11 Traits of Mars in a Capricorn Man

11 Traits of Mars in a Capricorn Man

The red planet Mars is known as the planet of action. It represents the part of your character that deals with primal instincts like anger, and exhibits related traits like aggression, ambition, passion, determination, courage, desire, and drive.

Capricorn, the 10thsign of the Zodiac, is a pragmatic thinker. People who are born under this earth sign are focused and disciplined, with their sights set at long term goals rather than quick rewards.

The Role of the Planets in Astrology

In astrology, the planets are attributed with their own characteristics which are believed to have an influence on the different Zodiac signs. The level of influence varies depending on the position of the planets in the solar system, with the inner planets like Venus and Mars having a more direct and personal effect, while outer planets like Jupiter and Pluto showing their influence only in each generation.

The planets are also said to rule over one specific Zodiac and will have the strongest impact on that particular sign. To know how each planet affects your own Zodiac sign, you first have to identify the exact position of the planet at the time of your birth, which can be quite difficult to pinpoint because the planets are constantly in motion. Fortunately, there are online calculators that can help you get this information.

In contrast, the Zodiac signs are more easily identifiable because they are based on the sun’s position when you were born. This is why Zodiac signs are also alternatively known as sun signs and are more often used in pop culture.

Mars and Capricorn in Astrology


As the planet that drives action and physical energy in your birth chart, Mars is responsible for the way you express your anger and desire.It fully lives up to its name, which takes inspiration from the Roman god of war. Thus, it stands for passion, aggressiveness, ambition, determination, courage, competitiveness, and sexuality.

Although Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio and Aries, it travels through all the signs of the Zodiac, spending about two months in each sign as it can only move half a degree per day while in orbit. After completing its journey, it will go into retrograde after two years.


As an earth sign, Capricorn is practical, focused, disciplined, and self-sufficient. They have high standards and rarely do anything at the spur of the moment, which can make them seem boring to people who don’t know them well. However, if you try to dig deeper, you will realize that they are profound thinkers and will make for interesting companions.

11 Mars Traits in Capricorn

Being high achievers who are not afraid of hard work in exchange for glory and success, Capricorns match well with the aggressive, passionate, and ambitious nature of Mars. Here’s a list of the Martian traits that can you see in a Capricorn man:

1. Visionary

The Capricorn man setsbig goals for his future, and he does not let himself be limited by his current circumstances. Influenced by the passionate and ambitious nature of Mars, he is confident that he can shape the kind of life that he wants for himself. But while his sights are set far ahead, he does not forget to live in the present as well.

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2. Persistent

With the ambitious and determined Martian nature affecting the Capricorn man, his tenacity improves quite significantly. He has great endurance and is willing to take a short term hit for the sake of his long-term goals.

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3. Driven

The Capricorn man is already naturally ambitious, but when influenced by the competitive and aggressive nature of Mars, his eagerness is taken up a notch higher. Furthermore, he is often successful in whatever project he chooses to get involved in, and his successes further fuel his ambitions.

4. Pragmatic

While he has big dreams of the future, the Capricorn man keeps his feet rooted to the ground and does not indulge in fancy ideas. He painstakingly analyzes his situation before implementing practical solutions to his problems. Under the competitive and strategicinfluence of Mars, he carefully plots all his moves as he moves closer to his goals.

5. Composed

Even with the passionate and aggressive nature of Mars affecting his own personality, the Capricorn man remains unfazed and self-possessed when angered. He is able to keep his cool in the face of provocation, and people around him will rarely see him openly expressing his displeasure.

6. Insecure

Perhaps as a result of his goal-oriented character, sometimes the Capricorn man forgets to maintain a social life. Thus, he often finds himself feeling awkward around people and insecure in his relationships. But under that aloof and calm exterior, he is influenced by the passionate Martian nature and is yearning to find a partner who understands him.

7. Responsible

The Capricorn man bears a lot of weight on his shoulders, and he is more than capable of carrying them to the end. With the go-getter character of Mars, he makes sure to honor all his commitments and to follow through on his promises.

8. Focused

Calm and collected even in the face of temptation or distractions, the Capricorn man has a laser-sharp focus on his goals. Under the action-driven and ambitious character of Mars, he is likely to prioritize financial growth and career advancement.

9. Workaholic

With his career as the main focus of his goals, the Capricorn man always places work at the top of his priority list, sometimes at the expense of his relationships. He may mix his personal and professional life, or might get involved with someone just to further advance his career.

10. Fearless

This is perhaps the biggest influence of Mars in a Capricorn Man. Under the brave and go-getter character of Mars, the Capricorn man becomes brave enough to face his challenges head on. He will not easily bend or admit defeat, and will exhaust all resources within his reach in order to resolve his issues.

11. Authoritative

The Capricorn man with the influence of Mars exudes authority quite naturally. He has a powerful aura, which helps him gain the trust and loyalty of the people that he leads. However, he does not let all these get into his head and is able to keep his eyes trained on the goal ahead.


While he is already naturally driven, focused, and ambitious, the influence of Mars gives him that extra push which makes him more aggressive when chasing after his dreams. With his unique vision, courageous plans, and persistent efforts, it is not surprising to see him succeed at almost anything he puts his mind to.