5 Signs A Libra Hates You

5 Signs A Libra Hates You

The way each zodiac sign projects hate for others varies depending on their archetypal traits. Some prefer announcing they don’t like a person, while others just avoid or disappear without making a scene.

Libra, born between September 22 and October 23, identifies themselves as ambitious, confident, loving, and intellectual. Their style defines elegance, and they are blessed with a gift to spruce up a space with their presence.

These social butterflies seek harmony and love connecting with most people. On the other hand, a Libra hates you, if are not able to feel their chirpy vibe.  

Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by the planet of love, beauty, creativity, and harmony – Venus. With balance as the celestial representation, Libras are all about love, peace, and justice for everyone.

These folks are known for their remarkable people skills. They get along with almost anyone and believe in spreading love and positivity.

It is rare for a Libra to burst out in anger or confront someone in hatred. But they do internalize their feelings, and they never forget. 

5 Signs A Libra Hates You 

1. Gossipping

Libras are friends for life. It might take a while to befriend them, but their Venusian nature makes them one of the most fun and drama-free companions.

They love talking about anything and everything. Building trust, loyalty, and intellectual conversations carve a straight road to Libra’s heart.

Another thing that makes Libra unique is their observation skills. They are the watchers of the zodiac wheel. You will be amazed at the amount of information they have about everyone around them. 

But when Libra hates you, they will gossip about you.

Although Libras love to gossip anyway, they are also very loyal to the people they care about. They are great at keeping secrets and word to the wise.

If you have wronged them, or they don’t like you for some reason, then be ready to be gossiped about in every gathering. If a Libra is dropping gossip bombs about you, it definitely means they hate you. 

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2. They Won’t give you Help

If there is one sign that will go out of its way to help you on a rainy day, it is going to be Libra. They are born people-pleasers.

Libras want to make everyone happy. In exchange for likability and acceptance, a Libra will put others before themselves. They understand people and their pains like their own.

Libras will listen to your problems and will try to suggest to you the best possible option. Even though they might have a clue about their own lives, they will not let go of you, especially in critical times.

So, if a Libra doesn’t give you help, it’s a sure sign she hates you.

When you ask for help and a Libra tries to find the nearest exists, it means you have been unfriended.

Libras despise being rude, corny, or saying no for that matter. If they cannot accept to help you, then their feelings for you are done and dusted. They might make excuses like they are busy, or they have issues of their own to resolve.

Basically, when a Libra acts all entitled and cold in front of you. That’s your sign right there.

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3. They Give you the Silent Treatment

Libras are sweethearts who get instantly emotionally attached to people who show affection, respect, and care to them.

They love all, they care for all, and they like being present with a friend in need. Talk therapy is like Libra’s superpower. This air sign likes to chat with people on a variety of topics. 

Because they are great observers, they always have a lot of material to talk about.

However, they avoid conflicts. You will rarely find a Libra stirring drama and snapping at people. 

The silent treatment is an indirect route that Libras often choose to alert someone that they are mad.

They express their anger without digging dirt and staying silent. It clearly communicates, “Hey, you screwed up, and I am not interested in investing my time in you.”

If a Libra hates you, all you will get is a cold shoulder from them.  

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4. Picking sides

You can only imagine the level of hate when balance-loving Libra picks sides.

This cardinal air sign is known for equality, justice, and impartiality. Plus, they are one hell of diplomats. They wouldn’t tarnish their image of being the sweetest person by taking sides, or taking any solid stand.

Making decisions is not their strong suit. They can’t even decide what to eat, let alone pick sides with people. 

If you find a Libra standing against you, the situation is worse than it looks. 

Libras have to go against their DNA to take a stand or to make a decision that might upset some people.

They are passive-aggressive, and they hate confrontation, so they drop hints here and there to make you realize that you are not welcomed, or that they hate you.

But if they are actively declaring war and picking sides, then probably have reached their saturation point. 

5. They will Drift Away from You

A vast majority of people love Libra because they are attractive, talkative, sweet, helping, and everything awesome. This is one of the reasons why Libras have a giant group of friends with good relationships.

Libras are also fully devoted to taking care of other people. Their psyche is such that they put others before their mental or physical health. Validation and likability fuel their soul apart from the social gatherings. 

However, they are also quick to switch and replace people they lose interest in.

Libras always have their options open.

Their diplomacy helps them to reserve seats in every group.

If Libra hates you, they will simply replace you with someone else.

Again, a Libra will not talk to you directly about their feelings. All they do is act indirectly to manipulate you into believing that you did something wrong and that’s why they are drifting away. 

Which Zodiac Sign Hates Libra The Most?

Libra is a free-spirited air sign, who spends their time mingling and having fun. They are probably the least stubborn sign.

Their time is invested in holding whip-smart conversations and making everything aesthetically pleasing. Zodiac signs that are towards the serious and emotional end of the rope find Libras to be vain. 

Earth Signs (Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus) as well as water signs (Pisces and Scorpio) are the least compatible with Libra.

Earth signs cannot tolerate the indecisive and flighty nature of Libra. Similarly, water signs find Libras to have a parallel mindset, but they can’t see alike on most matters. 

Which Zodiac Signs Get Along With Libra?

With Venus as their planet, Libras have a great hand at maintaining and fostering relationships. 

Their easy-to-go nature and people-pleasing nature sit well with fellow air signs (Gemini and Aquarius) and fire signs (Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo).

Air and fire signs are socially intelligent people. Libras are the ultimate hype-person. Technically, these signs are made for each other. Libras can be great supporters and partners, especially for the signs who seek adventure and attention in life. 

The air signs speak the same language. They are witty, intellectual, and communicative. They love being around people and share several traits that make them compatible. Likewise, the law of magnetism works like a charm between fire signs and Libra.

Fire signs are attracted to Libra’s charming and diplomatic personality. They enjoy the attention they receive from Libra and are happy to maintain healthy relationships with them. 


Libras are effortless, graceful, and extremely intellectual. They always know what to say at the right time. There are hardly any instances where you will find a Libra hating another zodiac sign because they believe in harmony, love, and companionship.

In some cases, when they do end up having someone on their target list, they will not confront them. Instead, they will drop small hints or back off completely to get away from the negativity.

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