11th House Scorpio: 5 Things to Know

11th House Scorpio

When Scorpio is in the 11th House of your natal chart, you’re likely to be highly intuitive about people. You will have passionate friendships but also passionate enemies.

When a star sign, like Scorpio, lands in a house in your natal chart, it means that the traits of the sign will influence how you relate to the matters of that house.

So, we need to start by looking at the affairs of the 11th house (friendships and associations), and how Scorpio (an intense, passionate, and strong-willed sign) is going to influence those affairs.

First, we’ll explore what the 11th house harbors, then the traits of Scorpio, before bringing it together for 5 key takeaways.

11th House Astrological Meaning

The 11th house governs our friends and our ambitions. This house is all about how we get along with other people, who we feel we have an affinity with, and who we will network with.

The key considerations for the 11th house are:

  • Friendship groups – This house may have an impact on the sorts of friends you have and who you associate with.
  • Social circles – The house may also affect your broader social and community circles such as groups and societies you belong to.
  • Ambitions – Some astrologers also think that our ambitions live in this house. While in the 12th house we deal with subconscious desires, in the 11th house we deal with conscious ambitions.

The natural ruler of this house is Uranus. However, on your natal chart, Scorpio is moving through the house at the time of your birth. As a result, Scorpio or Uranus may have an influence on how you interact with people and how you express your ambitions.

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Scorpio Astrological Meaning

Scorpio is a water sign and it is fixed. Scorpios tend to be intense, passionate, and strong-willed.

As a water sign, a Scorpio will wear their emotions on their sleeves. They tend to be extremely passionate and bring this to all areas of their life, including their romance as well as their careers.

Sometimes, Scorpios can offend people because they’re very opinionated and see things in black and white. This means they often have great friends and big enemies, but nothing in between. You’ll see soon how this influences the affairs of the 11th house.

The downsides of Scorpios are that they can offend people with their sarcasm and inability to see nuance. They also tend to be jealous lovers.

11th House Scorpio: What It Means

1. You Are Highly Emotional in Social Situations

Those who were born with Scorpio in the Eleventh House have a strong ability for feeling and emotion due to the placement of Scorpio in this house.

Scorpio is a water sign, meaning emotions are never far from the surface.

Sometimes, this will mean that 11th house Scorpios are too judgmental of others and do not appreciate being forced to cope with problems associated with others’ imperfections.

When they attempt to build connections with strangers, they run the risk of being too honest too soon and over-sharing about their emotions.

 and use an excessive amount of their gloomy humor, both of which might push others away from them and their attempts to build relationships. 

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2. Trouble Separating Friendships from Romances

If you have Scorpio in your 11th house on your natal chart, then it may mean that romantic feelings creep into your friendships.

If there is one thing everyone knows about Scorpios, it’s that they are extremely sensual people. They are passionate lovers.

You may find that you don’t have many true friends of the opposite sex because your sensuality creeps into your interactions. You may go through many fiery romances rather than achieving deep friendships with the opposite sex.

This is because the Scorpio always desires passionate and sensual experiences.

3. You Have Close Friends but Also Fierce Enemies

The strong will and skepticism of the Scorpio sign come together in the 11th House to cause intense relationships – both positive and negative.

If Scorpio governs your 11th house, then expect to see friendships in a black-and-white manner. People are either friends or enemies:

  • Those who are outwardly loyal to you will be cherished by you.
  • Those who appear even slightly disloyal will be cast out of your social circle and dismissed as enemies.

This could be interpreted as a weakness for a person with Scorpio in the 11th house. You are highly skeptical and emotional when it comes to social affairs, meaning you may judge people too soon and misread their intentions.

Nevertheless, as with point 5, it turns out that you’re often correct. Just remember to pause and see whether it’s your emotionality or true intuition that’s affecting your judgment of people’s characters.

4. You’re Quick to Offend

With Scorpio governing your friendships and associations, be careful not to come across to snarky or sarcastic.

Scorpio is a sign that brings a sharp, even cruel, tongue. In social situations, this means that you might inadvertently offend people.

If you ever find that someone has started giving you the cold shoulder, perhaps reflect on the last conversation you had with them and see whether you might have said something that could have been misinterpreted as mean or offensive.

5. You’re a Good Judge of Character

Despite your ability to offend and tendency to judge too soon, it turns out that you’re not a bad judge of character at the end of the day.

This is because Scorpio is a highly intuitive sign. In the 11th house, this brings intuition to your friendships and social circles.

You may come across people who you get an odd feeling about from the very first interaction. This is the Scoprio sign casting a lens over your social interactions. It’s providing you with a deeper level of intuition that other people around you may not have.

However, as noted early, it’s worthwhile taking note of that Scorpio intuition, but not judging too soon. Remember, Scorpio also sometimes lets its emotions get the better of it, so also pay attention to logic when judging others. Your intuition tells you some important things, but it’s not impeccable and all-knowing.


When you are born with Scorpio in the 11th House, you’re likely to be highly intuitive and emotional when it comes to social interactions. You will have passionate friendships but also passionate enemies. You’ll be quick to judge others and, occasionally, accidentally offend people. This is all because Scorpio has an influence on your affairs of friendship and social interaction.