10 Traits of Mars in a Cancer Man

10 Traits of Mars in a Cancer Man

The planets play a big role in astrology, and Mars represents the masculine energyin a person’s celestial profile. It stands for aggression, determination, energy, competitiveness, action, sexuality, and affects the way you express anger.

The Zodiac sign Cancer, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of Mars with its compassionate, sensitive, nurturing, and loving nature.

The Role of Planets in your Birth Chart

You may be more familiar with the Zodiac signs, which are based on the position of the sun at the time of your birth.

Your Zodiac sign, also known as the sun sign, can be used to determine yourkey characteristics, preferences, and personality. It can also indicate the general direction ofyour romantic and interpersonal relationships, as well as your possible talents and weaknesses.

But this is an incomplete picture because there are other factors that come into play when studying a person’s birth chart. One such factor is the position of the planets at the time of your birth, which have an influence on a certain aspect of your personality.

Astrologers believe that each planet has its own characteristics which can influence the behavior and personality of the Zodiac signs depending on its position. However, a planet also rules over one particular Zodiac and has the strongest influence over that sign.

Mars and Cancerin Astrology

The red-hot planet Mars, which is named after the Roman god of war, embodies the aggressive and competitive nature of its namesake.

It represents your most basic instincts, which includes desire, ambition, physical drive, courage, passion, and determination. As the masculine energy in your celestial profile, it also affects the way you handle and express your anger.

In contrast, the Zodiac sign Cancer is a natural-born caregiver. People who are born under this water sign are usually emotional, giving, and compassionate, sometimes to the extent of sacrificing themselves for the sake of others. They feel compelled care for and nurture others, but are also sensitive with a strong sense of self-preservation.

10 Mars Traits in Cancer

When the opposing characteristics of two celestial influences converge in one person, the result is a confusing mix of personality traits and behavior. This is perhaps unique to those born with the Cancer sign under the power of planet Mars. Here is a list of Mars traits that can be found in a Cancer Man:

1. Passive-Aggressive

The first sign of a personality struggle appears when the Cancer Man is faced with conflict. In these instances, the nurturing and peace-loving nature of Cancer clashes with the aggressive influence of Mars. This means that while he would instinctively bottle up his feelingsto avoid confrontation, he also keeps track of all grievances and let them accumulate inside him.

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2. Self-Protective

Cancer is symbolized by the image of a crab with its claws spread out, and this fully represents the self-protective character of the people born under this sign. The Cancer man looks tough on the outside, as he is fully covered in a sturdy shell that is further reinforced by the aggressive influence of Mars. However, this outer cover is only a camouflage to protect the soft core inside.

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3. Vulnerable

Another proof of the Cancer man’s duality is his attempts to cover up his vulnerability. He is shy and reserved, mostly because of his insecurities, but this will not be obvious unless you get to know him well. The influence of Mars may sometimes push him to take small steps towards the object of his desires, but he will quickly retreat back into his shell at the first sign of rejection.

4. Reticent

While the passion of Mars can affect the way a Cancer man processes his emotions, he still has a hard time verbalizing them. He would rather close in on himself to keep his heart safe rather than lay it bare and risk getting it trampled on. Because of this, he can sometimes be misunderstood and perceived as heartless, which worsens his conflict with other people.

5. Empathetic

The nurturing and compassionate nature of the Cancer man, coupled with the passionate character of Mars makes him exceptionally empathetic. However, this usually works against him as he tends to absorb other people’s negative feelings as his own. If left unchecked, this can lead him on a downward spiral emotionally.

6. Temperamental

The Cancer man’s repressed feelings need an outlet, and under the aggressive influence of Mars, he will suddenly flare up and release them without warning. This makes it difficult to gauge his emotional state, making the people around him wary of triggering his anger.

7. Sensitive

As an emotional water sign, the Cancer man is especially sensitive to the emotions of people around him. He is hyper-aware of the reactions, body language, as well as the emotional fluctuations of people that he interacts with. Thus, he can easily detect emotional dishonesty and strongly despises it. Under the competitive influence of Mars, he sometimes uses this ability as a weapon to cover up his real feelings.

8. Protective

The Cancer man is protective not only of himself, but also of people he holds dear. Coupled with the aggressive and passionate nature of Mars, he tends to keep a tight circle around himself that is composed of close friends and family members in order to give him a sense of security. He believes that he can protect them better in an environment that is under his control.

9. Cautious

Similar to the sideways movement of a crab, the Cancer man prefers to approach things in an indirect manner. Although the influence of Mars gives him the determination to reach for his goals, he will do it slowly and carefully, never fully committing until he is sure that it is safe to do so. He will go around in circles, and observers will not understand what he is really after until he reaches his destination.

10. Sincere

Under the guidance of Mars, the Cancer man can also exhibit passion, ambition, and determination. He iscapable of moving mountains if he has to, under the condition that this is something that he sincerely wants. The Cancer man will not fake interest in things that don’t stir his heart, and if forced, he will simply clam up.


With two opposite natures affecting his personality and behavior, it can be difficult to understand a Cancer manwho was born under the influence of planet Mars. He needs to surround himself with people who care enough to look past his hard outer shell and see the insecure, sensitive self that is hiding inside. For his part, the Cancer man also needs to work through his insecurities and open himself up to people he could trust so that he does not have to always keep his feelings bottled up.