Are Scorpios Liars? (Read This Before You Date Them!)

Are Scorpios Liars

Scorpio is among the signs that try to keep things as real as possible. They are honest to a fault.

In fact, dishonesty rubs them off in the worst ways. Regardless of the circumstances, Scorpios reach for the truth, even if it is brutal or jeopardizing. It is fair to say that they hate lying.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t lie at all.

They are control freaks and power-hungry beings who may lie for power.

With an innate connection with the dark side of the world, Scorpios are the ones to see through everyone and base their lie on others’ vulnerabilities.

They know what to state to sway people on their side.

Although they keep a low profile, Scorpio can channel their emotions into changing what’s required.

Why do Scorpios Lie?

For Scorpios, lying is more about strategies and tactics for them rather than lying to hurt people. They believe that stretching a truth is not considered lying.

That is the thing with them, Scorpios are stubborn with their point of view that they make things convenient for themselves without regard for anyone.

Scorpio is a water sign, but they belong to the fixed element. This means they are persistent in getting business done, even if it requires winding the truth a little. 

Their lies can also be very convincing at first.

But their lies can’t be left unraveled for a long period of time. You just need to question them a couple of times, and they will get nervous and spit out the truth.

Fact File: Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpio is a sign of intensity that exudes independence, strength, and enigma. They stand by their beliefs and do not care what others say about them.

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios are creatures of depth. Their personality is often considered evil, given their celestial Scorpio representation, but this sign is an emotional and intuitive powerhouse.

They are determined, decisive, and poised. They don’t have time to waste. Instead, they place their bids on what’s real. But they sting, so are Scorpio liars?

Scorpios are very in tune with their emotions, but they are strong-minded people with a go-getter attitude. Scorpios are calculative, they are patient, and they are persistent. They are on point to get things rolling in the direction they want. Hence, Scorpios strategize and plot schemes to succeed.

Are Scorpios Secretive?

Scorpios are the most mysterious and secretive sign in the zodiac.

Their ties with the underworld are what makes them even more shadowy than anyone else.

Ruled by Pluto, the planet of destruction, transformation, and mysticism, Scorpios are the force of twilit and intense energy. It does not mean that their intentions are nefarious.

If there is something galvanic, dangerous, or outlandish, high chances are that a Scorpio is involved in the action.

Scorpios are the masters of keeping secrets. Although, if they really like you then they will like to know EVERYTHING about you, but remember that you don’t have the same privileges as them.

Similar to other water signs, Scorpio are also afraid of being judged, criticized, or abandoned.

They are susceptible to others taking over their power if they disclose their secrets. The fear of a negative image and losing their powers makes them hold back on disclosing their secrets.

Because Scorpios are dipped in a concoction of competitiveness and stubbornness, they like to use secrets as weapons to hurt people who cross them.

They don’t have the “forgive and forget” mindset. In fact, they always have ulterior motives for their actions and behavior.

The natives of this sign like to keep their guard up, exactly like their celestial Spirit animal. They are self-aware, and they know their flaws inside out. They keep them secret so that no one can point them out and deem them as weak or flawed.

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Are Scorpio Cheaters?

Scorpios are loyal to the bone. They are extremely keen and passionate about everything in their lives, including their relationships.

As a fixed water sign, they are faithful by nature. Scorpios stay with the people they can build trust with. They invest their efforts in perfecting their relationships instead of ruining them by cheating.

A great thing about this sign is that they are never the ones to call it quits. Their strong will drags them to extremes, which is why Scorpios can be exceedingly possessive and obsessive about their relationships.

It is often assumed that Scorpios must be cheaters because of the sign’s face value. One major reason a Scorpio might end up cheating on their partners is, in spite. 

They are resentful exactly of their celestial symbol.

They will not hold back and strike the moment they feel attacked or used. Scorpios are very protective of themselves.

They are narcissistic and immature as well. They expect their partners to stay true to them. While they can enjoy some freehand flirt time. Their trust issues can be toxic to the brink.

Sometimes, when a Scorpio is emotionally attached to another person or doesn’t feel satisfied in their current relationships, there is a chance that they can end up cheating on their partners.

It is all about their emotions, their connections, and their intuition before anyone else. They can make up weird excuses and whatnot to justify their ignorant behavior.

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What are Scorpios Like in a Relationship?

Scorpios are the ones you want by your corner. They are the most protective of their people, and they will not leave their loved ones behind.

Although they are painted as the world’s biggest culprits, Scorpios are not at all about sweating the small stuff. They talk about a big game, and they sure know how to achieve it.

The same is with their relationships.

Scorpios are all in when they are in a relationship. They want deep conversations, a spiritual and an emotional connection with a clear understanding of their serious intentions.

The natural leader inside them makes them charismatic, as they are never afraid to take on a challenge. While they shy away from asking for recognition, they love knowing that their partner is proud of them.

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Scorpio is a sensual sign, which means that they crave intimacy.

It doesn’t always have to be physical. They want to be close to their partners emotionally as well. When it comes to their relationships, Scorpios can know instantly if they are willing to take the dating further or not.

They do rely on their intuition to guide them through tough situations in life.

Relationships are a serious deal for Scorpios. Most of the time, Scorpios are the ones to initiate the relationship.

They are curious about their partner’s current and past life happenings. Small talk can turn off Scorpio. Their interest lies in talking about the real, adult topics that most would ebb from.

Dating a Scorpio might be a little tough in the beginning when they try to find their trust. Once they make up their mind, Scorpios can be the best and most caring partners out there.

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Regardless of being portrayed as the backstabber, Scorpios are actually very loyal, passionate, and emotional beings. They find their peace in maintaining a steady and reliable life that takes them to success. Headstrong and emotionally intelligent Scorpios are the best of both worlds.

Scorpios are most truthful, and they only lie out of necessity. They like to keep their conversations blunt and straightforward. Indulging in acts that can ruin their relationships is problematic to them. As a fixed sign, Scorpios are more concerned about perfecting the relationships they have. All in all, Scorpio can be excellent partners with good compatibility with their partners and if they try to work on their negative traits.

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