Fruit Fly Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Fruit Fly Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

A fruit fly may not be something that you look for symbolism in, but nevertheless, it is something that holds quite powerful symbolism. A fruit fly can symbolize things such as transformation, survival, and even messages from divine entities.

It’s safe to say that these bugs are something almost everyone in the world has seen at some point in their life. Now why most people wouldn’t look for symbolism in them, they actually hold some powerful symbolism. It’s in the mundane that we can find powerful messages and meanings.

Fruit Fly Symbolism

1. Transformation

Fruit Fly

Over the span of a fruit fly’s life, it takes on many different forms. They start as eggs, that turn into larvae, then pupae, before becoming fully formed fruit flies.

This transformation is a powerful symbol for our own transformations throughout life.

It really is a miracle in itself the number of times a fruit fly with transform over its short life. This is a powerful metaphor for the transformations we all go through mentally, physically, and spiritually in our own lives.

While undergoing a transformation can be scary, it is always a good thing.

If you have come across fruit flies in your home or anywhere else it might be a sign that you too will undergo some sort of transformation soon. If you have been thinking about making a big change in your life, this may be spiritually interpreted as a sign to go ahead. The universe is in your favor.

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2. Survival

Fruit Fly

What seems like rubbish or scraps to us, a fruit fly will utilize to feed on and thrive. This is what makes the fruit fly a great symbol for survival and instincts.

Fruit flies are adaptable and can pretty much survive in any environment they are put in. Not only this but they can consume scraps for food as well. This is something that we can all learn a lesson from.

It is easy to be unsatisfied with what we have, but it is important to remember that when it comes down to surviving we must be able to adapt to certain circumstances.

We will all go through hardships where we may not get what we want, but in the long run, it will make us stronger and more adaptable.

If you seem to be running into a lot of fruit flies lately it may be a sign from the universe that you are more capable than you know.

If you seem to be going through a tough time, the universe may be reminding you that you have everything you need to pull through. It may be a lesson that you need to learn in order to come out stronger.

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3. Attempts to Communicate from your Spirit Animals

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are prevalent in all sorts of mythology. You can find tales of them in ancient Greek mythology, Native American mythology, and even in the bible.

While their messages vary, they usually delivered messages from divine beings to humans.

If you have been seeing a lot of fruit flies in your home or in general, it could be your spirit guides trying to send you a message – the struggle is finding out what that message is.

Now would be a good time to put out a call to your spirit guides for more clarity about the messages being sent. You should ask your guides for more signs, like a feather, or butterfly, and look for it in the coming days.

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Fruit Fly Dream Meanings

Dreaming about fruit flies can have a lot of different meanings. The meaning of dreams is subjective and requires you to do a lot of personal introspection and journaling. Below are some possible interpretations, remembering that they may or may not be right for your situation:

  • To dream that you are surrounded by fruit flies could denote that tension will arise in your place of work. It indicates that someone might try to belittle your efforts in front of your superiors. If you are unhappy with your place of work or someone you work with, you should definitely confront them first.
  • To dream of biting into fruit that has fruit flies in it could denote that you have been reckless with your money. If this is the case, your spirit guides are trying to send you a message to try and be more frugal. It can also be a sign that you will come into financial hardships in the near future, now would be a good time to save money for a rainy day.
  • To dream of fruit flies in your body could denote that you need to exercise and live a healthy life.
  • To dream about eating fruit flies could denote that you are harboring feelings of sadness and guilt. Eating fruit flies in a dream could mean that you are holding onto toxic emotions that you need to learn to release. It may be a good time to start meditating or to go to therapy to find a release.

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Fruit flies are not something that most people would look to for symbolism when in fact they hold so much. You can find mythology about fruit flies in so many different cultures all around the world. They represent big things like survival and transformation. They were also considered to be messengers from divine spirits and beings.

If you happen to be dreaming of fruit flies or just have been seeing a lot of them around means that your spirit guides are trying to contact you. You may be going through a rough period of time, this is a reminder that you are strong and will survive just like the fruit fly.

It may also be a divine message from the spirit world, or it could be that a time of transformation will come in the near future. Make sure to pay attention to other signs that your guides may send to get a clearer message.

Learning to talk to your spirit guides will aid you when it comes to deciphering the messages that they might be trying to send you.