10 Traits of Mars in a Gemini Man

10 Traits of Mars in a Gemini Man

Mars, the red and fiery planet, stands for aggression, sexuality, energy, and action. In astrology, it represents your innermost desires, the things that will move you and make your heart beat, as well as the way you manage strong emotions like anger and vexation.

The Zodiac Gemini, on the other hand, is strongly identified as being two-faced or having a split personality. This air sign is symbolized by two pillars and is known to be adaptable, intelligent, curious, and cooperative.

The Role of Planets in your Birth Chart

Sun signs, otherwise known as the Zodiac signs, are based on the position of the sun at the day and month of your birth. They are more popularly used in pop culture to help identify a person’s character, personality, habits, as well as preferences when it comes to family and relationships.

However, they can only provide a general direction because there are other factors that must be considered in order to get a more accurate reading, such as the position of the planets at the time of your birth.

This is because each planet also has its own characteristics which can also influence the different aspects of your personality. While the planets do rule over a specific Zodiac sign, they will also come across the other signs as they move around in orbit. Thus, the planets have the ability to affect other signs up to a certain degree.

Mars and Gemini in Astrology

The planet Mars rules over the Zodiac sign Aries. With the ancient Roman god of war as its namesake, Mars completely exudes masculine energy and represents the assertive, competitive, action-driven energy in your chart.

Described by astrologers as the sexiest planet in the solar system, Mars influences your mindset and emotions particularly in the areas of passion, anger, aggression, determination, and desire.

Mars moves about half degree each day while in orbit, which means that it spends about 2 months within the range of each Zodiac signbefore going into retrograde after 26 months.

Because of this, it may be difficult to identify the planet’s exact position at the time of your birth. Fortunately, there are online calculators that can help you in this aspect. 

In contrast, Gemini is an air sign that is governed by the planet Mercury, whose strength lies in the area of communication. As such, Geminis find it easy to get along well with people and are often considered as the experts when it comes to giving advice within their social circle. The Gemini man, in particular, is usually very outgoing, persuasive, and is always on the lookout for something new and exciting.

10 Mars Traits in Gemini

When the aggressive and competitive nature of Mars gets partnered with the communication skills of Gemini, the result is an extroverted and eloquent speaker who can talk his way into achieving his goals. Here are the dominant traits that you can find in a Gemini man who was born under the influence of Mars:

1. Logicaland Assertive

With his talent in communication, theGemini man is able to carry conversations in a rational and objective manner. The effect of Mars serves to increase his assertiveness when talking to other people, as well as his determination in steering the discussion in whichever direction he wants it to go. He iswitty but not easily distracted in a conversation, and he will not change a topic unless it is hisoriginal intention.

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2. Snarky and Argumentative

Under the competitive nature of Mars, the Gemini man does not take losses lightly, even in discussions. He is driven to win at all times, capitalizing on his communication skills to cut down his enemies when necessary. Words can be used as weapons, while messages are made to punish and destroy if he is pushed far enough.

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3. Spontaneous and Adventurous

The Gemini man’s innate character already craves for adventure and new things to explore. Under the passionate and aggressive influence of Mars, this yearning is elevated to another level. He becomes easily fascinated with pioneering ideas and is eagerlyfilling his schedule with new exploits, otherwise he will quickly become bored.

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4. Enthusiastic

Mars’ passionate nature combines with the outgoing and persuasive character innate in the Gemini man, which results in a highly enthusiastic and energetic personality. He likes variety and can get along well with both men and women. This makes him very sociable, and friends can often rely on his presence to liven up any party.

5. Smart and Sharp

Being born with the air element, Geminis are already naturally smart. But when paired with the competitive, passionate, and aggressive influence of Mars, the Gemini man becomes exceptionally sharp. He is a brilliant strategist, skilled at grasping the smallest details and using them to find solutions to the problem that he is working on. He can be creative and innovative when needed, and has the uncanny ability to use any information to his advantage.

6. Hyperactive

Perhaps due to his overwhelming desire for excitement and adventureunder the influence of Mars, the Gemini man will often be engaged in multiple activities at the same time. For example, he would be having a conversation with someone while doing something else, or he would be seen working out while listening to music. Thus, he may sometimes give off the impression that he has a short attention span, andthat he is purposely ignoring what others are doing or saying.

7. Always in a Rush

A Gemini man who is influenced by Mars would give off a hurried vibe, as if he is always running out of time. This is because the aggressive and competitive nature of Mars pushes the Gemini man to accomplish as many things as he possibly can. He thrives in high paced situations and enjoys juggling different tasks at the same time.

8. Unpredictable

This is one area where the Gemini man exhibits his two-faced nature. With the passionate influence of Mars, he can be hyper-focused on juggling his myriad of projects one day, but then he canalso suddenly drop them the next day without having to finish some or all of the tasks. He is not bothered with having open-ended, unfinished projects because he finds it difficult to keep pursuing something that he has lost interest in.

9. Curious

The Gemini man does not like being tied down by tradition, nor does he enjoy repetition. His own exploratory nature, coupled with the aggressive influence of Mars, makes him want to fully experience everything that life has to offer. He likes learning new things, so he will often get himself involved in trainings and workshops. However, his short attention span often makes him unable to fully master a particular skill.

10. Adaptable

As long as he desires to do something, the Gemini man is willing to try different strategies and approaches. The Mars energy drives him to take action when he is inspired by new ideas and techniques, but he does not fall in love with one process alone. He is flexible and is quick to shift gears when it is apparent that his current strategy is not working.


The eloquent Gemini thrives under the aggressive and competitive influence of Mars. He has sharp wits, a talent for strategy, and the ability win over his enemies using the power of his communication skills. Though he is curious and enjoys learning new things, he does not have the patience to always see them through which makes it difficult for him to become an expert on a particular field.