Why Are Cancers So Hated? 5 Reasons You Need To Know

Why Are Cancers So Hated

Cancer is the compassionate sign of the zodiac wheel. They are homebody, easy to love, and an empathetic sign that truly cares for their family and friends.

People born between June 21 and July 22 belong to the cancer clan.

Cancerians have all the qualities you need in a person to adore. They are nurturing, protective, considerate, good listeners, and have the ability to build strong emotional connections.

Then why are Cancer so hated?

Firstly, their astrological name doesn’t do them any favors. Although every sign has a dark side to them, people still like to boast about their zodiac sign.

Have you ever met a Cancerian who was proud to say out loud, “I am Cancer!”. No one at all likes to relate to a terrible disease.

As soon as someone hears about the Cancer sign, it sends an icky feeling all over the body. That’s the number one reason why are Cancer so hated. But the list continues… 

Reasons Cancer Is So Hated

1. They are crabby

The natives of the Cancer zodiac are represented by the crab. Another misfortune that leads to the hatred in their courtyard more often than expected.

Every aspect of a crab’s personality can be seen in Cancerians from a mile away. They are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. They can’t handle criticism well.

A single snarky remark and their day is ruined, their self-esteem gets affected, and they drown in the rabbit hole of pessimism. 

Simply put, when you are around a Cancerian, you have to walk on eggshells. The only sign ruled by the moon, Cancers, change their mood just as often as the tides in the ocean.

You never know what might irritate them. Also, these folks aren’t the ones to forgive and forget.

Although a Cancer is all sweet and kind, they tend to get back at people who crossed them. 

These crabs are also quick to retreat to their shells and serve the cold shoulder to the world till they plan revenge.

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2. Their inner circle comes first

This sign has a deep desire for people, in particular, their people. Cancerians are caring, loving, sweet, and kind, but if you do not belong to their circle, Cancer can be cruel, rude, and ignorant of you.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancerians are blessed with maternal instinct. They are protective of their family and friends before anyone else. Feelings are their roadmap; Cancer rides along with people they can vibe with. 

If you are friends with Cancer, you will be loved, cared for, and looked after. Basically, you will never feel alone.

But if a Cancer doesn’t trust you to be a part of their circle, then good luck getting any attention from them.

Your existence doesn’t matter to them. Cancer are so hated because they simply block people out of the blue. They can be cold, rude, and completely ignorant to people who aren’t in their circle. 

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3. They get moody

As a water sign, Cancer gets its power from the deep, uncharted sea of emotions. They believe in the beauty of nurturing and love.

But the waters are hardly stable.

They can be stormy, overwhelming, thunderous, dark, and cold. Ditto is true for Cancer. It is their feelings and emotions that guide them through the thick and thin of life.

Sometimes, they can be so sensitive that a slight shift in someone’s energy can send them into a tailspin. 

They overthink, over-worry, and read into situations more than required. This turns into them internalizing their feelings, building assumptions, and triggering concerns.

You wouldn’t even know what you did wrong, but a Cancer has already taken everything to heart. They willingly get so invested in other’s life and expect to receive the same comfort, safety, security, and emotional support.

Unfortunately, not everyone can reciprocate at their level.

Because of this, Cancer comes across as someone who is needy and overly sensitive and gets toppled over in the pool of hate. 

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4. They get manipulative

Cancer is known as the provider of the zodiac. They are someone who will take care of you.

The knowledge of emotions has enabled them to be the best caretakers and manipulators. They use their superpowers to adjust their mood to get what they want. As a cardinal water sign, Cancerians can be very strong-headed if they go after something. 

When it comes to their well-being, Cancerians will do just about anything to protect themselves.

They often use manipulation as a protective mechanism to keep them sane. Because they know it too, once they end up in between the waves of emotions, there is no coming back anytime soon.

Cancer uses their manipulation skills to switch up on people and move things in the direction they seem fit. While their intuition can be a great gift, their manipulation drags them down, and that is why Cancer are so hated. 

5. They say negative things to you

Cancers are prone to pessimism. Because they are aware of what’s going on around them, given their highly receptive nature, it is easier for them to pick on the negative energy.

They are always worried about the “what ifs”. You will find them contemplating the fear of rejection and disappointment.

Sometimes, they can be so pessimistic, that they even rehearse the worst-case scenarios in their heads. Cancer people tend to drain their brain power over something that even might just be non-existent. 

They also carry the wounds of the past and develop an outlook based on their feelings. An excess of emotions also makes them weak and vulnerable. They allow negative thoughts and insecurities to barge in and destroy their castle of positive thinking.

Their worrisome component makes a tough situation even tougher, and that is also why Cancer find themselves disliked by many. 

Which Zodiac Signs Hate Cancer The Most?

Cancer is a sign that exudes emotional intelligence, loyalty, and nurture. They prefer having a few BFFs rather than a big and diverse social circle.

While they are valued by many, fire and air signs aren’t a fan. Fire signs (Aries and Leo) and Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra) have the least compatibility with Cancerians.

Even so, Cancer and Aries are considered the most volatile pairing in the zodiac. 

Fire signs need social interaction and admiration. They have a head-on approach toward everything in life. They prefer practicality to emotions and are allergic to people who tend to be clingy.

Likewise, they find Cancer to be needy, hard to understand, and extremely sensitive. Similarly, Air signs love social gatherings and mingling with people from all walks of life. They are free-flowing and intellectually charged. Their energy doesn’t match with the heart-over-head Cancer clan. 

Which Zodiac Sign Gets Along With Cancer?

Cancerians get along with people who can tune in with their energy swiftly and take their love as a blessing and not as a curse.

Exactly like the crab likes being in the water and on land, fellow water buddies (Pisces and Scorpio) and earth partners (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are the most compatible with Cancer. 

Water signs are wired to take care of each other when they are together. They have similar desires and can share a meaningful bond that is based on mutual support. While the merger of two seas can be a little melodramatic, they are nothing short of being one of the happiest as well.

Similarly, water signs are what most earth signs crave. Earth signs can have a very easy-going and well-balanced relationship with Cancers. 


Cancers are lovers who believe in the happily ever after. They are known as the provider of the zodiac, as they do not hesitate in taking care of their loved ones by all means. Moon as their symbol, Cancers are intuitive, nurturing, and also moody.

They prefer staying in-house and around the people they love. However, one thing that strikes up the conversation about Cancer is its negative side.

Honestly, Cancer are so hated for almost everything they are loved for. In the end, it’s all about the perspective and your compatibility with this lovable sign.

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