June Bug Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning (Success & Intuition)

June bugs and beetles have deep-rooted symbolism attached to them that dates all the way back to Egyptian times. Some things that a June bug may symbolize include protection, success, intuition, and balance.

While most people consider June bugs a pest, they are actually a very fortunate sign. There are many different cultures that consider them quite lucky including the Mayans and Egyptians.

If you want to know what a sighting of a June bug may bring into your life, then keep reading below for a more in-depth analysis.

June Bug Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

What do June Bugs Symbolize?

1. Protection

With their hard outer shells, June bugs have been considered to bring protection to those who see them.

June bugs and beetles in nature are quite tough and go through many things throughout their short lives. They can withstand nature and all of her elements which make them a great sign of persistence and protection.

If you encounter a June bug it can possibly be a sign from the universe that you are being protected by forces that you are unaware of. It could also be a sign to work on your own outer shell and to start protecting yourself from those around you who wish to bring you harm.

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2. Success

Beetles and June bugs have been said to bring with them career developments, success, and material gain.

Now don’t get too excited, June bugs can’t bring success overnight but seeing one is a sign that you’re on the right path. Beetles are notorious for pushing forward to complete their goals and seeing a June bug is a sign that you must nurture this quality within yourself.

If you have been working hard lately, have been waiting on a promotion, or a job opportunity, this is a sign that the universe is aligning with your wants and needs. Of course, just like the June bug, you will need to continue working hard for any of these things to come to fruition.

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3. Intuition

June bugs and beetles are almost one with the earth and have an uncanny intuition, this is a sign that you need to ground yourself to find your own.

Not only do they have great intuition and knowledge of how the earth feels and moves, but they are also grounded as they bury themselves into the earth. If your life has somewhat been chaotic lately this is a sign from the universe telling you to work on grounding yourself just like a June bug. 

Grounding yourself is a sure way to find the roots of your problems, your innermost desires, and to start working on your goals from the ground up.

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4. Balance

Beetles and June bugs are balanced by nature and seeing one denotes that you may be struggling with your own balance in life.

June bugs are strong forces of nature that know exactly what to do and when to do it. In our modern-day world, we may struggle to balance work, family, and fun. This is a sign from the universe to take a step back, re-evaluate your situation, and then take the necessary steps forward

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June Bug Dream Meanings

Dream interpretations are very subjective. What a dream means to you will differ to what it means to me. So, make sure you meditate and journal on your own dream to find its true meaning.

But below are some examples of possible interpretations of various dreams about June bugs.

June Bug DreamExamples of Possible Interpretations
Dreaming of seeing a June bugTo dream of seeing a June bug denotes that you may be veering off the path of success the universe wants you to take. If you have started to slack off work or get caught up in the everyday drama, this is a sign that you need to regain focus and stay on track.
Dreaming of seeing a large June bugTo dream of seeing a large June bug denotes that you may be making decisions too rashly in your waking life. This is a sign to slow down your thought process and really hash out the details before making big life-altering decisions.
Dreaming of holding a June bugTo dream of holding a June beetle denotes that you are getting closer to solving a problem that you have been working on. It is a sign that you are on the right path so keep trekking forward carefully and thoughtfully.
Dreaming of killing a June bugTo dream of killing a June beetle denotes that financial gain is near. If you have been hoping for a promotion or a raise this is a great sign that the universe is aligning with your wants and needs.
Dreaming of a June bug biting youTo dream of a June beetle biting you denotes that you have people in your life that do not have your best intentions at heart. This can be a sign that you need to re-evaluate the people you are letting into your life.
Dreaming of eating a June bugTo dream of eating a June beetle denotes that failure might happen if you continue on the path that you are on. It is the universe’s way of telling you to rethink your current strategy and work on finding out what you truly want.
Dreaming of a dead June bugTo dream of a dead June beetle denotes that you will start a new relationship soon that alters the course of your life.
Dreaming of a group or swarm of June bugsTo dream of many June beetles denote that the universe is looking out for you and that you are being protected by the spiritual realm. It also means that you may need to work on protecting yourself from outer forces that do not wish you well.



Beetle symbolism and the different meanings go back all the way to ancient Egypt. They truly are one of the most adaptable creatures on this earth that can withstand almost anything that nature throws their way. They adapt easily to different climates, have an uncanny intuition, and are truly one with the earth.

There are many things we can learn from June beetles including grounding ourselves completely to understand exactly what we want and need. They are a sign of good luck, but this kind of luck does not come for free. 

June bugs are a sign that without hard work and perseverance the earth will chew you up and spit you out. If you truly want to achieve anything in life, take a page from the June beetles book and keep working on these qualities within yourself. Once you start to do that almost anything is possible to achieve.