Locust Bug Symbolism & Meaning (Wisdom & Success)

Locust bugs are generally harmless to humans and are considered spirit animals in many cultures. They symbolize wisdom, success, courage, and abundance.  

locust bug symbolism

Seeing a locust bug in your dreams can have a lot of positive meanings and interpretations. In real life, the locust bug also has deep symbolism.

Its ability to jump high and move quickly surprises many and that is why it has significance and symbolism in real life and in dreams as well.

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Locust Bug Symbolism

locust bug

In many cultures, people consider locust bugs as a sign of good luck and wealth. People believe that stepping on a locust bug or killing it can bring misfortune.

If you see a locust bug in real life, you can consider it lucky and go on doing your important work. Just be careful to not step over it or harm it in any way. Many people believe that doing so can bring bad luck to your life.

Though locust bugs, in general, are also part of the ecosystem, they are not good for crops. Back in the day, Native Americans did not like to see locust bugs at all.

A swarm of locust bugs can even ruin any crop field in a matter of minutes. They are very harmful to crops. However, in a natural setting with abundant foods, they add more value to the environment.

Locust Bug Dream Meaning

locust bug meaning

1. Someone Might Be Planning to Harm You (Seeing a Swarm of Locust Bugs)

Seeing a swarm of locust bugs in dreams coming at you can be viewed as a warning sign. It might be possible that someone is planning to harm you.

Farmers do not like locust bugs because they eat the entire hard-grown crop, which takes months of hard work and patience, in just a few minutes.

Similarly, one negative person can take away all of your growth and progress in just a matter of a few days or months.

So, people who dream of a locust bug may want to stay alert and keep untrustworthy people at arm’s length.

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2. Good Health (Fighting a Locust Bug)

locust bug dream meaning

Fighting a locust bug in your dreams can be viewed as a good sign. It can mean that you are following all the good habits for good health.

It can also mean that you are improving your health.

This can be a good sign for people who have been struggling with their health for a while. Just make sure that you keep yourself healthy and active.

This will help you in both the short and long term.

3. Achieving Your Goals (Fried Locust)

what does a locust bug symbolize

Seeing a fried locust in your dreams can be viewed as a positive sign. It can indicate that you are on the right path and doing the right things to achieve your goals.

Keep the same positive energy and stay true to your goals and redouble your efforts to achieve them. Staying on track is always a hard process but the end result is often worth it.

4. Overcoming Enemies (Bird Eating a Locust)

If you see a bird eating a locust in your dreams, you can consider it a good sign. Many people believe that it symbolizes overpowering enemies.

When you achieve great milestones in life, it is possible that you might make some jealous enemies whether you want it or not.

These people may be spreading negative energy to stop your progress. So, it is always good to keep them at arm’s length.

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5. Peace (Seeing a Dead Locust)


Dead locust bugs in your dreams can symbolize peace and tranquility.

This is because locust bugs create so much destruction in real life to the crops on which the humans and cattle depend.

So, once they die, peace returns to life.

6. Displeasure with a Partner (Girl Dreaming of Locust)

seeing a locust bug

According to Freud’s dream book, if a girl dreams about locust bugs, then it can be viewed as a sign of dissatisfaction with a partner.

By communicating better, there are a lot of ways by which you can overcome feelings of displeasure with your partner.

If you are a female and you feel dissatisfied with your partner, the first thing to do is communicate. With clear communication, you can reach a solution that will be beneficial for both of you.

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7. Minor Troubles (Eating a Locust)

Eating a locust bug in your dreams can hint towards some minor troubles coming your way.

No one really likes troubles but they can be a sign that you are making progress. They also teach you what things to avoid in the future.

Minor troubles while working towards your goals are fine and you can face them easily with a calm and collected mind.

What Does a Locust Bug Symbolize?

Seeing a locust bug in real life can give uneasy feelings to some people. However, it is considered a symbol of good luck by many.

Seeing it in your dreams can have both positive and negative implications. 

Here are a few examples of possible interpretations (remembering none of them might be the right one!):

Locust Bug SymbolismPotential Meaning or Interpretation
1.Seeing a swarm of locust bugs coming towards youIt may be possible that someone might be planning an attack on you.
2.Fighting a locust bugIt can be a symbol of good and improving health.
3.Fired locustIt could symbolize the achievement of goals and progress.
4.Bird eating a locust bugIt can mean that you are getting success in overcoming your enemies.
5.Seeing a dead locustIt can be viewed as a symbol of peace and tranquility.
6.Girl dreaming about locustIt might hint towards the displeasure a woman might be feeling toward her intimate partner.
7. Eating a locustYou may expect some minor bumps on your way to achieving your goals.

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Seeing a locust bug or a grasshopper is considered a good sign by many people. It symbolizes luck, wisdom, and success.

So, if you interpret your dreams carefully, you can also achieve your goals and become successful.