10 Traits of Mars in a Pisces Man

10 Traits of Mars in a Pisces Man

In astrology, Mars is the planet that influences that way you manage and express anger. It is the masculine energy of the Zodiac and stands for aggression, energy, ambition, sexuality, determination, and competitiveness.

In contrast, Pisces is deeply emotional and introspective. People born under this sign are known to be empathetic, compassionate, and spiritual.

The Role of the Planets in Astrology

While the role of planets in astrology is not frequently discussed in pop culture, it is still as significant as the more popular Zodiac signs which are based on the sun’s location when you were born. This is because the information that you can get from your Zodiac sign is quite limited.

Typically, your Zodiac can only give you an indication of your preferences, weaknesses, strengths, and romantic inclinations. If you want a clearer reading of your character, you need to get a full reading of your birth chart which needs to consider other astrological factors such as the position of the planets at the time of your birth.

The planets are believed to have their own characteristics which in turn determine their influence over specific aspects of an individual’s personality. Each planet is also said to rule over a particular Zodiac and has the strongest influence over that sign.

Mars and Pisces in Astrology

As the planet named after the Roman god of war, Mars represents the masculine energy in astrology. It largely determines how you would react to anger-inducing stimuli as well as the way you would manage and express your anger. It is also related to your fight or flight response when faced with threats.

In terms of characteristics, Mars is associated with action, ambition, sexuality, passion, determination, bravery, aggression, and competitiveness. It takes Mars 2 years to complete its orbit around the sun, which means that it stays for about 2 months in each Zodiac.

Pisces, the last Zodiac, is a water sign that is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This indicates the duality that Pisceans experience as they constantly blur the lines between fantasy and reality. With their deeply emotional and introspective nature, they enjoy having intimate conversations with people, but also need to spend time alone to recharge their energy.

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10 Mars Traits in Pisces

When the emotionalPisces falls under the aggressive Martian influence, he gets the support that he needs in order to fight for his ambitions instead of simply staying passive or moping about it. Here are the traits of Mars that can be found in a Pisces man:

1. Intuitive

The Piscean is highly sensitiveto his surroundings and can easily detect the emotional fluctuations of people around him. He has an intrinsic talent for picking up small details that others might miss or ignore. Under the aggressive influence of Mars, he uses this talent to protect himself from people who might have bad intentions towards himself and his loved ones.

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2. Empathetic

With the passionate nature of Mars affecting his own disposition, the Pisces man tends to feel things even more deeply. He instinctively reacts to the energy in his surroundings, sometimes to the extent of absorbing other people’s problems as his own. Thus, in order to protect his own well-being, he needs to surround himself with people who are usually happy and optimistic.

3. Emotional

While others are trying to escape or ignore their feelings, the Pisces man is genuinely in touch with his own. He is keenly aware of his emotions, experiencing them at a much deeper level and for a longer period of time compared to others. When he falls under the strong disposition of Mars, he becomes more susceptible to extreme highs and lows in his emotional journey.

4. Compassionate

As a profoundly emotional and empathetic individual, compassion comes naturally to the Piscean. When he sees people who are suffering, he feels compelled to offer his help. And with the action-driven character of Mars, this offer to help is likely more than just lip service.

5. Idealistic

Half of the time, the Pisces man’s thoughts are full of dreams and fantasies. This sometimes results in him losing touch with reality, making it hard for him to accept it when people don’t match up to the standards that he had set in his mind. Fortunately, the determined character of Mars helps him move on despite getting hurt time and time again by unmet expectations.

6. Adaptable

As a water sign, the Pisces man is very resilientand has the ability to effortlessly adjust his mood and mindset according to the circumstances.  He does not allow his difficulties to discourage or distract him from his goals, and instead keeps his eyes focused on the future. Combined with the bravery that he gets from the Martian nature, this gives him the strength to face his problems head on.

7. Moody

His intuition, empathy, and sensitivity can sometimes cause trouble for the Pisces man. If he fails to control his reactions to his surroundings, he could find himself fluctuating between emotional highs and lows which would eventually affect his mood, work productivity, and the overall quality of his life. To counter this, he should make use of the Martian determination and tenacity to protect his heart from external influences.

8. Impulsive

The Piscean’s fluidity makes it difficult to predict his next move as he tends to act depending on his mood as well as the emotional currents around him. He is also prone to making spur of the momentdecisions that don’t always end up in his favor. Fortunately, under the steady nature of Mars, he is able to keep this under control and turn things around before it’s too late.

9. Kind

Because he tends to feel pain more intensely than other people, he takes care to not inflict the same pain on others. Despite being under the aggressive influence of Mars, he manages to repress his anger, preferring to direct the pain at himself instead. However, this can become his weakness if he meets people who would take advantage of this side of him.

10. Generous

The Pisces man is a generous person, as he freely shares what he has with others and sometimes places their needs before his own. Seeing his loved ones being happy and content also makes him feel satisfied. With the passionate nature of Mars affecting his character, he can sometimes go overboard and sacrifice his own happiness and give way to other people.


The impulsive, empathetic, and deeply emotional Pisces may not be the ideal match for the warrior planet Mars, but this pairing somehow works in the Piscean’s favor. Because his own nature can sometimes be too soft and fluid, the strong and steady character of Mars helps to stabilize the Pisces Man’s personality.