Taurus Moon Compatibility: Male & Female (Moon & Sun)

Taurus Moon Compatibility

Your Moon sign plays a critical role in your compatibility and forms the foundation of a solid relationship. If you were born under a Taurus Moon, you probably sense that you are special, and you can notice your uniqueness amid others.

As a Taurus Moon, finding a compatible match can be a hectic process in case you do not understand your inner desires and the fire that burns in you. Understanding the Moon and Sun connections will save you plenty of time and help you to gain an understanding of how to handle other signs and which ones you are inclined to naturally get along with.

Here is a guide to your Taurus Moon Compatibility.

Which Moon Signs is a Taurus Moon Compatible With?

The Taurus Moon can be in a relationship with any Moon sign. However, there is only one Moon sign that stands out: the Scorpion Moon.

Taurus Moon Compatibility with Scorpio Moon

You have heard the law of nature that states that “Opposite forces attract”. The relationship between a Taurus Moon and a Scorpio Moon is best aligned to this law. It is magical that these two very different signs have such a great bond, and their compatibility is way beyond normal. 

Being a water sign, a Scorpio Moon tends to feel their emotions deeply as they flow hence they are very sensitive. 

When interacting with other people, Scorpio Moons quickly establishes deep relationships as long as they can trust them. In a relationship, a Scorpio Moon connects so deeply with their partner that they can share in their emotions. If their partner is in pain, a Scorpio Moon can feel their pain, and it hurts them because it takes a toll on their energy. Understanding this makes the Scorpio Moon very secretive, and they rarely reveal when they are experiencing problems since they do not like burdening their loved ones. 

While people in relationships enjoy talking to each other and opening up, it takes an emotionally awake and deep person to understand the emotional complexity of Scorpio Moons who find more joy in spending time alone as they show the world their bright smiles while they tend to hurt in silence.

A relationship involving a Taurus Moon man and a Scorpio Moon woman is quite interesting because the man will be a little bit nervous in the early stages of the relationship. 

If both parties are interested in each other, the Scorpio Moon woman should make it easy for the man by creating an environment of trust.

On the other hand, if it involves a male Scorpio Moon and a  female Taurus Moon, the male will have no problem making the first move because Scorpios are highly instinctive and they know what they want immediately after they set their eyes on it. 

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Which Moon Signs is a Taurus Moon Incompatible With?

While a Taurus Moon can be compatible with any other moon sign, many issues arise when a Taurus Moon gets into a relationship with an Aquarius Moon. Thus, they are the most incompatible Moon signs in Astrology.

People born under the Aquarius Moon are oftentimes aggressive as they fight for their space in the universe. They are addicted to freedom and are adventurous hence they easily find most moon signs boring.

When getting into a relationship, an Aquarius moon will be attracted to a partner where they can feel and establish a spark.

If you are on a first date with an Aquarius Moon, they will try to get close to you and engage you in a thought-provoking conversation so that they can identify if you are a match for them. In cases where you do not meet their standards, they will end up friend-zoning you, and in worst cases ghosting you.

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If a Taurus Moon and an Aquarius Moon get into a relationship, they are more likely to fight daily due to their different perspectives. 

While the Aquarius Moon is all about adventure, the Taurus Moon is adamant to change, and they tend to be very cautious. Due to this difference, Aquarius Moon finds them boring because to them life is all about having fun and taking risks, and they derive satisfaction in being spontaneous. 

A male Taurus Moon may appear unromantic to a female Aquarius Moon because they are shy of trying out new things to keep the spark in a relationship.

For this reason, they might feel neglected and their male ego crushed. 

On the other hand, the relationship between a female Taurus Moon and a male Aquarius Moon tends to be characterized by communication challenges because the female finds some behaviors of their partner irritating yet they avoid opening up and communicating to solve the problem. 

Creating a lasting relationship between a Taurus Moon and an Aquarius Moon requires that the partners settle their differences and come up with a mutual agreement on how to complement each other.

By doing this, they can identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Using their differences positively can establish a long-lasting relationship. 

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Which Sun Signs is a Taurus Moon Compatible With?

While the relationship between two moon signs is amazing, the relationship between a Sign and a Moon sign is magical. For a Taurus Moon, the Virgo Sun is the most compatible.

The Virgo Sun has a warm personality, and they are keen on everything they do. While most people may find them strict, the Taurus Moon finds them very attractive because they establish a balance in the relationship.

A female Virgo Sun is more likely to be submissive in a relationship because they have a deep level of respect for their partners. When a male Taurus Moon hurts a female Virgo Sun, the natural response is that the female overlooks her partner’s mistake. Their kind nature makes them very understanding, and their humility is the most admirable trait they possess. 

Based on these traits, the female Virgo Sun makes the best wife to their Taurus Moon.

On the other hand, a male Virgo Sun is more likely to make their partner feel loved and appreciated. They are the men who derive joy in treating their women in a special manner which the Taurus Moon will appreciate. 

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Which Sun Signs is a Taurus Moon Incompatible With?

The Libra Sun sign is incompatible with the Taurus Moon because they are poor in making decisions while the Taurus Moon is a key planner.

Libra Sun tends to find a balance in everything they do hence, before getting into any relationship, they weigh the options at hand to find where they can reap maximum benefits.

The Libra Sun seeks that their partner view the world from their lenses yet the Taurus Moon is an independent thinker thus, this is bound to create a rift between them.

To establish a meaningful relationship between a Libra Sun and a Taurus Moon, the Libra Sun needs to allow their partner to be themselves without seeking to control them.

On the other hand, the Taurus Moon needs to appreciate the Libra Sun and make them feel loved without making them feel inferior.


Understanding Taurus Moon compatibility is essential in helping one understand themselves, their partners, and their friends under that sign. Regardless of the Astrological classifications of the Moon and Sun signs as compatible and incompatible with the Taurus Moon, the reality is that by making compromises the Taurus Moon can create a meaningful relationship with any sign.

With sacrifice, hard work, and determination, it is bound to work because at the end of the day the success of your relationship will be determined by the depth you are determined to sink to ensure your relationship works.