Moon in Capricorn Man (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Moon in Capricorn Man

For the Man born under the Capricorn Moon, the world is a place to actualize your goals – especially goals that are close to your heart.

You derive your pleasure and satisfaction in setting targets and achieving them. You are a hardworking individual and in you lies a deep desire to become the best version of yourself. 

Are you wondering why your friend or partner who happens to be a man born under the Capricorn Moon is always looking too serious in life? Well, let us get to learn more about his; personality, compatibility and careers.

Moon in Capricorn Man Personality

The man born under the Capricorn Moon has some strengths that make him stand out from others as well as weaknesses that he needs to work on minimising. 

Moon in Capricorn Man Strengths

1. He’s Consistent

If a man born under the Capricorn Moon starts a project, you can be certain that they will focus on it entirely without having any other thing in mind to distract them.

Due to this nature, he is very reliable. So, people tend to be dependent on him. If he makes a promise to you, it is in his nature to ensure that he fulfills it.

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2. Practical and Sensible

This strength makes them unique among the rest of the moon signs in their circle. 

They not only offer suggestions but also practical solutions to the challenges that you might face.

If you are faint-hearted and not ready for the truth, do not approach him seeking advice because he does not know how to sugarcoat anything but serves you raw. 

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3. They’re Wise

A Moon in Capricorn man might be younger than you yet give you practical advice that leaves you dazzled.

They are wise beyond their years and it is always a pleasure listening to them talk. If you have heard of the term “old souls”, then you can be certain that they are the exact description.

Anyone with a Moon in Capricorn Man in their circle is lucky because they will never watch you go astray. If you are facing any challenge and you approach them, then you are assured of getting an ideal solution.

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Moon in Capricorn Man Weaknesses

1. They’re Workaholics

The Moon in Capricorn Man tends to immerse himself fully into his work thus finding it difficult to establish a work-life balance.

This means that if you are catching up with him, he might cancel the meeting just because some work came in. This tends to be a problem especially when he is seeking to get into a relationship as he deprives his partner the time to interact.

If he is not able to control this weakness, he tends to have no social life and his romantic life also becomes a mess.

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2. They’re Greedy

Although it is a good thing to be ambitious and work hard to achieve your goals, sometimes the man born under the Capricorn Moon tends to go overboard.

He strives to achieve immense material wealth and financial freedom that most times he forgets when to stop.

As a Moon in Capricorn Man, you need to understand that there are important things in life other than material wealth. It is okay to chase after your dreams and strive to achieve your goals but do not let it control you.

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3. They are Afraid of Failure

The Moon in Capricorn Man is obsessed with success and it is through being successful that he achieves he gains his confidence.

Due to the need to preserve his image, he is ready to do anything to achieve success regardless of the means to get it. By having the fear of failure, he becomes crushed if he failed to achieve any of his goals.

As a man born under the Capricorn Moon you need to understand that failure is an evitable part of life and instead of avoiding it, embrace it when it comes and learn from it. Afterall, without failure, you will never learn how to appreciate the journey of success. 

Moon in Capricorn Man Ideal Careers

1. Engineering

The Moon in Capricorn Man is likely to succeed in the engineering field due to his ability to concentrate for long. He is very practical thus engineering to him is all about playing with the numbers and solving puzzles.

Being a hardworking person, he does not struggle to excel in this field. He is able to exceed the expectations of his clients thus most of them tend to refer to him.

The only challenge he is likely to face in this career is lack of social life because he gives himself entirely to it at the expense of his mental health. Being a very demanding field, he needs to take plenty of breaks to ensure he does not burn out. Afterall, without being in the right state of mind his productivity will be low.  

2. Business Management

Managing a business can be daunting to anybody yet the Moon in Capricorn Man is able to do it effortlessly.

He knows the strategies to put in place to ensure that the business gains a competitive edge over competitors.

What guarantees his success in this career is his ability to identify challenges as they arise and thus implement practical solutions to ensure all goes on smoothly. In the turbulent business environment, he is able to adapt easily as opposed to others.

Moon in Capricorn Man Compatibility with Other Signs

The man born under the Capricorn Moon is most compatible with the woman born under the Taurus Moon and least compatible with the woman born under the Gemini Moon as explained below:

Most Compatible: Taurus Moon

The woman born under the Taurus Moon is easily attracted to the Moon born under the Capricorn Man because he has what she desires.

The woman is obsessed with beauty and money which the man provides. The Man is attracted to her since she is smart and she knows how to manage finances.

She is confident which enables her to relate well with other people without developing any insecurity feelings. 

However, the challenge likely to be faced in the relationship between these two is that the woman tends to be possessive.

This means that she will want to spend more time with her man and her stubborn nature will hear none of that. While the man seeks to work all day and night, the woman may feel neglected and inadequate in the relationship.

To eradicate this, they need to talk over and decide on the things to compromise so that their relationship takes a natural flow. 

Least Compatible: Gemini Moon

The woman born under the Gemini Moon is least compatible with the Moon in Capricorn Man.

While he tends to be very blunt and speaks his mind out, the woman is very sensitive. To her, her partner’s safety is more important than material wealth thus if she feels the man is going overboard she will try to stop him and this might not stand well with the man. 

On matters of intimacy, the Capricorn Moon Man will prefer a woman who is a freak in the sheets since he is quite shy in bed and gets bored very easily.

The Gemini Moon woman is prefers emotional bonding as oppose to sex. This means that a relationship between the two will have intimacy problems.  


The Moon in Capricorn Man is characterised by hard work. If you have one or you happen to be one, you need to appreciate every moment of your life and use your natural gifts to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

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