Taurus Moon Woman: What does it Mean?

Taurus Moon Woman

The Moon is one of the most important celestial bodies in astrology. It represents our emotions, our deepest needs and even our relationship with our mothers.

Our Moon sign represents the kind of energy we feel comfortable with and shows how we express love and how we want to receive it.

The Moon is both our mother and our inner child. Its needs and attachments are used to protect us, but are also the cause of a lot of hurt and abandonment feelings.

Our goal is to recognize this energy, this inner child, our emotional needs, and not let it sabotage our lives and relationships, but rather help us learn how to take care of ourselves while healing our deepest wounds.

Taurus Moon Woman Meaning

Taurus is an earth sign all about stability, attachment to material things and enjoying the five senses. These are the basic things you will constantly look for in life.

This is also how you will want others to show love to you and how you will express love to others, through incorporating mostly stability and pleasure in your relationships.

Spiritually speaking, women tend to be naturally more connected to their feminine energy. 

This is the energy associated with flow, creativity, sensitivity, sensuality and pleasure.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, creativity and pleasure. This clearly means that your feminine energy will be very present in your life, or at least it has the potential to. 

Connecting with artistic activities and learning to make money in order to fulfil your attachment to material things will help you balance the practical and stable energy of the earth with the flowing and creative energy of the feminine, both present in the sign of Taurus. 

5 Taurus Moon Woman Personality Traits

1. You Need Stability

Taurus Moon women need a lot of stability in order to feel emotionally safe.

It’s hard for them to get out of their comfort zone (which makes them feel protected) and this is linked to their fear of change.

Change is extremely uncomfortable for these women, and this may lead them to holding on to things for way too long, even if it’s not good for them.

After all, this is an earth sign, making the person persistent in everything they do and in relationships too. For this reason, they are very loyal and trustworthy friends and partners. 

However, their tendency to hang on to their things can make them stubborn in their opinions and beliefs.

Broadening your perspective can enrich your conversations with others. As a child these women needed stable mothers that would provide them with security, and in their adult lives they look for that same thing in their relationships.

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2. You Enjoy the 5 Senses

Art, music, nature, food, cuddles. These are the things women with their Moon in Taurus need in order to feel happy.

Connection to pleasures related to the five senses is very important for these women, making them very creative, sensual, and present.

Being grounded allows them to take things slowly and savour every pleasure of life with a lot of presence. They may isolate themselves if they are going through a tough time emotionally, but usually they are drawn to creative and sensual plans like going to a party, gardening, cooking or visiting a new place.

However, these love for pleasure can make them prone to falling into addictions, for example binge eating when feeling anxious.

These women’s mothers had to be loving and nourishing with their daughters in order to make them feel good, and they also had to accept their femininity and sensuality. This is what women with a Taurus Moon will also look for in their adult relationships.

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3. You Need Material Possessions to Feel Secure

Due to their fear of change, need for stability and love for life’s pleasures, Taurus Moon women’s biggest attachment is to material security.

Making and saving money is not only something that makes them feel safe, but also something they are great and talented at.

Wasting money goes against this energy, so if these women are being careless with it, they won’t be making their inner child feel at ease. Their need for constant abundance can make them possessive when it comes to material things, just like it happens with their relationships.

Taking action for these women may be hard because they tend to be lazy, but once they achieve or start something, they are persistent but can become really attached to working. The most important thing they have to learn is to work to gain abundance rather than because of a fear of being left with nothing or losing what they have.

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4. You’re Self-Controlled

Another trait of women with a Taurus Moon is how contained they are. They don’t like emotional overflows because it implies a lack of control and stability.

This makes them very patient, preferring to take things slowly rather than react impulsively. 

They have the capacity to feel their emotions physically and keep calm in order to maintain their dignity and composure no matter what their emotional state is. These women have serene and firm emotions, which allows them to control their temper.

However, this can sometimes lead to rigidity which is something they have to work with in order to avoid suppressing their emotions.

5. You’re Sensual

Lastly, these women are very sensual. They enjoy intimacy in relationships and pleasure is extremely important for them.

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, women with this sign in their moon tend to have a deep connection with their bodies.

This is why doing activities that involve the enjoyment, honouring and nourishment of the body is very beneficial for these women.

Dancing is a perfect activity for them because it connects them to their sensuality, femininity and flow. Anything that makes them connect with beauty is very important for them. When it comes to relationships they need to give and receive pleasure, especially sexual pleasure. 

They want to fully enjoy their own body and their partner’s body. Their confidence in their own body and beauty (which sometimes needs to be learned through working with their self-esteem) provides them with the gift of seduction and magnetism.


Taurus Moon women are the perfect example of the harmonious balance between the masculine and feminine energy. They have the capacity to enjoy life, its pleasures and go with the flow, while having the perseverance and will to create abundance through hard work.

They are lovers of sensuality and pleasure but they are stable and firm at the same time. 

Material abundance is something they specially need and work really hard to achieve. 

Learning about their attachments can help them fulfil their emotional needs and understand what they need in order to feel safe. It can also be helpful to connect with their inner child to heal inner wounds living in their subconscious that may affect their adult life and relationships.