Are Cancer Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Cancer Liars

Cancers tend to lie 1) to protect their loved ones, 2) to impress someone they like, or 3) to omit certain facts from the conversation. Cancers can be the biggest liars in the zodiac. However, they usually don’t mean harm.

Cancers are usually very emotionally intelligent and care about how others feel. So, they are not someone who will lie just to see the after-effects or to stir drama.

Cancers often exaggerate facts to sound more interesting. They are good at holding back the truth (which can be borderline lying!). They do this to keep the suspense building.

Are Cancers Liars?

It is fair to say that there are two sides to a lying Cancer. The first is when they lie to their loved ones.

There, Cancer is trying to protect the people they love or trying to be a good friend. 

The second is when they lie in vengeance.

Cancerians turn merciless toward those who wronged them. These crabs do not believe in “forgive and forget”. They also use lying and manipulation to spin people under their wrath.

While Cancers lie for different reasons, they are still gentle at heart. They don’t like hurting people in most cases. These emotional and sensitive zodiacs just despise being ignored or mistreated.

They use lying as a mechanism that shields them from getting hurt. And hence, Cancers make up facts and stir stories to divulge lies.

If you pry just a little, Cancers will tell you the truth and the whole shebang behind it. But remember to handle them with care.

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Fact File: Cancer Traits and Stereotypes

Cancer is a sign of dreams, emotions, intuitions, and visions. These artistic souls rely on their hearts to steer them through life. Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancerians are known as the providers of the zodiac helm.

They will do what it takes to help the people they love and care about, even if it is at their expense.

Although Cancer comes across as socially reserved, this sign is a talker. They can chit-chat with friends who match their vibe and pass their special intuitive test. Everything about this sign is surreal and angelic, but are Cancer liars?

As the first water sign and represented by the crab, Cancer has the ability to exist between emotions and the material world. These folks manifest their dreams like no other.

But their emotions often cloud their judgment, and they end up making huge messes.

When it comes to their image, Cancerians are very careful and often take a step back, before everything they built, smothers with an outburst. They try to keep everyone happy and protect the people they love.

Are Cancers Secretive?

Cancerians will often hide their inner truths. Simply put, this sign does not appreciate opening up to strangers and people they don’t trust.

Think of it this way, the crab (Cancer’s spirit animal) is in its most vulnerable form without its shell. They cannot survive without the tough skin that helps them to be safe and secure.

Similarly, Cancer people are most comfortable when they keep their vulnerabilities and weaknesses protected.

It can be a slippery journey to get under a Cancer’s skin and learn about their true selves without offending them.

Cancers have a heightened sense of self. They are so sensitive that minor changes in their relationship can pull them off the rails.

They are aware of their shortcomings and that is why they try not to disclose information that can end them up in hot water.

Cancers are not good at confrontation.

If you try to address their secretive behavior, they will try to dodge the question altogether.

Indeed, the crab walks sideways and manipulation is hardwired in their personality. They will try to guilt others for questioning them and their integrity. 

Although they prefer keeping things to themselves, their intuitions guide them to open up to a certain person or not. If their intuitions are even slightly spooked, then be ready to face the rude, secretive, and cold Cancerian.

Are Cancers Cheaters?

Cancerians are the least likely to cheat on their partners.

Ruled by the moon, represented by the crab with water as their element, Cancer is not afraid of facing the high tides. They are well-versed in dealing with tough and flaky situations.

Fidelity is a part of the moral code they keep at heart.

Emotions and intuitions by their side, Cancer sticks by their people. Because it takes a lot for them to come out of their shell and accept somebody as their own.

Relationships, feelings, and moments are the fueling agents that Cancers live by. They truly enjoy every aspect of love.

Plus, it is not in a Cancer’s heart to hurt the people they care for.

In fact, a true Cancerian will put everything on the line just to protect their loved ones.

Cancerians are also good at maintaining long-term relationships. They have the emotional capacity and patience to love the same person for various reasons and be happy for a lifetime.


If you hurt them and take advantage of their emotional defenselessness, then Cancer will not care about your feelings either and might end up cheating.

Also, they guard their personality like a hawk.

They do not allow anyone to make them look like a fool. If you flirt around, then you will get the taste of your own medicine.

Lastly, Cancerians need to feel appreciated for the love and security they provide. If you take their love for granted, then they will find another soul who knows their worth.

What Are Cancers Like In A Relationship?

Cancers have a traditional approach to dating. They do not understand modern concepts like fast dating, friends with benefits, or open relationships.

Cancerians are old school because they want to know if their relationship can be a safe place. This emotional sign does not take matters of the heart so easily.

They make sure that there is a strong emotional connection, deep understanding, and a matching vibe for lasting companionship.

Cancers are empathetic, loyal, caring, and extremely loving in a relationship. They are not the biggest fans of partying and social gatherings.

Instead, they will hang out in their crib watching a movie or doing something fun at home. Their friend circles aren’t too wild either.

Cancers are proud to introduce their partners to a few noteworthy friends and family as a way of making the relationship official.

All it takes for a Cancer to be all in a relationship is being sure of their emotions. 

They do not open up so easily. However, they will listen to their partners endlessly and provide life advice.

But they will keep their problems aloof from most of the conversations. It may take a while for Cancer to be more outward.

Yet, they will catch every opportunity to make their partner feel loved and appreciated. The way Cancerians show their love makes their relationships nurturing and dreamy.


Cancer is a sign of emotions and feelings. They are devoted human beings, who admire taking care of their community. They are protective, empathetic, and reservoirs of love. Cancerians have a reputation for being cold, spiteful, and restrained. But once you give them your time and your energy, you will have a friend for life.

Their emotional energy channels from the depths of the oceans. And an ocean is hardly ever stable. Similarly, a life of a Cancer goes through emotional high and low tides, thunderstorms, and whatnot. But in the end, one thing is for certain; Cancerians are one of the most loving zodiacs. They give it their all to make their loved ones feel cherished. While they may fabricate some facts and try to manipulate, Cancerians can’t dare to harm anyone they care about.