10 Traits of Mars in a Leo Man

10 Traits of Mars in a Leo Man

The planet Mars stands for aggression, competitiveness, sexuality, ambition, and determination in astrology. It is the masculine and physical energy in your birth chart, which is why it affects the way you express anger.

Meanwhile, the Zodiac sign Leo is known to be charming, funny, welcoming, bright, intense, egotistic and magnanimous.

The Role of the Planets in your Natal Chart

When it comes to astrology, most people are already familiar with the Sun signs, which are based on the position of the sun when you were born. Also known as Zodiac signs, they are often used by astrologers to describe your core personality, characteristics, and preferences.

However, if you want a more detailed reading of your birth chart, there are other factors that must be considered. One of these is the position of the planets when you were born, which astrologers believe to have an impact on distinct parts of your personality.

Each planet is said to rule over a particular Zodiac sign where it exerts the strongest influence. But aside from this, the planets can also affect the behavior of the other signs as they move along their orbit.

Inner planets which include Mars, Mercury, and Venus move faster through the Zodiac, making them more influential on an individual level. On the other hand, the outer planetssuch asJupiter, Saturn, and Neptunetravel slower and can only exert their influence every generation.

Mars and Leo in Astrology

Mars, one of the inner planets, moves about half a degree each day while in orbit. This means that it spends about two months in each Zodiac sign before going into retrograde after 2 years. During this period, you may feel lethargic, dispassionate, and uninspired.

Named after the Roman god of war, Mars represents the masculine and physical energy in your birth chart. It stands for aggression, determination, courage, ambition, passion, and competitiveness. This fieryplanetrules over Aries, but can also affect the other signs particularly when it comes to managing anger and taking action.

Leo, the fifth sign of the Zodiac, loves being the center of attention. Because of their strong sense of self, they are sometimes seen as arrogant, controlling, and conceited. However, once you get to know them better, you will realize that they are warm, welcoming, charming, and quite fun to be around.

10 Mars Traits in Leo

When the aggressive and competitive nature of Mars merges with the fun-loving yet egocentric Leo personality, the result is an intensecharacter that can either beappealingor aggravating depending on thecircumstances.Here are the traits of Mars that you can find in a Leo man:

1. Charismatic

The Leo man is naturally full of charm, and this appeal is effective on both men and women. He exudes a warm aura that draws people in with practically no effort on his part. This magnetism is intensified under the passionate influence of Mars which makes him very attractive, particularly to the object of his desire.

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2. Dynamic

When he walks into a room, the Leo man easily draws attention to himself, sometimes even without intending to do so. His confident bearingplusthe ambitious and determined spirit brought about by Mars’ influenceall combine to give him a powerful presence that is hard to ignore.

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3. Pushy

With his overwhelming charisma, the Leo male is able to get what he wants most of the time. Thus, he has gotten used to having his way and can’t tolerate it when the reverse happens. This arrogant personality, when fused with the competitive and action-driven character of Mars, can make him seem overly pushy and obnoxious if left unchecked.

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4. Dramatic

The Leo male has a flair for the theatrics which he fully uses to his advantage. He is fun and exciting to be around when he is in a good mood, but he can also suddenly turn vicious when challenged. The aggressive nature of Mars greatly affects his temper, which sometimes results in exaggerated reactions when he is angered.

5. Egotistic

Because he is used to being in the center of attention, the Leo man has more self-love than most of the other Zodiac signs. He believes that he deserves to be worshipped,and he expects such treatment from the people around him which includes his romantic partners. If he fails to curb his narcissistic tendencies, he may find it difficult to maintain a long-term relationship.

6. Intense

Considering that he already has a passionate persona, having him placed under the fiery influence of Mars can make the Leo man overly zealous. He craves inspiration and actively looks for things that would ignite the fire in his heart. Should he fail to find one, he will lose interest in life, possibly turning lifeless and apathetic.

7. Attention-seeking

Driven by the ambitious and go-getter nature of Mars, the Leo male loves to receive compliments. He thrives in being part of the crowd and hates being left outside the circle. Because of this, he would often resort to antics which often come off as comedic because of his charming personality. However, this attention-seeking behavior can also become annoying and pitiful if overdone.

8. Influential

The warm and charismatic nature of Leo, paired with the determined and ambitious character of Mars, makes it easy for this man to take the position of a leader. He is able to inspire creativity in others as he works together with a team. Aside from this, he also has the ability to recognize talent and can stimulate others to reach their full potential.

9. Generous

Part of the Leo man’s charm comes from his giving heart that is complemented by the passionate disposition of Mars. He is magnanimous in his relationships, and this is obvious to everyone he interacts with. His generosity endears him to people, which makes it easy for them to forgive his occasional arrogance.

10. Ambitious

The influence of Mars in Leo is strongest in this aspect as it pushes the man to strive for his dreams. However, success means different things to the Leo man. It is not always about money or being at the topbecause his goal is to live a fulfilling life, which means doing only the things that he loves. Living without the freedom to pursue his dreams is possibly his worst nightmare.


As one of the fire signs, Leo is innately passionate, intense, and charming, with a hint of egoism and arrogance. When matched with the fiery planet Mars, the resulting personality may be too hot to handle for most people. However, with the right company, this Leo man will freely share his passion and generosity.