10 Traits of Mars in a Libra Man

10 Traits of Mars in a Libra Man

Aside from the Zodiac signs, the planets also play an important role in astrology because they are believed to have an effect onspecific facets of a person’s character. For example, the planet Mars has power over desire and anger.

It also represents aggression, ambition, drive, action, sexuality, passion, and competitiveness in a person’s behavior. The Zodiac sign Libra, which is represented by the scales of justice, is known to be fair, idealistic, and sometimes indecisive.

The Role of Planets in your Natal Chart

While your Zodiac sign can help you gain a better understanding of your personality, core values, interests, and preference, it is not a complete picture.

A clearer reading of your birth chart requires a look at other factors that can affect your character, such as the position of the planets at the time of your birth.

The planets are believed to hold sway over a particular part of a person’s disposition. Each planet has its own characteristics, and this determines which part of the personality it has control over. This applies to all signs of the Zodiac, though each planet is said to rule over a specific sign where it also exerts the most influence on.

Since the planets are always in motion, it can be difficult to pinpoint their exact location when you were born.They also move at different speeds and thus have different effects on your character. Inner planets like Mercury, Mars, or Venus move faster and can affect you on a more personal level, while outer planets like Jupiter or Saturn are much slower and will only show their influence in each generation.

Mars and Libra in Astrology

The masculine energy in your personality is under the control of Mars, the fiery planet named after the Roman god of war. This means that, to a certain extent, it determines the way you behave when you are angry. It can also influence your most primal instincts such as desire and sexuality.

In terms of personality, Mars represents passion, aggression, determination, competitiveness, courage, and action. As an inner planet, it is relatively slower compared to others as it moves only about half a degree in its orbit per day. Thus, it spends about 2 months in each Zodiac sign before going into retrograde after 2 years.

Libra, the seventh Zodiac sign, is ruled by the planet Venus which holds power over the areas of love, peace, and creativity. Represented by the scales of justice, Libras are true to form and always strive for balance and fairness. They don’t make rash decisions and make sure to understand all sides of a story before forming an opinion.

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10 Mars Traits in Libra

The aggressive and driven nature of Mars may seem to be the complete opposite of the soft and indecisive character of Libra. However, this does not mean that the Libra man will always be at war with himself.

In certain situations, the strong and decisive disposition of Mars can offset the Libra man’s weaknesses. Here are the traits of Mars that you can see in a Libra man:

1. Fair

If there’s one trait that would fully describe the Libra man, that would be fairness. Represented by a set of balanced scales, this sign produces people who are idealistic with a strongsense ofjustice.

Thus, the Libra man has the ability to see both sides of a situation and will not be easily swayed towards one party alone. The passionate drive of Mars further fuels this desire, giving him an almost obsessive compulsion to keep things just and fair.

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2. Articulate

Helping the Libra man in his quest for justice is his impressiveskill at wordplay. He is a master at communication and can deftly maneuver wordsto his advantage. With the competitive and aggressive nature of Mars affecting his disposition, this eloquent speaker and wordsmith becomes sharper and more ruthless when dealing with his opponents.

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3. Hyper-sensitive

The combat-ready character of Mars lends its influence over the Libra man by increasing his alertness over his surroundings. This makes him highly aware of other people’s inner thoughts and feelings, especially those directed at himself.

4. Diplomatic

Appearances are important to the Libra man who is under the direction of an ambitious Martian nature. He prefers to handle conflict in a civil manner, which he achieves through compromise and persuasion. Because he likes to avoid direct confrontation, he would look for a middle ground before presenting his arguments to others.

5. Humble

Despite his talent in communication, the Libra man remains humble because of his desire to win other people’s trust. He does not use his skills to elevate his status, preferring to remain in the background while waiting for others to make the first move.

6. Intuitive

The Libra man is naturally intuitive, and this allows him to mirror the behavior of his partners as well as his opponents. He is mindful and highly focused on the present moment, with a keen sense on the things that matter the most in a given situation.

7. Refined

With Venus as its ruling planet, it does not come as a surprise that the Libra man is the type of person who appreciates the finer things in life. He also has impeccable manners and does not like being around people who are vulgar and lack class. The aggressive nature of Mars is somewhat tamed in this aspect, as the Libra man is able to repress his anger and use tact to cover up his real feelings.

8. Indecisive

Guided by the determined and courageous nature of Mars, the Libra man takes his time before making a decision. He understands that every action has a consequence which is why he does not take these things lightly. However, this also means that he would rather leave things hanging instead of committing to a decision that he cannot undo.

9. Scheming

His innate desire for justice, paired with the passionate and determined character of Mars, can sometimes drive the Libra man to take manipulative means in order to achieve his objectives. However, he never does so with malicious intent. He is always concerned with keeping the peace as well as making sure that everyone feels noticed and respected.

10. Reasonable

The Libra man is a good negotiator, and as such, knows the value of listening to the other party’s point of view. He will not stubbornly stick to his opinions, and instead welcomes all arguments, keeping himself open to arbitration when necessary.


Libra’s quest for justice is given a strong push by the aggressive and passionate character of Mars. With his top-notch skills in communication, the Libra man is easily able to gain an advantage even when faced with opposition. However, he does not let this get into his head as he remains humble, polite, and fair at all times.