Are Capricorn Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Capricorn Liars

Capricorns like to keep everything business. Their focus is always on getting things done. And if lying can help them get things done, then Capricorns wouldn’t mind lying once in a while.

Although lying is not their first option, it can come quite naturally to them if that’s what it takes to succeed.

Due to their businesslike nature, they can be overly calculative. Sometimes, they get obsessive and fall back on lying to save themselves from failure.

Fact File: Capricorn Personality Traits

Capricorns have determination and strength and are hard workers. These folks are strong believers in self-reliance.

Born between December 22 and January 20, Capricorns win through life with their focus and patience.

Supported by the elements of earth, Capricorns are grounded people who are loyal and supportive of their friends. They are not a big fan of partying.

Capricorns are also shrewd. They know everything! Capricorns are clear-eyed people who never let themselves off the hook.

If they have a goal in their minds, they will do whatever it takes to reach there. 

They prefer things to flow in a worldly-wise pattern. Life is all about comfort, luxury, and success for them, and work super hard to earn it.

This disciplined and practical sign has a zero-tolerance policy against anyone who tries to bring them down in any way.

Are Capricorns Secretive?

Capricorns might be blunt and direct, but they do not like disclosing all their secrets.

Their secretive side stems from the fear of failure and abandonment. It can be tough for Capricorns to open up and spill their secrets with every person they meet. 

This is also one of the reasons people find them so hard to read. Their poker face is hardly ever nonfunctional.

They try to show that all their focus is on their work, and they are nonchalant.

But obviously, a lot goes through that brain. They are more comfortable keeping their secrets close to their hearts.

If poked or pushed around, this goat will come after you with its big horns and swoop you off your feet. Capricorns don’t appreciate being mistreated. They want others to respect their privacy and keep their nose out of their business.  

It is also hard for Capricorns to place their trust in someone.

They already are antisocial – not much of a talker anyway. Their walls are up, and coming across as weak is not their jam.

Capricorns are stubborn in their ways. They will not bestow their trust in someone if they cannot feel secure about it. But, if they find someone and they can easily vibe with them, they will be happy to get everything off their chests.  

Are Capricorns Cheaters?

Being the practical and logical sign, Capricorns are more than okay to start an affair and also keep secrets with a straight face than many other signs.

If they put their mind to it, then the Capricorns can be great at anything. Be it lying, being secretive, or cheating. All it takes are in-depth calculations to support their action.

On the flip side, Capricorns are also skilled enough to save a relationship.

Being introverts, it requires serious efforts for Capricorns to select a partner they can live their life with. For the same reasons, Capricorns aren’t usually the ones to give up on their relationships.

Giving up will be a waste of all of their efforts. Perhaps, in cases where either they were cheated on first, mistreated, or lost interest, they can kindle side romances and cheat on their partners.

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What Are Capricorns Like In A Relationship?

Relationships with Capricorns are based on intention. While they do enjoy casual dating, they will only commit to a relationship if it has a scope of going somewhere serious.

As a cardinal sign, Capricorns are thinking about the future. They don’t want to waste their time on something that will not reap them any good.

Capricorns hold themselves to a high pedestal, and they need someone who can stand next to them. They seek like-minded souls with an inner drive to succeed. 

Even in a relationship, Capricorns tend to keep it cool and avoid social gatherings. They are the most comfortable in the deluxe nests that they built themselves. As an earth sign, Capricorns are blessed with impeccable taste in finer things in life. They can be materialistic and tend to look past emotions. Their partners may feel left out or judged for not matching their standards.

Do Capricorns Fall in Love Easily?

Capricorns are the type of people who like to follow their heads before their hearts. 

Capricorns find it hard to trust a relationship, and if they end up getting hurt one time, they can vow never to commit.

Therefore, Capricorns prefer casual relationships that do not affect their progress.

Staying content means a lot to them. A traumatizing relationship will make this cardinal sign seek happiness elsewhere.

Nonetheless, Capricorns are no exception for wanting love in their life. With the right partner, they can work on their compassion and empathy to build a long-lasting, happy relationship.


Capricorns are the fighters of the zodiac. They are up to take up the challenge and outdo everyone. It is a sign that is reliable, polished, and stoic. People from the Capricorn clan aren’t the ones to hurt others. They are just too focused on getting things done in a timely and orderly manner.

As an earth sign, Capricorns have no interest in the world of imagination. They live in reality and take up the necessary surviving skills like lying to achieve success.