first feelings of love. The thrill they get from the chase of the new love is what excites this sign.

Arians come across as excited, strong, and passionate in a relationship. They plan dates, lead interesting conversations, and leave no room for boredom. Mars as their ruling planet bestows them with intense sexuality and chivalry. Aries can woo their partners as their energy can be inspiring.

Their partner loves being around them because everything seems lit with this adventurous and spontaneous sign. 

But the journey only goes downhill from this point for anyone who is not action-oriented or doesn’t appreciate a high-tempo Aries lifestyle. Aries craves a frictionless relationship that wouldn’t come in between them and their goals. And that is why Aries prefers rocking solo mode.

They feel that it is much more practical to be independent and go with the flow, rather than investing all their charm in a long-term relationship. 

Aries adores the chase. The initial dates are exciting for Aries since they get to learn and experience new things. When the enthusiasm wears off, Aries will begin to quickly get bored. They need that constant stimulation to stick to a relationship.

When that goes missing, Aries’s attention will wander in multiple directions to look for other outlets. Their partner has to constantly be on their toes to have this flickering sign in one place. Which is humanly impossible. You can only so do much. Nonetheless, there are a lot of partnership skills that Aries will learn with time, patience, acceptance, and experience.  


Aries are amusing to be around. They are all about living in the present and making the most of it. They are intellectual, strong-headed, and optimistic. Arians are naturally the ones to take the initiative and enjoy the power play. Their confidence is key in keeping the spotless façade up and running. TBH, if you look closely, their personality is mysterious with a capital M. 

While they are poor at lying, Aries are great with words. They have a way of delivering information without getting their cuffs dirty. They are quick to act on their nerves, which often ends up in misfortune. This competitive sign, does all it can to hide its imperfections. Arians will only come face to face with the truth when confronted. Otherwise, they will maintain their stance like the stubborn ram they are.